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President Trump WANTS a Senate impeachment trial so that he can force the testimony of Adam “Steaming Pile of” Schiff, Hunter Biden, and the whistleblower

In my Thanksgiving prayer, I offer a special thank you to the Democrat Party for destroying themselves. And the real fun is just beginning.

Nurses admit that babies who survive abortion are routinely murdered because their mothers “don’t want them”

America is a sick country in many ways, but there is nothing more sickening than the murder of the most innocent and defenseless amongst us. And, almost always for the sake of convenience.

Stag Arms of CT has had enough! Fourth US gun maker in recent years to flee its liberal home and move to gun-friendly Wyoming

Connecticut gun manufacturer Stag Arms is fleeing its liberal home and moving to Second Amendment-friendly Wyoming, joining gun makers Weatherby, Magpul, and Hi-Viz, which have all left liberal states for conservative, gun-friendly, business-friendly Wyoming.

Media is covering up another Barack Hussein scandal involving Iran from before he was even president

Obama gifted America’s greatest enemy with billions of dollars, over one billion dollars in cash, palletized and flown to Tehran, before he left office, many more billions paid to them later. Clearly, the act of gifting Iran billions of dollars constitutes giving comfort and aid to our enemy, the classic definition of treason.

THIS is what impeachment is all about! Ukraine MPs demand US join Ukraine to investigate $7 billion money-laundering scheme involving Obama-era Democrats

How ironic is it that President Trump is facing impeachment for asking Ukraine to investigate the very corruption the Ukrainians are now demanding Trump to investigate?

BREAKING! Britain’s Prince Andrew steps down from his royal duties due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Sounds like someone has the goods on the prince

The plot thickens in the Epstein case! Prince Andrew just resigned from his royal “public duties” due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Would the prince be stepping down if someone, somewhere didn’t have the goods on him? Not a chance! 

“Christmas ornaments, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein: name three things that don’t hang themselves.” Senator demands Epstein investigation

Thus far, the Epstein case stinks to high Heaven and makes the United States look no better than the most corrupt banana republic. Just remember, if this can happen to a high-profile billionaire, it would be very easy for it to happen to you or me. 

VIDEO: Congressman Eric Swalwell cut a huge fart on national TV last night. Here is audio and video

Keeping a somewhat straight face, Swalwell cut the cheese, butt-belched, passed gas, delivered a rectal honk, a trouser cough, a sphincter whistle, singed his drawers, and cemented his legacy forever as Washington’s most famous farter. And, Twitter went bananas!

Meet America’s newest political pundit: Joe Biden “should be beaten to death with a stick!” The “time has come for him to depart his life.”

Misspelling the former vice-president’s name, KCNA proclaimed, “It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death. Rabid dogs like Baiden (sic) can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late.”

Dems flood the web with pic of GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik giving the finger at Yovanovitch hearing. One problem – like everything Democrat, it is a lie!

Another day, another Democrat lie. It’s what they do. It’s the only thing they do. They can’t help themselves, they are born to lie. They would much rather lie than tell the truth when the truth would do just a well.

If you think Democrat election fraud was bad in the past, hang onto your swinging chad! Experts say it is “too late” to prevent massive fraud in 2020. I say they’re wrong!

The experts say it is too late for 2020. I don’t think so, but it would take emergency action to get legislation in place and make the following changes, which I have been advocating for several years. Just do it, Congress. Following are my proposed changes to our election system, which WILL fix the problem….

CBS prime time drama tries to convince viewers that allowing free speech to patriots on social media “leads to white nationalism,” thus censoring them is OK

Forget that “nationalist” is actually, by definition, synonymous with “patriot.” Thus, a “white nationalist” is any patriot who happens to be white. THAT is who the left really hates – patriots, especially white patriots, like President Trump.

Butthurt liberal weenies whine via Twitter as 100,000 screaming patriots at the LSU/’bama game give President Trump a standing O while chanting “USA! USA!”

Watch over 100,000 patriots (video, below) give President Trump a standing ovation and chant, “USA! USA!” Then, check out the brainless comments from the butthurt leftists. They are sooooooo torn up by the Trump love.

Lest we should forget. Kristallnacht- Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began

Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass was an anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany on November 9th-10th, 1938.—it was much more than just a pogrom. Kristallnacht was the day Hitler’s final solution “came out of the closet.”

Alarming warning engraved on this patriot’s tombstone 129 years ago warning us about the Democratic “party of treason”

Nathaniel Grigsby was a Union officer, a patriot, and a friend of President Abraham Lincoln. He was also very much on to the treasonous Democratic Party, which, after the Civil War, established an enforcement arm to keep former slaves from voting and prospering. You might better know that enforcement arm as the Ku Klux Klan.

Up Schiff Creek without a paddle! Devin Nunes is demanding Schiff’s testimony, under oath!

Devin Nunes sent Schiff a letter Friday demanding the closed-door deposition (under oath) of one key witness, Schiff, himself. Nunes, specifically wants to know Schiff’s interaction with the whistleblower and when that interaction began.

