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Border ranchers invite Nancy Pelosi to their place for a few days. Oh, boy! They should be careful what they ask for, lest they become batsh!t crazy too

“Wait a minute, cowboy, I may be batshit crazy, but I’m not stupid. I know we are not in Canada because Canada doesn’t have a desert. But, nice try. House Republicans are always trying to punk me like that. It never works. I’m smarter than I look.”

Mouthbreathing moron and washed-up has-been Peter Fonda has been declared a “domestic terrorist” by the Border Patrol Union

After calling for criminal physical assaults against Barron Trump, Sarah Sanders, and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the kid brother of the most notorious traitor since the Rosenbergs incited, via Twitter, his fellow America-hating vermin to harass and “scare the shit out of” the children of Border Patrol agents.

Fake News from Time, which knowingly lied, leading readers to believe this crying little girl was separated from her mother, which never happened

Time magazine published the story of this middle-class Honduran woman who felt it was her right to illegally sneak into the United States. She had attempted once before and was deported. This time she paid a smuggler $6,000 to sneak her and her daughter into the US. She was apprehended again.

Family ripped apart by illegal alien who was previously deported at least two times

One of the daughters, 17-year-old Britney Baez was killed in the wreck. Britney’s sister, Nicole, suffered a fractured arm and their father, Mario Baez, was in ICU, in a coma until he passed away two weeks after the wreck. Investigators say Lopez-Hernandez was on  drugs.

VIDEO: Juan Williams defends Peter Fonda’s criminal attack on Barron Trump. His most critical comment? Fonda’s tweets were “poorly worded”

I stopped watching Fox News on the night of August 6, 2015 when Megyn Kelly showed her ass and her hatred for Donald Trump. And I had been a Foxaholic. It was all I watched on TV. I have been […]

Funny! Watch MSNBC egghead slip-up and admit being a liberal Democrat tool, then try to backtrack to get back on the trail of lies and deceit

Looking every bit the smitten schoolgirl, interviewer Nicole Wallace then admitted that Heilemann was giving her a lump in her throat. Uh-huh. Open your eyes, Nicole, and you will see where that lump is coming from. John is servicing you like he is servicing your viewers.

One of the top reasons I love being a Texan. Drum roll, please. And the Patriot Award for America’s best billboard goes to….

When Barack Hussein was in the White House, conservatives were none too happy about it, but they endured without resorting to the childish behavior of today’s liberal Democrats, and some of that behavior is downright criminal, like cowardly Peter Fonda’s recent threats.

BREAKING! Melania Trump has reported Peter Fonda to the Secret Service for his threats against Barron and President Trump. Lock the miserable SOB up!

Case in point: Peter Fonda, who has been reported to the Secret Service by First Lady Melania Trump for openly threatening the First Family, especially 12-year-old Barron who Fonda says should be ripped “from his mother’s arms and put in a cage with pedophiles.”

DHS Secretary Nielsen was forced from a DC restaurant Tuesday night by a group of socialists protesting families of illegals being separated at the border

“Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is in a Mexican restaurant, of all places. The f**king gall!” shouted one protester, which inspired another brainless round of the “Shame!” mantra, followed by the utopian fantasy that “No human being is illegal” and “No borders, no law. Sanctuary for all!”

BREAKING! Peter Strzok escorted from FBI building for disciplinary reasons related to his Trump-hate text messages

In a breaking story, just hours ago Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building for what is believed to be disciplinary action related to his text messages clearly showing his hatred for President Trump.

Upstaging President Trump and emboldening illegal immigrants, Canadian Cruz is introducing legislation to prevent separation of illegal immigrant families

Cruz apparently can’t see how the existing law of separation is a deterrent to illegal immigration. Spending additional taxpayer resources and bending over backward to keep illegal immigrant families together will only embolden more aspiring illegal immigrants to cross the US border illegally.

President Trump is threatening more tariffs after China retaliates with tariffs. China is fighting a war they cannot win. Here is why….

What does America have to lose in a trade war with China? Nothing! In fact, we will only gain. We will gain jobs and continued growth of our GDP with across the board attendant rises in all sectors of the economy from job growth.

HA! In your face, De Niro! Trump fan unfurls a MAGA banner in front of stage at De Niro-directed Broadway play

The only plausible conclusion I can draw from the left’s foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for President Trump is that they actually hate America. What other reason could there be in light of President Trump’s stunning accomplishments for America in less than a year and a half. 

THIS is what CNN has become, featuring this woman on Father’s Day: “He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man”

I suggest CNN immediately schedule an intense curriculum of elementary human biology training for its production staff and on-air personalities. NO story that begins with “He gave birth” is a valid and factually accurate story. It is a lie.

Christian pastor receives death threats on facebook. Facebook does nothing about it because it is OK in Zuckerville to hate and threaten Christians

What matters is Fascistbook’s agenda, totally in line with the LGBT agenda of forcing homosexuality down the throats of EVERY American. In Zuckerville, you can discriminate against, you can punish, you can threaten Christians and conservatives all you like.

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