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This is rich! Barack Hussein is receiving an award for ethics in government. Not kidding! There are people that blind.

The University of Illinois is presenting an ethics in government award to Barack Hussein, which is akin to presenting an award for culinary excellence to Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Not a big fan of Barack Hussein, Roseanne is seeking ideas for the names of the Obama Netflix shows. Hilarious responses! Add your own

Roseanne took to Twitter to ask for your help in giving the Obamas ideas for titles of their unanticipated video productions. By all means, jump in and add your own clever titles for upcoming Obama crash-and-burns.

This is the sewer we now live in, folks, thanks to the media. Obama’s alleged gay lover is livid because Stormy Daniels is getting all the attention

The media is running Daniels’ story, very similar to Sinclair’s, around the clock, as though her story is proven. It isn’t. It is likely total BS by a total BS artist who has been having sex for money most of her adult life. It isn’t because she loves sex. It is because she loves money!

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Barack Hussein’s narcissistic photo tribute to the late, great Dr. Stephen Hawking

Hussein’s latest narcissistic tribute was paid to the late Stephen Hawking, shown in the twitter pic, below, being looked down upon by God of All Benevolence himself. Note that even though Hussein’s tribute is supposed to be to the late, great Dr. Hawking, that is not who is in the center of the photo.

Barack Hussein spent over $36 million of our money on lawsuits in 2016 keeping federal records secret and away from the eyes of We the People

Fake birth certificate, sealed academic records, bogus Social Security number, fake draft registration, the most lawless, corrupt, secret administration since America’s founding. And, with an almost straight face, Hussein proclaimed that his was “the most transparent administration in history?”

Made in China. Like Barack Hussein’s birth certificate, his portrait is the work of an untalented manipulator who hires other artists to paint his work

Note the repeating patterns in the Hussein portrait, like so many layers of a fabricated PDF birth certificate, successfully sold to the American people by Hussein and his trained seals in the mainstream media as the real deal.

Painter of Obama’s official presidential portrait is well-known for paintings of black women beheading white women. Obama had to know this

Barack Hussein’s official portrait is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. It looks like he is seated in a chair, suspended in a hedge several feet off the ground, which is bad. Really bad! But, there is even worse news. But, there is even worse news.

Sedition! Barack Hussein is guilty of many counts and the investigation into his treasonous activity must begin NOW!

Barack Hussein is a swamp-dwelling slimeball! The fact that he is the only president in America’s history to leave office and willfully establish and fund an organization, the sole purpose of which is to obstruct the governance of his successor, goes to show just how slimy he is.

VIDEO: Lou Dobbs believes Barack Hussein should be escorted back to the US by federal marshals when he slams President Trump overseas. Me too!

I agree. I consider Barack Hussein’s unprecedented and constant attacks on his successor not only “bad manners” but seditious behavior, punishable by law. Why not simply revoke his passport.

Obama is shadowing President Trump’s every foreign move, visiting the same countries and violating federal law in the process, in my opinion

Hussein has traveled to several countries where President Trump has made official state visits, visiting the leaders of those countries as though it is himself who is President and not President Trump.

President Trump had to stay in a government guest house during G20 because Obama admin failed to make hotel reservations

Every top-shelf lodging was already booked by the time the Trump White House began making inquiries because their predecessors never booked rooms for an American delegation.

OUTRAGEOUS! The slimeball who believes he is still President, Barack Hussein, meets with South Korean President to discuss President Trump

Newsflash, Moonbat! Barack Hussein is not President anymore. In fact, he wasn’t even President when he was President.

Group of senators is calling on State Department to launch immediate investigation into Obama meddling in foreign elections

A group of leading senators is calling on newly installed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to immediately launch an investigation into efforts by the Obama administration to sway foreign elections.

VIDEO: Great news for Marine Le Pen! Perennial loser Barack Hussein is backing Macron

I do, however, remember many losers. In fact, the last thing any candidate should want is to be backed by Barack Hussein. It is the certain kiss of death. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask Hitlery. LOSE!

Ben Carson has uncovered half a trillion dollars misplaced (lost or stolen) by Obama’s HUD

Ben Carson has revealed massive incompetence and possibly corruption in Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, with over half a trillion dollars improperly accounted for.

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