CBS prime time drama tries to convince viewers that allowing free speech to patriots on social media “leads to white nationalism,” thus censoring them is OK

Forget that “nationalist” is actually, by definition, synonymous with “patriot.” Thus, a “white nationalist” is any patriot who happens to be white. THAT is who the left really hates – patriots, especially white patriots, like President Trump.

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren robotically sucks on a beer bottle, desperately attempting to appeal to normal people in flyover country. Funny, yet sad

And, how about, “I never thought I was going to run for politics, any kind of elected office.” Translation: “I remain amazed by two constants in politics – how easy it is to blow smoke up a moron’s ass and how many moron’s asses there are from sea to shining sea.”

West Hollywood City Council votes to remove Trump star permanently. Mayor gloats on Twitter. The responses are not kind

Most of the Twitter responses blasted the mayor for his over the top fascism, totally in character with the liberal ideology which laughingly claims the mantle of love, acceptance, tolerance, and inclusiveness. Yeah, right!

VIDEO: Juan Williams defends Peter Fonda’s criminal attack on Barron Trump. His most critical comment? Fonda’s tweets were “poorly worded”

I stopped watching Fox News on the night of August 6, 2015 when Megyn Kelly showed her ass and her hatred for Donald Trump. And I had been a Foxaholic. It was all I watched on TV. I have been […]

Further enraging liberals, Kanye West just tweeted videos by Dilbert creator, a well-known Trump supporter. Liberal heads are exploding from sea to shining sea

West triggered a myriad of reactions Monday as he shared parts of a video uploaded by the comic book character’s creator, Scott Adams. The artist shared a 22-minute monologue on Sunday about Trump, North Korea and “how Kanye showed the way to The Golden Age.”