VIDEO: As we honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, President Reagan reminds us of their sacrifice in this, his most powerful speech

Every soldier, sailor, Marine, and airman, when they raise their right hand and swear their oath of service, understand that they are writing a blank check, made payable to the people of the United States, for up to and including their very lives. Having sworn that oath, I can attest that it is not taken lightly.

VIDEO: Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is advocating abortion for 8th-graders. Not kidding!

Watch the Twitter video, below, as Hirono takes to the megaphone, boasting of her support for abortion for pubescent girls. This is the same Hirono who didn’t know that it is illegal to cross the US border without documented permission.

Pelosi is holding a special meeting of her caucus at 9AM Wednesday to discuss and likely proceed with the impeachment of President Trump

Speaker of the House, Madam Batshit Crazy, is calling for a special meeting of her Democrat caucus Wednesday morning, the topic of which will be the impeachment of President Trump.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is turning over in his grave as white reporters are barred from a Savannah, Georgia mayoral election event

Rev. Clarence Teddy Williams, has organized a political event at his church and has invited the black candidates for mayor to attend to discuss their platforms and agendas. Members of the press have also been invited…. unless they happen to be white.

Fascistbook is now banning speech by white nationalists (patriots who happen to be white), classifying it as “hate speech”

If you consider yourself an American patriot, you are now on notice that you have no First Amendment rights at Fascistbook. You can be banned at any time, as I was in October, 2018 for the crime of “violating community standards,” i.e., being an American patriot. Patriotism is not welcome in Silicon Valley. 

VIDEO: Sad! Knee-jerk Kiwi politicians rush to ban firearms, making it easier for maniacs to kill and harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves

Newsflash to liberals: A deranged killer wants a gun, he will find a gun. Always! Illegal, unregistered guns are as easy to buy on the street as tomatoes at a farmer’s market. Making guns illegal accomplishes one thing: It takes the means of self-defense away from law-abiding citizens.

The low roar you hear outside is liberal weenies moaning from sea to shining sea as the Pentagon comes up with $13 billion for border wall funding

I surmised at the time that President Trump wanted to rub the Democrats’ noses in their un-American doo, fully embarrass them, and show anyone still unaware who the real enemies of America truly are before ordering the Pentagon to find the funding in the military budget.

Bad news for Democrats in 2020. New CNN poll shows 51% approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy

Overall, 71% say the nation’s economy is in good shape, the highest share to say so since February 2001, and the best rating during Trump’s presidency by two points. A majority give the President positive reviews for his handling of the nation’s economy (51% approve).

Only in Italy! Italian court overturns a rape verdict, arguing that the victim was too ugly to be raped. Not kidding!

Can’t you just hear SNL’s Father Guido Sarducci commenting on this case?”She is a bigga’ girl for a Peruvian Indian. And a ugly too. No way any man would a rape her. She couldn’t a give it away.”

VIDEO: Trump, unplugged! In case you missed it, President Trump’s speech at CPAC. Raw, direct, politically incorrect. Classic Trump!

Poking fun at Democrats, the “fake news” mainstream media, and even his own choice for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who he mocked with an Alabama accent, President Trump was true to form at CPAC, hugging the American flag and regaling the overflow crowd with anecdotal tales.

VIDEO: Michelle Malkin bringing down the house at CPAC, slamming immigration, “the ghost of John McCain,” and fake patriots

Calling out Republicans who pay lip service to America’s very serious and growing immigration problems, Malkin called out retired House Speaker Paul Rino, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “the Bush family,” and even “the ghost of John McCain.”

Project Veritas video: Fired Facebook insider exposes egregious censorship of conservative publishers by Facebook

“This isn’t rumors, they talk about how right-wingers, they come up with all these crazy theories, and that’s not actually happening at these social media companies. They pooh pooh it. But here it is and it’s in your face.”

Rep. Mark Meadows has filed a criminal referral against Michael Cohen for “illegally lobbying on behalf of foreign entities”

The Democrats treated Cohen as if the convicted criminal on his way to prison is the most credible person on the planet. Why? Because he was there to disparage President Trump in every way that he could, ostensibly for favorable treatment in regard to his upcoming prison sentence.

Hilarious video! Charles Barkley on Smollett’s stupidity for writing a check to get beaten up. “If you are going to break the law, do not write a check. Get cash, man!”

Somewhere on my Top Ten list of people I would like to have dinner with, is former NBA star Charles Barkley. Just for the comedy. He is one funny dude! Basketball made him rich, but he may have missed his true calling, stand-up comedy, or in this case, sit-down comedy.

Conservative leaders’ letter to new AG Barr requesting a DOJ investigation of Facebook, Twitter, and Google for censorship against conservatives

Conservative leaders have joined Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell as signatories to a letter addressed to new Attorney General William Barr, requesting a DOJ investigation into the censorship of conservatives by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

VIDEO: Oregon legislature proposing dropping voting age to 16 because liberals need clueless voters. Why not 6-year olds?

