Important to know! Survival Fishing: How to Catch Fish When SHTF

Knowing how to fish is among the greatest assets anyone can possess when survival is on the line (pun intended)

In honor of the brave men who charged into the strafing fire of German machine guns and almost certain death on D-Day 76 years ago today

As an American soldier stationed in Europe, I have visited and walked the American cemetery at Normandy which receives approximately one million visitors per year. It is an honor to be in the midst of those heroes who gave that “last full measure of devotion.” May the sacrifice of those heroes and their allies never be forgotten. 

Rush Limbaugh has announced that he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, which has liberals celebrating. Survival rate: less than 10%

Rush Limbaugh, often referred to as the Godfather of the conservative movement, and who I call our generation’s Thomas Paine, has announced that he has Stage 4 lung cancer. When AM radio was dying, Rush brought it back to life with his daily talk radio show and the dozens of competitors he inspired to follow his lead.

Rand Paul urges President Trump to revoke John Bolton’s security clearance. I agree. He is making a fortune screwing America!

I liked John Bolton in the beginning. But he seemed to be given to pouting spells if his advice was not taken, and often his hawkish advice was ill-advised where cooler heads prevailing was a more prudent course of action.

Awesome Super Bowl commercial by Budweiser on American exceptionalism

In its commercial, entitled “Typical Americans,” Budweiser makes the point that “typical” Americans are not typical at all, but rather, exceptional and as uniquely prodigious in the world today as we have ever been.

Breaking! Chinese city of Wuhan, population 11 million, under quarantine due to Coronavirus. Many deaths and new cases reported worldwide

China has quarantined the city of Wuhan, population over 11 million and ground zero of the Coronavirus outbreak. The problem remains that prior to the quarantine, travelers from Wuhan have now arrived at points across the globe, spreading the highly-infectious disease.

Fantastic read from Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel on what is wrong with America – “basic fairness”

This would not be a problem in America if half of the country weren’t mouth-breathing morons, perpetually duped by the liberals who lie to them with impunity and a straight face. You can blame political correctness and our public education system, but the fact is these mouth-breathing morons enjoy the privilege to vote.

Lest we should forget. Kristallnacht- Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began

Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass was an anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany on November 9th-10th, 1938.—it was much more than just a pogrom. Kristallnacht was the day Hitler’s final solution “came out of the closet.”

Sleepy eyes Carl Cameron rushes to MSNBC to tell the world how wonderful Shepard Smith is and how horrible Fox News is. Fox is not amused!

Shepard Smith is a disgrace as a journalist. His “news” program was nothing more than an hour of shameless Trump hatred. There was nothing objective or nonpartisan about Smith’s show. It was a daily Trump-bashing editorial.

If you are a patriot publisher or budding online entrepreneur and are looking for site management and web hosting, look no further. These guys are the best!

We’ve seen Google update their algorithms to remove conservative media sites from search results. We’ve watched Facebook and Twitter decimate pages and profiles for their political views. We’ve seen merchant processors deny service to conservative stores.

So, what has David Hogg been up to lately?

Weird how David Hogg hasn’t been seen for the past few months.

VIDEO: Busted! Watch Ilham Omar’s priceless reaction when cornered by a reporter who asks about her being married to her brother

New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws.

Coming soon to a town near you. Fascistbook agrees to hand over data on hate speech suspects (read: conservatives) to French courts

Facebook will hand over the names of French users who are suspected of using hate speech on its platform to judges in what is believed to be a world first. The decision by the social media giant comes after a number of meetings between the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and President Emmanuel Macron.

Only in Italy! Italian court overturns a rape verdict, arguing that the victim was too ugly to be raped. Not kidding!

Can’t you just hear SNL’s Father Guido Sarducci commenting on this case?”She is a bigga’ girl for a Peruvian Indian. And a ugly too. No way any man would a rape her. She couldn’t a give it away.”

VIDEO: Oregon legislature proposing dropping voting age to 16 because liberals need clueless voters. Why not 6-year olds?

Criminal aliens are voting, dead people are voting, clueless kids are voting, electronic voting machines are being hacked and manipulated, and now, Oregon wants to lead the liberal way in lowering the minimum voting age to 16.

Microsoft joins the leftist crusade to silence patriot publishers

Thus began the Silicon Valley crusade to ‘silence the opposition’ (sound Nazi enough for you?), which began in earnest in January 2017. Via a campaign of algorithmic manipulation, the Big Three (Facebook, Google, and Twitter) incrementally steered traffic away from our sites, ultimately rendering us virtually invisible.

