Beto O’Rourke is on a coast-to-coast tour to capitalize on the disgraceful Democrat strategy of never allowing a tragedy to go to waste. Democrat doctrine instructs the more horrific the tragedy, the more beneficial the exploitation and the greater its propaganda value.

So, Robert Francis O’Rourke (Beto, my ass), is visiting towns across America where horrifying mass murders took place. Where better to drum up support for total gun confiscation in direct violation of our Constitution, right?

During a campaign stop Wednesday in Newtown, Connecticut, site of the Sandy Hook (Elementary School) massacre, Beto was fully involved in his total confiscation routine when longtime Newtown resident Rebecca Carnes stood up and began berating the fake Mexican who is bound and determined to prevent law-abiding Americans the basic right to self-defense by sensationalizing and exploiting tragic mass murders to gain support for his impossible dream.

Carnes: “You are here to hijack this town and to try and make an issue out of getting guns out of good people’s hand that can make a difference, and you know that, Beto.”

Carnes was cautioned for her outburst but refused to take her seat and be quiet, as demanded.

“No, this is bullshit! (This issue) is about mental health and it’s about this war on boys and masculinity.

You’re bullshit by being here. Shame on you, Beto! Answer my question, Beto.

Why don’t you debate me? Answer my question.

Come on. Bring it on, Beto. Let me hear. What do you have to say about mental health?

What do you have to say about urban violence?

You don’t care! The Democrats have been in charge of urban communities and cities for decades.

The Democrats have failed. They don’t care about you, sir (addressing a man in attendance attempting to shut her up).

That’s why he’s at Sandy Hook. He doesn’t care.

It’s bullshit! I grew up in Newtown. (addressing authorities moving towards her to remove her) No, you’re going to kick out a mother in this community? (as more attendees attempted to shut her up) I grew up here.

My mom was a …. I’m third generation Newtown. (turning to address audience members heckling her) So, you can all go screw!

Democrats are out! Trump 2020. He’s saving the world! (Beto must have loved hearing that)

(addressing Beto directly) You guys are corrupt liars. (audience boos her) And, you know it, Beto!

Answer me. C’mon, bring it on!”

I agree with every single word Carnes said. For Beto to use a tragedy and very painful memory to further his political goals is beyond disgusting. Par for the Democrat course.