McConnell tells President Trump that to survive impeachment, he must become a swamp rat. The chance of that happening is exactly zero!

McConnell translation: If you want to live through a Senate trial, you must learn to kiss ass. I can teach you. I know it’s not something you want to do, but you have to learn how to get along here on the hill. Just kiss ass. I’ve been doing it for decades. Forget about the American people, forget about America First. Just kiss ass. It’s that easy.

DiGenova, Toensing: DOJ IG report is “explosive.” “It’s going to be very bad for people in the Obama administration.” “Worse than you can imagine!”

According to DiGenova and Toensing, the report is coming very soon and it is “explosive.” As to why it has taken so long, they explain that John Durham’s investigation into Russiagate and its origins, as well as hired gunslinger John Durham’s expanded power, have held up the release of DOJ IG Michael Horowitz’s report.

Watch Tulsi Gabbard verbally pile drive Joy Behar into the studio floor of The View for calling her a “useful idiot” and “Russian asset”

“Some of you have accused me of being a traitor to my country, a Russian asset, a Trojan horse, or a useful idiot, I think was the term that you used,” declared Gabbard, directing her comments to Behar, seated beside her, “which basically means that I am naive or lack intelligence.”

BOMBSHELL! “It’s time to raise the stakes:” James O’Keefe releases “secret video recordings” from an ABC “insider” in the “Epstein Coverup”

I am sure the execs at ABC are running a massive damage control campaign today for the network’s failure to air this story, which amounts to a coverup. But, why did ABC sit on this story? Who, and how many, are they protecting, and why?

Facebook is knowingly, willfully, and illegally destroying people’s lives, including my own. It is time President Trump stepped in!

My site’s traffic dwindled and I was demonetized (Facebook deleted my Instant Article account, which had been making four figures a month by itself). My traffic and revenue was reduced by 95% from its peak level prior to the 2016 presidential election. 

“Thank God for the Deep State!” Trump-hating ex-CIA Director now openly admits there is a deep state and thanks God for it

Any truly objective reader of the transcript of that conversation will conclude with certainty that President was not threatening to withhold money from Ukraine in return for an investigation into political rival Joe Biden. Zelensky has confirmed this.

Wow! I have a new hero. This lady, who shoves Beto O’Rourke’s gun-grabbing stupidity in his face. “You’re bullsh!t by being here, Beto!”

Beto O’Rourke is on a coast-to-coast tour to capitalize on the disgraceful Democrat strategy of never allowing a tragedy to go to waste. Democrat doctrine instructs the more horrific the tragedy, the more beneficial the exploitation and the greater its propaganda value.

I have given al-Baghdadi a new nickname – Skid Mark! A pair of Baghdadi’s dirty underwear led to his one-way trip to hell

A Kurdish spy and informant smuggled a pair of Baghdadi’s dirty underwear out of the ISIS leader’s compound, which was then DNA-tested by US forces to positively identify Baghdadi. From that point, the operation developed quickly.

VIDEO: Prominent forensic pathologist present at Epstein’s autopsy believes Epstein was murdered

The death of Jeffrey Epstein has been officially ruled a suicide by hanging. But, it certainly doesn’t look like suicide. Not to Dr. Michael Baden, a prominent New York forensic pathologist who attended the Epstein autopsy and shares his opinion in the video, below, as to why Epstein’s death looks more like homicide than suicide.

The arrogance! Susan Rice believes President Trump should have also notified Barack Hussein about the Baghdadi raid

I’m guessing that if Hussein had been notified, Baghdadi would have miraculously slipped the scene as he has done many times in the past. He currently holds the world record for number of times having been reported dead.

Arrogant fool James Clapper claims it was dangerous to kill Baghdadi because now ISIS is going to be really mad

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, the Clap (not to be confused with the colloquial term for Gonorrhea), found himself unable to congratulate President Trump for a job well done. Instead, he suggested that killing Baghdadi will only “galvanize” ISIS, making the terror organization even more bloodthirsty.

Remember, it was Obama who released al-Baghdadi from US custody. Now that Trump has cleaned up the mess, Democrats complain about his language

For fun, Baghdadi doused caged prisoners with gasoline and set them afire, filming the horror. He videotaped the beheading of many innocent people for propaganda value. He encouraged his followers to rape and murder indiscriminately as a method of subduing peaceful populations. 

YUGE win for the most innocent among us! 876 abortion clinics lost taxpayer funding. Thank you, President Trump!

Thank you, President Trump, for throwing a wrench into the demonic abomination that liberals love so much. May abortion cease to exist in the very near future.

Three GOP Senators do not back Lindsey Graham’s resolution to condemn Trump impeachment. You will not be surprised to find out who they are

Senate Democrats can convict President Trump in the impeachment circus only if they can convince at least 20 GOP senators to vote with them to convict. Given the support Senator Lindsey Graham has received among 50 Senate Republicans for his resolution to condemn the kangaroo proceeding, it appears impossible.