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Fan snaps an unforgettable photo of Tim Tebow and an image that appears in the outfield directly in front of him

The athlete above all others in the world I would choose as a role model for my children is Tim Tebow. From professional football idol making millions to a scrub player on a single A baseball team making very little, Tebow takes it all in stride.

How bad does CNN suck? THIS bad! Of the top 20 cable news programs from 1/29-2/23, Fox owns 15 of them, MSNBC owns 5. CNN? ZERO!

As expected of a lying, partisan fake news organization masquerading as a legitimate and objective news source, CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. The Clinton News Network routinely loses in the ratings war to such obscure viewing choices as reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons. Not kidding!

Happy Birthday, Texas! March 2, 1836

Moving from Hawaii, the bluest of blue states, to deep red, conservative Texas, I am reminded of Davy Crockett’s famous words when he lost an election to Congress, speaking at a political gathering afterward, he declared, “You can all go to hell. I’m going to Texas.”

VIDEO: As if the world isn’t screwed up enough, meet Tiamat, the transgender Texas reptile. Somewhere, Bill Clinton is saying, “I’d hit it!”

If you are still struggling to make sense of the 57 genders the politically correct are shoving down your throat, prepare to be overwhelmed. Meet Tiamat, the Dragon Lady, the most modified transsexual man/woman/reptile/thing on the planet.

CNN asked high school hero to participate in school shooting town hall, then gave him scripted questions. He refused. CNN says he is lying

Habb was given scripted questions by CNN, which he refused to ask, declining the invitation to attend the event. “CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted.” So, he refused to attend.

Schmuck Schumer’s poll numbers in his home state are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in a sorority house

Firmly stationed on the popularity scale between root canals and Chlamydia, Schmuck Schumer is suffering his worst favorability scores ever, tanking 15 points among New Yorkers in recent months.

After 99 years, a great and good part of America has passed. The Reverend Billy Graham has gone home

Growing up in the mountains of western Virginia, I recall vividly my grandmother’s strict Pentecostal faith. She would attend every tent revival that passed through town, and there were plenty.

Secret Service agent tackles Chinese security official to the ground in scuffle over US nuclear football. Chief of Staff John Kelly involved in the scuffle

This entire episode leads me to believe that there is a serious hole in our nuclear capability. Surely there is a redundant system in place that provides another US official with the authority and codes to launch nuclear weapons in the event the President is unable to.

BREAKING! Three shot at NSA headquarters, one in custody. Details emerging. Will continue to update

Three people have been shot at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland, as an unidentified black SUV ran into a concrete barrier near an entrance gate. Police were seen surrounding a man in handcuffs at the scene. We will continue to update this breaking news as details become available. 

Don Trump, Jr’s wife Vanessa taken to hospital after opening an envelope that contained an unknown white powder

She and two other people were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Police and Secret Service agents are at the scene investigating.

Biggest drug bust in Massachusetts history of Mexican drug cartel nets 37 dealers, guns, $300,000 cash, enough Fentanyl to kill 7 million people

The biggest drug bust in Massachusetts history of operators associated with “El Chapo” Guzman’s Sinaloa Drug Cartel netted 37 drug dealers, guns, $300,000 in cash, and enough of the synthetic street drug Fentanyl to kill 7 million people, more than the entire population of the state of Massachusetts. 

Rod Rosenstein threatened Devin Nunes and other members of Congress “because he was tired of dealing with the Intel Committee”

Rosenstein looks like a Nazi concentration camp commander on trial at Nuremberg. Everyone in the room knows he is guilty, including and especially himself. Watch his eyes just after he says, “we will” at the end of the video. He can’t hide his guilt. This man is a liar, a weasel, a traitor.

BREAKING! Train carrying Republican lawmakers hits truck in Virginia on way to GOP retreat

A train carrying Republican lawmakers on their way to their retreat at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia has hit a truck, a GOP staffer on Capitol Hill confirmed to the Washington Examiner. One person was killed in the crash, according to the White House.

With the 50,000 lost texts now found, Comey’s fearful tweet has terrified swamp rats running for cover

Comey’s text sounds like 100% fear to me. It is suddenly very quiet on the left, as Barack Hussein, Hitlery, and the other swamp rats head for the hills. Those text messages must be very incriminating.

NFL asked American Vets to place an ad for the Super Bowl, then rejected it when they discovered it promotes respect for the flag

So, the NFL has a problem with AMVETS’ ad because it promotes standing to respect our flag, yet they are fine with millionaire crybabies on their payroll disrespecting our flag by kneeling like ten dollar hookers during the national anthem.

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