Criminal aliens are voting, dead people are voting, clueless kids are voting, electronic voting machines are being hacked and manipulated, and now, Oregon wants to lead the liberal way in lowering the minimum voting age to 16.

CNN talking head returns to Twitter after long absence to excuse her liberal bias and Trump hatred. It was all the Pope’s fault, she explains

Powers, a regular on the Queen of Fake News (CNN), has seen the error of her ways and vows to hate less those who love Trump and is calling for more love, peace, understanding, harmony, justice, equality, and grace now that she has been outed as a hopeless, clueless liberal.

Awesome entertainment! Liberal weenies catfighting over who is to blame for the lost Amazon deal

NOTHING is good enough for socialists, which, as Venezuelans are proving today, is always what they are left with – NOTHING! Such poor students of history, these socialists.

Ocasio-Cortez is announcing a nationwide tour to push her Green New Hoax. The tour will leave a zero-carbon footprint, of course

And how about that carbon footprint? A nationwide tour, with staff, can only be done efficiently and effectively by air, you know airplanes, which her New Green Lunacy eliminates entirely within ten years. Perhaps AOC has a greener, carbon-free mode of transport in mind (photo, above).

Hilarious! Taking a lesson from President Trump, Mitch McConnell is rubbing the Democrats’ noses in their own Green New Deal lunacy

Language straight from the Green New Deal, going before the US Senate for a vote in the near future: “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.” Not kidding! No airplanes. No cow farts. Your tax dollars at work.

Microsoft joins the leftist crusade to silence patriot publishers

Thus began the Silicon Valley crusade to ‘silence the opposition’ (sound Nazi enough for you?), which began in earnest in January 2017. Via a campaign of algorithmic manipulation, the Big Three (Facebook, Google, and Twitter) incrementally steered traffic away from our sites, ultimately rendering us virtually invisible.

College students are asked who committed 6 scandals. President Trump was blamed for almost all of them which were all committed by Hillary Clinton

This is why I favor repealing the 26th Amendment. Eighteen-year-olds simply do not possess the life experience to make such grave decisions as who should serve as President of the United States.

BOOM! On the heels of his “border wall” rally in El Paso which drew 35,000 American patriots, President Trump’s approval rating jumps

BOOM! On the heels of his “border wall” rally in El Paso which drew 35,000 American patriots, President Trump’s approval rating jumps to a 23-month high.

Gearing up for their attempt at impeaching President Trump, House Democrats have six separate Trump investigations underway

Now that Mueller’s “Russian collusion” investigation has come away with NOTHING that can be pinned on the president, slimy Democrats are determined to investigate and analyze every document and every single minute of the president’s life in search of anything impeachable.

Democrats set up AG Whitaker to malign President Trump. This will be business as usual for the next 2 years. Republicans must refuse to participate

There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by voluntarily participating in the Democrat hearings or even complying with subpoenas. Whitaker and all Republicans should refuse to appear, as did Eric Holder who simply accepted his meaningless Contempt of Congress charge.

Acting AG Whitaker has all present in stitches when he tells Chairman Nadler that his five minutes to question him are up

Whitaker wasn’t playing and handled the circus like a boss. Despite freshman congressmen and women putting on their best foaming at the mouth performances of the most righteous indignation and being spoken to as though he, himself, were a condemned criminal, Whitaker calmly answered their questions.

Trump SOTU highlights. Off the charts approval rating. When you have Democrat women shouting, “USA, USA!” you know you nailed it

While it was largely a review of promises made and kept and a preview of promises yet to be delivered (border wall: “I will get it built!”), President Trump’s second State of the Union address was a roaring success with record approval numbers and unexpected bipartisan moments.

School bullying victim Joshua Trump will be at the SOTU address. Heartless liberals took to Twitter to bully the kid in their own sick, hateful way

No one is exempt from the left’s bullying, not even children, not even unborn children. Liberal Democrats are unfeeling demons from hell and those who vote for them nothing more than brainless useful idiots. 

Planning a trip to Mexico? Think twice! Second visitor in 2 months shipped home missing his brain and heart

The case of the Korean man drew comparisons to a similar case of missing organs from December when the body of a British tourist, Amanda Gill, who died in Mexico, was returned to Britain without her eyes, brain or heart, with family accusing Mexican organ traffickers of stealing her organs.

More discrimination against conservatives: Microsoft extension advises advertisers to not advertise on pro-Trump media sites like Powdered Wig. Share this!

Newsguard, like Snopes and SPLC, is nothing more than a partisan, dishonest, America-hating leftist tool that calls all pro-Trump sites “unreliable” while giving its green “reliable” check mark to the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Newsguard has advised advertisers to not advertise on pro-Trump sites.