Full disclosure: other than the video below, I have never heard a word Carl Cameron has said. I have seen him many times on Fox News as its Washington correspondent before he quit to help found liberal propaganda organ FrontPage, but I don’t remember anything he ever said.

I recall sleepy eyes Carl standing in front of the Capitol or White House but I could never concentrate on what he was saying. Instead, I was busy guessing exactly how many seconds it would be before his forehead hit the pavement. There should be a Vegas over/under on this.

So, fellow leftist propagandist, MSNBC’s Ari Melber, ever eager to bash Fox News, invited Cameron to pile on his former employer for firing Shepard Smith.

Setting Cameron up perfectly, Melber asked sleepy Carl, “Does it (firing Shep) tilt the network towards being a partisan defender of the government? Because there’s a difference between doing news, doing some discussion of ideas, opinions, and ideology, or being aligned with a government.”

“So one of the things that will be telling in terms of what happens next is that Fox has said that they will have rotating hosts in the slot that was Shepard’s in the weeks or days ahead,” whined Cameron. “It will be interesting to find out whether or not these are journalists who tell the truth or whether these are opinion makers who are essentially coddling the President and his allies.”

Adding to his stupefying delusion, Cameron actually reported and apparently believes, “It is a real sad day for people who watch Fox News and want accurate information because Shep was somebody who you could reliably count on,”

Shepard Smith is a disgrace as a journalist. His “news” program was nothing more than a daily hour of shameless Trump hatred. There was nothing objective or nonpartisan about Smith’s show. It was a daily Trump-bashing editorial.

Fox News was not pleased with Cameron’s propaganda….

UPDATE — 7:59 pm ET: A Fox News spokesperson responded in a statement provided to Mediaite: “Tell that to Jennifer Griffin whose report just went viral this week. Or Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum or Catherine Herridge who have all done outstanding journalism.”

UPDATE — 10/12, 12:17 am ET: In a follow-up statement provided to Mediaite, Fox News said, “Carl Cameron left the network because he was no longer able to show up to work each day – he has a very short memory for our endless compassion, patience and graciousness in dealing with his multitude of personal struggles.”