Minneapolis police: Nearly ALL of those arrested are from out of state. Soros’ and Antifa’s fingerprints are all over this!

Big surprise! The protestors burning Minneapolis to the ground are not from Minneapolis. In fact, they are not even from Minnesota. Paid agitators? I believe the odds are 10 to 1. Somewhere, George Soros is smiling.

Update video on the killing of LaVoy Finicum provided by a member of LaVoy’s immediate family. I will continue to update as new info is provided

After shooting and killing LaVoy, the government fired several shots (eight, the government claims) into LaVoy’s truck full of passengers for no apparent reason. Shawna Cox, a passenger in the vehicle recorded the ambush on her cell phone (video below).

VIDEO: Cop pulls up to an apparently unarmed, non-threatening man, shoots and kills him. What should be done about this?

I think we all back the blue and appreciate their service in keeping us safe, but how about when cops go rogue, act on their own outside the law, and how about when their superiors attempt to cover up their […]

VIDEO: Now that police are being routinely acquitted in shootings, it appears to open season on everyone. This cop should have been convicted!

Acting on a tip that someone, somewhere, somehow, thought they saw “a man” with a gun on the same floor as the victim gave the cops all the authority they needed to charge in, guns drawn and a hair trigger away from killing an innocent person. 

Shooting of unarmed woman by Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop “stunned” his partner, ruled “homicide” by County Medical Examiner

Noor shot across his partner from the passenger seat, striking and killing the 40-year old unarmed Aussie woman who made the 911 call. Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting.

Liberals silent on police brutality that claims life of innocent 6-year old in his dad’s car. Why the silence? Because the boy was white. His murderers were not

By Thomas Madison Where the mainstream media is concerned, only black lives matter. This story involves a 6-year old autistic white boy who was a passenger in his father’s car when he was shot five times by cops, and killed […]

VIDEO: A word on the racentric hysterics regarding our burgeoning new world police state

By Thomas Madison If we allow the race baiters, i.e., Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama, to dominate the narrative on race in America then we are doomed. Those individuals or racists themselves, hardly credible in a discussion on race. The video, […]

VIDEO: Unbelievable! Tulsa cop shoots a man already subdued. It’s the treatment he received while he was dying that will make you sick

By Thomas Madison Eric Harris, pictured above, was shot and killed by police while lying subdued on the ground. Although the shooting by 73-year old reserve deputy Robert Bates, pictured below, was accidental, the treatment Harris received, and did not […]

Family of Walter Scott tells Al Sharpton to stay away. Good for them! Keep that racist bastard away. He only incites hatred and division

By Thomas Madison While we await all of the evidence to be gathered and due process to take its proper course, under what possible circumstances, based on the video evidence we have now all seen (if you haven’t, it is […]

Black Panthers are responding to what they claim is police brutality with armed neighborhood patrols

“No longer will we let the pigs slaughter our brothers and sisters and not say a damn thing about it” By Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Dallas, TX — Former Army Rangers and other citizens have donned their military […]