I think Time’s Person of the Year in 2019 should be the American Democrat voter. It is they who have made career parasites like Nancy Pelosi relevant and giddy with self-importance.

Watch the following video of Representative Batshit Crazy lying through her dentures to George Stephanopoulos, who, to his credit, attempted to correct her and call her out for her lying. But, Nancy would hear none of it, insisting that the words fellow California liar Adam Schiffbag recited during his opening statement in the House impeachment inquiry were the president’s “own words,” a complete lie!

There really should be a price to pay for this chronic dishonesty.

The best description I have ever heard of Democrats came from my grandmother, who declared, “one of them lies and the rest of them swear to it!”

And, please, someone tell me what the hell that couch barricading the door in the video is all about. Is George trying to keep Pelosi in or trying to keep the rest of the world out?

H/T Right Wing Tribune