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Judge Roy Moore yearbook signature clearly fake, a sloppier forgery than Barack Hussein’s birth certificate! 

Also note in the photo below that the version of Moore’s yearbook signature being reported by the media, CNN in this case, shows the signature in all black ink, whereas an undoctored, unfiltered photo of the signature shows it two distinct colors of ink, black, then blue. Why the deceit, liberal media whores?

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson’s story totally debunked. Liberal Media refuses to publish witness reports that exonerate Judge Moore, but we have them here

Judge Moore is clearly innocent of the charges Gloria Allred and her trained seal Beverly Nelson have placed against Judge Moore in the court of public opinion, that horrid place where due process does not exist, the judge and jury are the liberal mainstream media, condemning conservative defendants as guilty until proven innocent, and the punishment is typically a life sentence.

VIDEO: ESPN host goes off on LaVar Ball for not thanking President Trump for rescuing Ball’s son from a certain Chinese prison sentence

After listening to LaVar Ball’s disgusting ingratitude, saying he had no reason to thank President Trump, who rescued Ball’s son from many years in a Chinese prison, I was struck by the stupidity of the man.

VIDEO: Bizarre exchange between Chris Cuomo and LaVar Ball, dad of one the UCLA shoplifters in China, who refuses to thank President Trump

Lending credence to the widely-held belief that athletes are morons, LaVar Ball was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Ball is still suggesting that President Trump did nothing for his son and deserves no thanks.

VIDEO: Kathy Griffin’s new youtube act, “How About A Little Chin Music With That Whine?” because whining on youtube is the only work she can find

Her video whinefest includes such memorable one-liners as, “No, seriously, folks, I got no work. I ain’t scheduled for no talk shows. I’m blacklisted, I tell you!” and “Has anyone else ever been treated this badly for attempting a comedy gag? Was Lee Harvey Oswald? OK, bad example.”

NFL player sits for Star-Spangled Banner in Mexico, stands for Mexican anthem. President Trump slams him, so liberals pile on President Trump

For you liberals who find it so easy to disrespect America and can’t understand why the rest of us stand in respect for the national anthem, please study the following tweet carefully…. 

Hilarious! BLM posted a Trump approval poll on Twitter. When the approval numbers skyrocketed, they deleted it, but we have a screenshot

What do liberal weenies do when they run a poll and don’t get the results they wanted? Why, they delete the poll, of course. 

VIDEO: Basketball player arrested for shoplifting in China, facing years in prison. President Trump frees him. Kid’s father says no need to thank Trump

LaVar Ball, the ungrateful father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, who was facing years in a Chinese prison until he was rescued by President Trump, says there is no need to thank President Trump for freeing his son.

YUGE NEWS! Another presidential pardon on the way. Tuesday, President Trump will pardon the annual White House Thanksgiving turkey

Photo, above: The turkey who will receive a presidential pardon from President Trump, and his alternate, chilling (so to speak) in their hotel room at the $267 per night luxurious Willard Hotel in Washington, where room service is not only superb, but in the case of these two guests, mandatory.

VIDEO: It doesn’t take much to make them laugh in Tennessee. Watch as news anchor mispronounces “Twitter” as “Titter” and can’t control her laughter

The morning anchor and reporter for WVLT in Knoxville started laughing uncontrollably when she mispronounced the social media giant as ‘Titter,’ trying desperately to regain her composure after the mess-up.

VIDEO: New country hit single, Take A Knee, My Ass, dedicated to the true heroes in uniform, not the crybaby millionaires who piss me off more every day

To Colin Kaepernick and his assclown pals who believe it is your RIGHT to openly disrespect our flag, our country, our troops, our veterans, law enforcement, and your former fans: Stick your right up your ass! Your left, too. You are not heroes.

Photos of empty NFL stadiums across America, 11/19/2017. The boycott is getting worse!

They used to also attend NFL football games or watch them on TV, but not so much anymore since crybaby millionaire players showed their asses and their disrespect for America, its flag, the REAL heroes in uniform in the armed forces, veterans, law enforcement, and most of all, their fans!

VIDEO: Hitlery bragged that hubby Bill wasn’t a tweeter like Trump. Right, he was much too busy with other things, and Twitter wasn’t invented until 2006

Hitlery Clinton bragged that Slick Willie was never a prolific tweeting president like President Trump. That that may have something to do with the fact that Slick left office in January, 2001 and Twitter was invented in 2006. Just guessing.

VIDEO: Hitlery Clinton commends Al Franken’s acknowledgment of sexual abuse while trashing Trump and Moore for baseless allegations against them

Hitlery Clinton says that Franken’s acknowledgment of his sexual abuse (which he had to acknowledge due to photographic proof) is commendable. It is Trump and Moore who have not acknowledged their allegations of sexual abuse, for which never a shred of evidence has been presented. The lingual gymnastics is mind-blowing!

VIDEO: Teacher forces 7th-grader to remove “FNN – Fake News Network” t-shirt before going on a field trip to CNN’s HQ. Parents irate!

The shirt looks nothing like “F CNN.” Let’s face it, the teacher is a liberal weenie academic control freak who didn’t want to appear to be condoning conservative thought. So, she squelched it, the First Amendment be damned!

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