Matt Gaetz and Corey Lewandowski skewer Nadler and the Democrat Party, but don’t look for it in the mainstream media

Gaetz ends his questioning with a scathing condemnation of the Democrats and James Comey who Gaetz claims “should be sitting in that chair. He should be answering questions about why he did so much damage to the FBI and our country.”

VIDEO: President Trump watching the Democrats advocate for border security, the same Democrats who are calling it wrong and “immoral” today

Democrats are spineless shit-talkers. You can believe nothing they say. If a Democrat told me what time it is, I would still check a clock. They can’t be trusted. They would much rather lie in any given situation where the truth would do just as well. It’s what they do. They are dishonest scumbags!

VIDEO: Hawaii senator says Dems have a hard time “connecting with voters” because of “how smart we are,” and because “we Democrats know so much” 

Mazie snatched the title of Dumbest Woman in Washington from Nancy Pelosi some years ago, and what an entertaining match it was. The game-winning play was Mazie having to be told by an ICE official that is actually illegal to enter the United States without permission. She had no idea!

Want to see how disgusting Democrats are? Compare these two photos, the cropped one, above, and the original photo, inside. Twitter went insane!

Compare the photo, above, taken by the Lubbock Democrat Party. Great picture, right, of past presidents and their wives in attendance at Barbara Bush’s funeral? That photo is not the news. The news is what they cropped out of the original photo, below. Can you spot the difference?

Researcher on the streets of NY challenges passersby to tell the difference between Communist Manifesto and Democat Party platform. They can’t!

As though communism has not been tried enough (Soviet Union, all of eastern Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.), the American Democrat Party continues to preach its tenets, appealing to the millions who are still stupid enough to believe in it. 

Please, if you are black, or even if you are not, read this! It is the most accurate depiction of the Democrat Party you will see today

I found this old advertisement from the Democrat Party seeking fellow racists to join them in their crusade for “white supremacy.” It brought to mind the incredibly successful sales job the Democrat Party has pulled off with black Americans.

The new faces of the Democrat Party. Don’t laugh, it’s not polite

As for Barack Hussein and Hitlery, they are up to their chins in FISA abuse stench and are likely building palatial retreats in countries without US extradition treaties, not that that will help them – US Special Ops can go anywhere. It is now time to begin revoking many Democrat passports.

Former Democrat Congresswoman sentenced to five years in prison for stealing from charity, spending the money on “lavish parties and trips”

Federal prosecutors said she and a top aide commited fraud by using donations for lavish parties and trips. The aide and another official later accepted a plea deal and testified against Brown, who served in Congress for nearly 25 years.

Hahaaaaa! Grab a bowl of popcorn and a chair, folks. Like a dozen cats tied together by their tails, Democrats are fighting each other tooth and claw!

Like I said two years ago, “The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet!” Today’s version of Democrat infighting is more like tying a dozen cats together by their tails and watching the show.

VIDEO: West Virginia’s Democrat governor announces his switch to the Republican Party during a raucous Trump Rally

In November, Republicans solidified and/or expanded their majorities at all levels of governance, and it looked as if things couldn’t get worse for Democrats. Except, it just did.

Finishing June with over $3 million in debt and three consecutive months of record low donations, the Democrat Party is going broke!

What would they expect. Their only message for the past two years has been “Vote for us because Trump.”

I have said many times over the past two years, “The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet.” Julian Assange agrees in this essay

The Democrat message, or rather lack thereof, is a painful stream of screeching platitudes, delivered in disingenuous machine gun staccato from the likes of Hitlery Clinton.

Batting 0 for 4 in recent special elections, Democrats are scratching their heads wondering what to try next. Try being patriots!

Batting a goose egg after four special election tries, the latest featuring loser Jon Ossoff (By the way, isn’t Jack a common nickname for Jon? Just sayin’)….

College audience applauds speaker who helped rape a gay man with steel pole until he died. Why was she sent to jail for it? Because she is black, she claims

Donna Hylton spent 27 years in prison for participating in the torture of a gay man, raping him with a three-foot steel pole until he eventually died, and trying to trade his corpse for $400,000 ransom.

VIDEO: Democrat Senator arrested for wire fraud after 2 year investigation. FBI had to wait until Obama left office to prosecute

From the lowest rank and file Democrats to the Democrat Party’s candidates for America’s highest office, there is only one thing you can be sure of…. they are nearly all corrupt as hell!

Doh! Speaking of the Russian Ambassador, guess who he was seen hanging out with at the SOTU Address

The Democrats remind me of Wiley Coyote. No matter how hard they try to destroy President Trump, an anvil always falls on their heads.

VIDEO: The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet. Bill O’Reilly agrees they are imploding

I don’t agree with Bill O’Reilly on a lot of issues, but we are together on this one. The Democrat Party is embarrassing itself, losing elections, and losing massive numbers of followers.

Hillaryous video! Direct from the desk of ROTFLMAO, enjoy The Shady Bunch….

Everyone knows Democrats are corrupt scumbags. And since there is not ample power inside the beltway to do anything about it, the most we can do is poke fun at their blatant lies and misdeeds.

Just another Democrat politician getting arrested in a meth-for-gay-sex sting. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Silverthorne, 50, indicated that he could provide methamphetamine for sexual encounters and undercover detectives agreed to meet for a group sexual encounter in exchange for meth.