Acting AG Whitaker has all present in stitches when he tells Chairman Nadler that his five minutes to question him are up

Whitaker wasn’t playing and handled the circus like a boss. Despite freshman congressmen and women putting on their best foaming at the mouth performances of the most righteous indignation and being spoken to as though he, himself, were a condemned criminal, Whitaker calmly answered their questions.

School bullying victim Joshua Trump will be at the SOTU address. Heartless liberals took to Twitter to bully the kid in their own sick, hateful way

No one is exempt from the left’s bullying, not even children, not even unborn children. Liberal Democrats are unfeeling demons from hell and those who vote for them nothing more than brainless useful idiots. 

Journalism today: As members of the lying mainstream continue to shrink and disappear, they are being replaced by digital truth brokers like Powdered Wig

Modern journalism is in the midst of a great transmutation, characterized by a visible shift from print and broadcast journalism to digital media, all manner of internet concerns which are dramatically changing the media landscape and the information, especially news, that is available to consumers today.

A massive spill in Tijuana of millions of gallons of raw sewage is flowing into the US, closing miles of beaches around San Diego

In September, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra joined the U.S. cities of Imperial Beach, Chula Vista and the Port of San Diego in suing the Trump administration over sewage spills and other toxic flows coming from Mexico.

VIDEO: Terrifying red laser dot appears on President Trump’s face and chest at Christmas Tree lighting

Some believe that the laser dot is a red-eye reduction feature of a camera in the journalist pool, which makes no sense to me. Others believe the dot is a reflection of the tree lights, which makes even less sense since the dot moves around on President Trump’s body while the tree lights are stationary.

VIDEO: A virtual cornucopia of Thanksgiving myths busted. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!

A few historians insist that turkey was present on the table of America’s first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts in 1621 (although, it wasn’t actually the first Thanksgiving, a busted myth you will find as you read more, below).

VIDEO: Tough one! I can argue either side. Pastor kicks crossdresser out of church for not wearing “man clothes.” What do you think? Take our poll

On one hand, the crossdresser is guilty of violating the unwritten rules of propriety and decorum generally accepted regarding church dress codes. On the other hand, the Christian thing to do would be to accept the crossdresser as he is and welcome him with open arms.

CA fire survivor videos skeletal remains of several neighbors who were burnt alive. One woman he tried to save died because she wouldn’t leave without doing her makeup

He made an effort to save them, but they wouldn’t leave without a female member of the family who refused to go without putting on her makeup first. Her family was burnt alive as a result. “She had to put her makeup on. She died because of it,” explains the distraught survivor.

Michael Avenatti arrested for felony domestic violence!

Cops showed up and escorted Avenatti into a corner of the apartment lobby and spoke with him for 5 to 10 minutes, and then took him into custody,” where he remains Wednesday night, according to reports.

Liberal so-called journalist made up a new phrase if Dems lose the House: ‘House popular vote,’ a bizarre idea right out of the Democrat playbook

As I pointed out to a liberal weenie on Twitter (below) who was supporting Klein’s “House popular vote” insanity, what they are suggesting is that a football team that lost a game by a score of 63-7, then proceeds to argue that they actually won the game because they had more fans in the stadium.

Vegas. Watch UFC fight winner shout out to his homie, Brett Kavanaugh: “Way to go, Special K!” Another: Trump called me, told me to “knock that Russian motherf**ker out!”

Then, Rogan asked him to describe the fight. Lewis replied, “A few hours before the fight, Donald Trump called me and told me I gotta’ knock this Russian motherf**ker out, they make him look bad on the news.”

VIDEO: CNN’s Camerota tries desperately to get Rick Santorum to say Kavanaugh is a drunk. Instead, he calls her constant attack “bullsh!t”

Rick Santorum is a bible-toting, devout Catholic. So, I was a little shocked at his use of a word one typically associates with a foul substance that male cattle excrete through their exhaust ports.

VIDEO: Epic smackdown of White House troll April Ryan by Sarah Sanders who handles the rude, crude race-monger like a boss

Photo, above: Urban Radio Networks White House troll April Ryan, who is not called a troll for her disgusting behavior in the White House Press Room, but because she actually looks like she lives under a bridge and eats children.

Gay farmers go naked to help raise awareness of mental health. I know, sounds perfectly sane to me too

Aussie farmers, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “down under,” reckoned to draw attention to the mental health of Australian farmers by getting naked and prancing around the farm for a day. Well, yeah, that would be a perfect way to show the world that you are stark-raving looney tunes and in need of mental health treatment.