As the drums of war beat loudly across the Middle East, I suggest President Trump allow the Saudis and Israelis to handle this. Just get out of their way!

My greatest fear is retaliation by Iran on Christians and Jews across the Middle East and on civilian targets in Europe and the US, where Iranian-backed terror cells are almost certainly standing by, awaiting orders to strike.

Beauteous! US Ambassador to Germany stopped Iran from withdrawing $400 million in cash from a German bank. Now, return it to the US, where it came from

Extremely well done, Mr. Ambassador. Now, kindly convince Frau Merkel and the bank to return the money to We the People in return for the first cash payment traitor Barack Hussein made to the Islamic nutjobs, which, coincidentally, was very close to that exact same amount.

VIDEO: “This is the month of blood, the mullahs will be overthrown,” shout Iranian protesters across Iran for the Islamic nation’s collapsing economy

“Iran’s people blame the regime and no one else for the economic failure.” In Ahvaz, they are shouting, “Our enemy is right here. They are lying when they say it’s America.”

VIDEO: Watch this soldier who had half of his face blown off by an Iranian IED salute and thank President Trump for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal

Watch this proud, retired combat veteran salute and thank President Trump on national television for pulling the US out of the steaming pile of Barack Hussein we know as the Iran nuclear deal. Deal, my ass!

The Iranian people are boldly rising up as they cheer the US pullout of the nuclear deal with hot new hashtags, #ThankYouTrump and #MakeIranGreatAgain

Unlike the middle finger they received from Barack Hussein, the Iranian people now know that they have a powerful ally in President Trump, and they are cheering loudly. No doubt they are organizing again and this time they WILL crush the mullahs.

Big “FU!” for Iran from the new sheriff in town as President Trump pulls the US out of the one-sided Iran nuclear deal

Keeping another campaign promise, President Trump has pulled the United States out of the steaming pile of Barack Hussein we know as the Iran nuclear deal.

VIDEO: Israeli spies sneak half a ton of docs out if Iran proving the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons. Benjamin Netanyahu presents the proof

Somehow, Israeli spies were able to sneak out of Iran half a ton of documents relating to the Islamic state’s nuclear weapons development program, which it is developing parallel to its inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) development program.

LOL! New Iranian teacher criteria…. NO UGLY WOMEN! No beards, at least 20 teeth, no acne. My question is, in a burka, how do you know?

Iran has instituted a new policy for the hiring of teachers – ugly women need not apply! Not kidding. If you are a female blessed with facial hair, fuhget about it! Likewise, an occasional zit. Moles? Beat it! Less than 20 teeth? NEXT! 

Trump and Netanyahu join forces to isolate Iran and deal with the Iranian nuclear problem

Elated and relieved to finally be rid of anti-Semite Barack Hussein, Netanyahu told President Trump, “I want you to know how much we appreciate the change in American policy on Iran.”

Anyone surprised? Iran is using the billions of dollars Barack Hussein gifted them to build their military’s offensive capability

As if we didn’t know this was coming. Iran is investing the billions of dollars gifted them by Barack Hussein into their military’s offensive capability.

Barack Hussein, using the Iran nuke deal as cover, freed Iranian operatives who were stealing US military secrets and hardware. How is this NOT treason?

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason”

Thirty men arrested at a private party in Iran for homosexuality, subjected to homo test

Imagine living in a country where you don’t much care for your next door neighbor. So, you call the police and tell them you think the guy is gay. The cops come, beat him up and haul him in for a rectal exam….

VIDEO: High-ranking Iranian official is warning that Iran has sleeper cells in the US poised and ready to strike

Shades of Saddam Hussein. This assclown actually believes what he is saying.

Iran is going to give the US “a strong slap in the face,” says Iranian general

Saddam Hussein’s “mother of all battles,” became “the mother of all road kills.” It took the US military four days to totally destroy Saddam’s armed forces.

VIDEO: In response to President Trump’s banning of Iranians to the US, the whacked-out nutjobs running Iran are banning Americans

Darn, just when I was planning a family vacation to Iran. There aren’t many vacation destinations left in this world where your wife and children get to run for their lives.

Iran threatens President Trump. Not smart!

Someone should remind the ayatollahs that they are no longer dealing with Barack Hussein. Their dangerous rhetoric and promises to continue weapons development are beyond stupid.

VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu prodding President Trump already to make a move against Iran

Israel will not stand by while the crackpot Muslim fundamentalists running Iran continue to arm themselves to the teeth, the ultimate goal of which is to destroy Israel.

This is a great idea. Trump should invite this Iranian Ayatollah to his inauguration

Ayatollah Hossein Boroujerdi has been paroled from an Iranian prison, where he has been held since 2006 for not exactly agreeing with the hard line Ayatollahs who are running the government.

BREAKING VIDEO: Iranian vessels threaten US Navy ships again while Barack Hussein approves a massive shipment of uranium to Iran

Of course, we know that Iran’s intentions for the nuclear material are peaceful. We know this to be true because they said so and they would never lie. They also promised to blow Israel off the map.

Iran promises a “prompt response” if the US extends sanctions due to expire 12/31. Not to worry, Ayatollah, Barack Hussein will still be on the throne

Does anyone really believe Barack Hussein is going to sign any bill that will punish the world’s #1 sponsor of terror? If history is a judge, then no, Hussein will not sign any such bill.

Further emboldened, NOT deterred by Obama’s nuke deal, Iran mocks America and again vows to “turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust”

Flush with Obamacash, the Iranian regime is again threatening to destroy Israel and issuing veiled threats to America if it does not leave the Persian Gulf

BREAKING: US Navy patrol boat fired warning shots at a harassing Iranian vessel. Second such Iranian provocation in two days

A US Navy coastal patrol ship in Persian Gulf international waters fired warning shots today at an Iranian vessel that was provoking and harassing it, the second such incident in two days.

VIDEO: Did Barack Hussein flying $400 million cash ransom to Iran piss you off enough? You will scream when you see how much he wired the terrorist regime two days later….

In addition the apocalyptic nutjobs who run Iran are developing an ICBM program. They do not ICBMs to attack Israel. They already have that capability. The ICBMs are for us! As in U.S.

VIDEO: Beyond crazy! Barack Hussein has released $40 billion dollars to Iran, which has vowed to kill us. Hussein added a $1.3 billion interest bonus!

By Thomas Madison This is beyond unbelievable! Iran is the most dangerous terrorist state on the planet. Barack Hussein just released $40 billion in frozen assets to the Islamic republic that vows daily to destroy Israel and the United States. […]

BREAKING: Iran has captured two US Navy vessels, arresting ten sailors and confiscating their GPS equipment

Photo, above: Riverine Command Boat (RCB) 802, assigned to Combined Task Group (CTG) 56.7, conducts patrol operations in the Arabian Gulf in Oct. 2015. Two small riverine vessels of this type were detained on Iran’s Farsi Island. MC2 Torrey W. Lee […]

Barack Hussein has willfully endangered US national security (read: treason), making Iran more threatening and aggressive

By L. Todd Wood, The Washington Times President Obama and his negotiators have willfully harmed the national security of the United States in a naive and reckless bid to improve relations with Iran. The recent nuclear ‘deal’ negotiated with the […]

Awesome! Saudis give Israel use of their airspace to bomb Iran. Coalition now includes Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE.

By Thomas Madison Such hopeful news! Just as predicted months ago by Powdered Wig, Israel has joined a coalition of Arab states to combat the growing Iranian nuclear crisis. This is what has been needed for a long, long time […]

BREAKING! World leader accuses Barack Hussein of treason! Former White House staffer validates the allegation

BREAKING NEWS – WORLD LEADER ACCUSES OBAMA OF TREASON From Dianne Marshall, The Marshall Report The President of Argentina – Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced before the United Nations that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official, Gary […]

Barack Hussein is helping Iran build this bomb to wipe out the US. Why aren’t millions of angry Americans marching on Washington?

By Allan Erickson, Clash Daily “Congress must stop President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. The most important reason — Iran can threaten the existence of the United States by making an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack using a single nuclear weapon.”– […]

Following is the list of 34 senators who pledge to keep the Iran deal alive In congress. Amazingly, 5 of these senators are Jewish!

      By Thomas Madison Following is the list of the 34 U.S. Senators who have pledged to NOT vote to override Barack Hussein’s veto on a Republican plan to kill the Iran Deal. Beyond comprehension is the fact […]