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A massive number of blacks voting Republican is going to be the big news on November 6, a referendum on Donald J. Trump

More blacks are discovering the Great Lie that Democrats have been telling them for six decades, that the Democrat Party is their savior. Nothing was ever farther from the truth. Keeping blacks trapped on the Democrat plantation of dependence worked for many decades.

VIDEO: Jesse Watters takes down liberal racist Juan Williams on The Five as tempers got out of control

Watch the video below of a brutal clash and perfectly delivered smackdown of Williams by fellow The Five host Jesse Watters, who takes the token liberal racist to the woodshed for calling Sarah Carter a liar.

Democrats Vow To Replace Tax Cuts With Welfare Handouts & Higher Taxes If They Win Election #Democrats #Communism #evil

Democrats Vow To Replace Tax Cuts With Welfare Handouts & Higher Taxes If They Win Election #Democrats #Communism #evil CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE

Thanks To America-Hating Democrat Politicians, Over 500,000 Illegal Aliens Invaded America Last Year

Thanks To America-Hating Democrat Politicians, Over 500,000 Illegal Aliens Invaded America Last Year CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE

Like a rolling snowball, the Honduran caravan is growing, picking up more illegals as it heads north, now up to 14,000. What should we do? Take our poll

Or, should we be real hardasses and haul them down to Tierra del Fuego (southern tip of South America) and make them walk home, which should take about two years. They should be tough enough by then to eat gangbangers for breakfast and fix their own country. Take our poll.

Desperate Texas Democrats Openly Ask For Foreigners To Defraud Elections With Illegal Votes

Desperate Texas Democrats Openly Ask for Foreigners To Defraud Elections With Illegal Votes CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE

Caravan picking up steam and numbers. President Trump preparing to place military on border and close it. Liberal weenies go into convulsions

Liberals are like the little Chihuahua that yaps at any visitor who enters the house, nipping at his ankles until he picks the wrong visitor who punts him across the living room, from where he crawls under the couch with his tail between his legs and stays there until the mean, old visitor leaves.

Swelling to as high as 10,000 in number, the Honduran caravan continues north through Mexico, en route to the United States

The Honduran caravan on its way through Mexico to the US border has grown in number to as high as 10,000, all with the intent to enter the United States illegally and seek asylum or simply disappear into the country.

VIDEO: Honduran caravan, 4,000-strong, storms across Mexican border en route to the US, Mexican police arrest caravan leader

Mexican authorities made a show of force Thursday as two jetliners filled with riot police and Federales confronted the 4,000-migrant caravan at the Mexico-Guatemala border.

VIDEO: More lies and fake news from CNN, deliberately misquoting President Trump to paint him as a racist

Hill, Cabrera’s guest, didn’t skip a beat, pouncing on the racist narrative, playing along with the “white” lie, declaring President Trump guilty of “racial tribalism” and “closing ranks around whiteness.” 

100 ISIS terrorists have been captured in Guatemala as another caravan of 4,000 Central Americans heads to the US

In a stunning declaration last week at a conference in Guatemala attended by US Vice-President Mike Pence, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced the capture of 100 ISIS terrorists in Guatemala, a well-known paradise for human smugglers.

Judge throws Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit out, ordering her to pay President Trump’s legal fees. He calls her “Horseface,” sending the MSM into convulsions

Calling Stormy Daniels “Horseface,” President Trump lit up Twitter today with a scalding rebuke of the professional whore and gold digger after a federal judge threw out Daniels’ lawsuit against President Trump and ordered her to pay his legal fees

Fascistbook has banned Powdered Wig Society and Thomas Madison, as well as hundreds of other conservative publishers

With the regular admonition always comes some form of punishment from outright suspension of an account to restrictions that typically involve not being permitted to post to our own pages or groups, a purgatory-like state we repeat offenders (Siliconspeak for “conservatives”) refer to as “Facebook jail.” 

BOMBSHELL! Informant claims missing WaPo journalist recorded his own death on his Apple watch and Turkish authorities now have the audio

Director of Gulf Institute Ali al-Ahmed was interviewed by Fox News’ Charles Payne and is claiming that Khashoggi was wearing an Apple watch that recorded his death, the audio of which was sent to his iPhone and is now in the hands of Turkish authorities.

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