Among the more stunning revelations I have noted since the election of President Trump and the Deep State’s full-on war to remove him from office is how comfortable high-ranking intelligence officials, complicit in the war against Trump, can lie through their teeth, as though they actually believe that they can convince those to whom they are speaking that a dog is actually a cat, that the sun rises in the west, that there actually is a there there in the completely preposterous notion that there was a quid pro quo ultimatum in President Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Any truly objective reader of the transcript of that conversation will conclude with certainty that President was not threatening to withhold money from Ukraine in return for an investigation into political rival Joe Biden. Zelensky has confirmed this.

However, there remain swamp rats, career parasites, in America’s intelligence community, Trump-haters all,  bent on convincing anyone who will listen that such a quid pro quo did exist. A dog is a cat.

Listen to former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin not only insist that a quid pro quo existed, which both parties to the conversation adamantly deny, as well as any sane person who has read the transcript, but that it took a heroic intelligence officer (note how he corrected it from “intelligence operative”) to tell such a lie, no doubt prodded by Democrats on Capitol Hill.

If you are wondering about McLaughlin’s credibility, consider the company he keeps. He is flanked by fellow career parasites John Brennan and Andrew McCabe, both of whom I believe should be indicted for seditious conspiracy.