Mitch McConnell is a swamp rat. I know, I know, the chinless wonder resembles a turtle, but he is actually a swamp rat, and a swamp rat in a very powerful position. He can do much damage to the Trump presidency.

According to Fox News’ Ed Henry, he has inside information on meetings between McConnell and President Trump regarding a potential Senate impeachment trial, and in those meetings, McConnell basically read the President the Riot Act, warning him to get along with the career parasites on Capitol Hill, allow them to attack him and not retaliate. Basically, kiss the asses of people like Mitt Romney and other senators Senate swamp rats who aren’t backing you.

I’m told that McConnell told the president that if he does two things he’s going to survive this. One, deal with senators one-on-one in the days ahead on policy grounds.  Forget about Ukraine. Talk to Senator Murkowski, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, McConnell said, about her energy bill. Make her important on these issues and stop talking about Ukraine. Focus on policy. She’s a swing vote, somebody who could turn against the President. She was a swing vote on Kavanaugh.

And, secondly, I’m told, McConnell said, do not attack individual senators.  They’re going to take this very seriously as jurors. You did it a little bit with Mitt Romney, McConnell noted to the President, I’m told, in these private conversations. But, don’t do it with the others. You gotta’ move beyond that because if you attack them, they’re only going to dig in and you need them in the end. And, McConnell, I’m told, basically told the President, if you’ll basically do those things, you’re going to survive our trial.

McConnell translation: If you want to live through a Senate trial, you must learn to kiss ass. I can teach you. I know it’s not something you want to do, but for your own sake, you have to learn how to get along here on the hill. Kissing ass is the way it’s done. Even if you hate someone, you have to kiss their ass. I’ve been doing it for decades. Forget about the American people, forget about your whole America First agenda. Just kiss ass. It’s that easy.