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There, but for the grace of God, goes us. German nurse describes the danger and stupidity of the open borders policy that has allowed Europe to be overrun

If you are among the bleeding heart liberals who believe the United States should have no borders or immigration control and that President Trump is a hateful racist for wanting to preserve America for Americans, please read this message from a German nurse who is sick of Europe being overrun.

Former Clinton staffer voices his disgust at the treatment of President Trump, claiming there was no campaign violation by Trump but plenty by Hitlery

There was no there there. There was no crime. Paying a hooker out of your own money is not a campaign finance violation. Yet, Mueller proceeds and Sessions looks the other way.

Awesome and hopeful video by Q that accurately describes the swamp and the war against it that We the People are winning: “The Plan To Save The World”

“Q has been a front distraction for those who follow world events and desire truth but it is about to begin a much more important and necessary phase, keeping the public informed when the deep state war breaks out onto the surface.”

Michael Cohen has copped a plea, agreeing to a prison term of 3 to 5 years. Here are the charges that Cohen is pleading guilty to

It looks like the government has Michael Cohen dead to rights on two charges, tax fraud and making false statements to a financial institution. I say “dead to rights” because he has accepted 3 to 5 years in prison rather than fight the charges.

Neither Bush 43 nor Barack Hussein had the cojones to deport a Nazi war criminal, but guess who did. He was arrested by ICE this morning and deported

Reportedly, the issue keeping Palij in the United States was the fact that no other country would accept him. President Trump and his Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, convinced German authorities that they had a moral obligation to accept Palij and they agreed.

Arkancide? Young investigative journalist found dead in her hotel room after she reports to the FBI and DHS the rape of a young boy by Bill Clinton

Moore had an informant, a 26-year old man, who claimed, and very credibly so according to those who interviewed him, that he was raped by Bill Clinton when he was a young boy. The rape reportedly took place aboard a yacht in New England.

Feel good video of the week. Watch this young patriot sing the Star-Spangled Banner with all his tiny heart

With all of the negativity and America-hatred we see today in and from the mainstream media, it is beyond refreshing to see a young patriot like Garrett unashamed to love his country and show it. My faith in the next generation is restored.

Recently discovered texts between Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr have swamp rats inside the beltway terrified, shaking in their Guccis

An obviously distressed Steele texted Bruce Ohr on March 18, 2017, “Hi! Just wondering if you had any news? Obviously, we’re a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at Congress on Monday. Hoping that important firewalls will hold. Many thanks.”

CNN joins other liberal jury tampering news outlets, filing a motion demanding that the names and addresses of the Manafort jurors be unsealed

It is fortunate for Paul Manafort that Judge Ellis is handling this case. Were the case being presided over by a Trump-hating judge, which there seems to be no shortage of, then he could very easily be facing life in prison. And the really scary part is next time it could be YOU!

AUDIO: Cuban immigrant calls Dr. Gorka’s radio show fearing for President Trump’s life. Every liberal should hear Dr. Gorka’s reply and soapbox soliloquy

Rather than cherishing and understanding their freedom to be blind and clueless as a miraculous gift from a nation whose founders established that nation upon the principle and ideal of individual liberty, liberals endeavor to use that precious liberty as a club to kill that nation, that Constitution.

Two young liberals set out on a global bike tour to prove that all humans are good and kind and decent. ISIS butchered them on the side of the road in Tajikistan

“You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented.”

Manafort’s legal team rests its case without calling a single witness, evidence that they are very confident in an acquittal

Judge Ellis has admonished Mueller and his team on several occasions for engineering a witch hunt, declaring that Mueller is not after Manafort, but rather, attempting to have him flip to save his own skin in an effort to force him to testify against President Trump.

Demonic psychopath Peter Strzok takes to Twitter to feel sorry for himself, then takes to GoFundMe to hoodwink clueless liberal weenies

I cannot think of a more disgusting individual than Peter Strzok. The fact that he served in such a high position in such a once-revered and powerful organization as the FBI says volumes about the quality and character of many of the individuals allowed to “serve” in our federal government.

Strzok is fired. President Trump agrees it was the right thing to do “finally.” Brain-dead left goes nuts, calls Trump’s agreement obstruction of justice

The bad news is that half of the United States is still brain-dead and somehow swears that because President Trump agrees that FBI Director Christopher Wray did the right thing, that that somehow translates to the president being guilty of obstruction of justice. Seriously, see if you can connect those dots.

Leftist goons protest outside White House, declare they would kill President Trump if given the chance. When is Sessions going to prosecute these thugs?

The threats of physical harm to the President of the United States, and especially the threats of murdering the President, should be dealt with harshly. Otherwise, the violent rhetoric from the left will continue to ratchet up until someone is in fact killed.

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