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Chill, Ann! Coulter is freaking out over President Trump considering trading DACA for wall funding, a genius deal. Here is why

Coulter has been firmly in the “no-compromise” camp on illegal immigration and border security, which, if she gets her way, is going to lead to years of gridlock in Washington and nothing getting accomplished while our southern border is being overrun by illegals. I ask Ann Coulter, “Is that a good thing?”

Jim Acosta tells Sebastian Gorka he doesn’t belong in the the WH Press room. Gorka explodes! “Acosta, you are a dic*head!”

As Acosta entered the White House Press Briefing Room Friday, he recognized former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka and was quick to ask him what he thought he was doing there as the room is “for journalists only,” cueing Gorka to rip CNN’s senior fake news artist a new exhaust port.

Hilarious video: Democrat crybabies whine over President Trump canceling their pretend lovefest in Afghanistan with the troops they detest

Photo, above: Tim Kaine, apparently flirting with a horse (add your own punchline) from the back of a bus. Kaine was a member of Nancy Plastici’s codel (congressional delegation) who thought he was on his way to Afghanistan when President Trump canceled their trip

VIDEO: Is anyone funnier than a New York Italian? They make perfect sense too. Cousin Vito has the border wall all figured out!

Fred has the border wall and illegal immigration all figured out. Reporting on a phone conversation he had with his cousin Vito, Rubino describes Vito’s proposal for starting a new government and dealing with the controversial border wall and illegal immigration.

VIDEO: Michael Strahan tries to upstage President Trump, offering lobster and caviar to the Clemson football team. Thomas Madison has a suggestion for Mr. Strahan

In a shameless attempt to upstage President Trump, Strahan offered the team what I reckon he considers REAL food, lobster and caviar, the obvious message being that the meal President Trump offered was not fit for humans.

HILARIOUS AUDIO! A stupid black female racist on David Webb’s radio show accused him of enjoying white privilege…. until he told her what color he is!

Newsflash, Areva! David Webb may not have been the greatest example of white privilege your poor, twisted, liberal mind could have come up with. Mostly, because he is BLACK!

VIDEO: President Trump watching the Democrats advocate for border security, the same Democrats who are calling it wrong and “immoral” today

Democrats are spineless shit-talkers. You can believe nothing they say. If a Democrat told me what time it is, I would still check a clock. They can’t be trusted. They would much rather lie in any given situation where the truth would do just as well. It’s what they do. They are dishonest scumbags!

Great! We get rid of Paul Rino and who steps up? Kevin McCarthy, another Rino, who has already unfairly thrown Steve King under the bus

McCarthy is picking up right where Paul Rino left off, looking out for his own miserable ass, perfectly willing to throw a patriot under the bus to curry a bit of temporary favor with Democrats and the mainstream media. McCarthy believes this is “bipartisan.” No, it isn’t!

VIDEO: Liberals claim that illegals commit less crime than US citizens. That is a lie! Here are the real, OFFICIAL government figures

One need look no further than the incarceration rates of illegal immigrants vs. native-born Americans to determine the true numbers.

Trolling Jim Acosta via Twitter, President Trump punked the fake news artist like a boss while Acosta proved that walls work!

Poor Jim Acosta. He hasn’t had an original idea since he discovered masturbation.

VIDEO: CNN wibawul waste pwoduct files her nails while guest descwibes cwiminal iwwegal awiens murdering US citizens

Watch the video below as illegal-immigration-loving Navarro indifferently files her nails as real conservative commentator Steve Cortes describes the scourge of illegal immigrant crime and its horrific impact on everyday Americans.

VIDEO: The most powerful border wall message you will ever hear from a legal immigrant whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant felon

I didn’t drag him (her son) over borders, through deserts. I protected my child from harm. But, I couldn’t do that on July 12, 2012. He was 30-years-old. I couldn’t protect him because an illegal alien from Guatemala with two felonies, one deportation, two DUIs, he was protected – Riverside, California, sanctuary.

VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway punks “smartass” Jim Acosta, who should be banned from the White House for the remainder of the Trump administration

Watch as presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway returns fire, then leaves “smartass” Jim Acosta mumbling as she moves on to questions from real correspondents.

At this point, nothing short of a massive march on Washington will restore America. President Trump cannot do it alone. He needs YOUR help!

So, here we are at a crossroads in our very existence as a Republic, a nation of laws. We are witnessing chaos in the streets, a political system controlled by self-serving mafia that is battling an outsider by the name of Trump, and a population that is starting to wake-up. Will the wake-up be too late?

Trolling for liberals, President Trump incites a Twitterstorm, taunting and triggering lefties who foam at the mouth and go berserk

The chief executive spent his Friday morning trolling Twitter for numbskull liberals triggered by his every word. I can see him now, sitting at the breakfast table in his boxer shorts, laughing his ass off.

VIDEO: President Trump WILL be impeached! It’s inevitable. Dems have already introduced Articles of Impeachment and have the votes

Firing Comey was not “obstruction of justice.” It was justice. There is enough evidence in the public realm to indict Comey, but, for whatever reason, Republicans have not recommended it, thus DOJ has not impaneled a grand jury.

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren robotically sucks on a beer bottle, desperately attempting to appeal to normal people in flyover country. Funny, yet sad

And, how about, “I never thought I was going to run for politics, any kind of elected office.” Translation: “I remain amazed by two constants in politics – how easy it is to blow smoke up a moron’s ass and how many moron’s asses there are from sea to shining sea.”

Chinese admiral threatens to sink 2 US carriers, killing 10,000 sailors if US does not bow to China’s will in the S. China Sea. “We’ll see how frightened America is”

Boasting of what China would do to what he sees as sitting duck US carrier groups, Luo declared, “What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” adding that the loss of a single carrier would cost the US 5,000 lives, the loss of two costing 10,000 American lives.

President Trump’s abrupt troop pullout from Syria appears to involve a land swap between Syria and Turkey to give Kurds protection and autonomy

I am in what appears to be a minority of Americans who favor the US pullout from Syria. Not only is our work there done, but I believe we were on the wrong side of the fight to begin with. Is it any mystery that Barack Hussein backed the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad by ISIS?

President Trump has cut all aid to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. GOOD! Put that money into the wall. Liberal weenies go berserk!

The people of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador must take their own countries back. Being cowards does not give you a right to invade America and demand that We the People house you, feed you, provide you with free healthcare, and educate your children who cannot speak English.

Trump troop trip (try saying that three times fast) inspires a liberal Twitterstorm, slamming the troops for appreciating and cheering their President

While lying about the President not visiting the troops this Christmas season, CNN conveniently neglected to report that Melania Trump is the first First Lady in American history to visit troops in a war zone. You are shocked to hear of CNN’s negligence, yes?

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine and guests in rare form, pleading with President Trump to keep the government closed and DO NOT compromise on the wall

As Lindsey Graham noted in the third Twitter video, below, “I’ve never seen the President more determined to get something done than to build this wall.”

Weird! Feminists are gushing over a magazine cover featuring a breast pumping actress who looks like a cadaver. They call it “empowering!” Really?

In a recent cover shoot for Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine, Canadian actress Rachel McAdams of “Notebook” fame did the shoot wearing Bulgari diamonds, Versace designer clothes, and a pair of plastic breast pumps, which has set off a firestorm across social media.

Career parasite James Comey lit up Twitter, doing what he does best – lying. “FBI families will spend Christmas without a paycheck.” Lie!

Comey can’t help himself. He loves the camera and actually believes that his liberal ideology and hatred for his former conservative boss, who happens to be President of the United States, are justified and proper at the highest levels of the federal government. 

Black Monday 2.0. Dow tanks 653 points on Christmas Eve. The same morons who gave Trump no credit for the runaway market now say the nosedive is his fault

President Trump can and must fire Powell, and it must happen soon. Powell and the Democrats have no problem driving every man, woman, and child in America into abject poverty, so long as they control the reins of power. They have no conscience. They are soulless parasites.

A sane Democrat? Writing for WaPo, a Democrat congressman says that President Trump was right to pull our troops out of Syria. Indeed, he was!

Regardless of the Democrat bitching and moaning that we must stay in Syria, which is being parroted by every talking head in the Alphabet Network Club (ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC), President Trump did the right thing. Assad and Russia can handle this and wipe out what’s left of ISIS. We have no business there.

GOP uproar over Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria

A few Republicans did back Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of the country. Senator Rand Paul, a libertarian who believes in global isolationism, said he was “happy to see a president who can declare victory and bring our troops out of a war. It’s been a long time since that has happened.”

FIRE HIM NOW, Mr. President! Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is deliberately destroying the economy

The second chart clearly shows the market’s nosedive since Powell’s December 19 announcement. Only a certified moron or a corrupt as hell, bought and paid for political operative would see this disastrous performance as a good thing. Powell is not a certified moron.

AUDIO: Louie Gohmert outs traitor Paul Rino, revealing that he encouraged GOP House members to campaign against President Trump in 2016

I’m not sure where Paul Rino is headed next. I hope he disappears, but I suspect he will become a K Street lobbyist, even though he doesn’t exactly need a job. In addition to his congressional pension, his pockets are already overflowing with K Street cash.

UPDATE: The most dangerous man in America. Another nosedive day for the market after Fed raises the prime. Trillions of dollars of US wealth wiped out

I’m not sure that a President has ever fired a member of the Federal Reserve Board, but if it is necessary to save the economy, it is necessary, and I am all for it. Our “on fire” economy does not need slowing down or cooling off for any reason and damn the traitor who does it!