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VIDEO: “Cluck You!” protest marks the reopening of Red Hen restaurant

There was also a small number of liberals present who somehow, contrary to the “love and tolerance for everyone” they claim ownership of, told reporters that they not only condoned Red Hen’s anti-American discrimination, but were in full support of it.

NY Democrat politician tells Chucky Schumer that he stands with the Republicans until the Democrats remove their heads from their asses

One clear-minded Democrat sees what is happening and is warning the party leaders that if they don’t cease and desist with the anti-America rhetoric, the party is bound for the landfill of history. Or, as I have been saying for three years, the Democrat Party is dead, they just don’t know it yet.

More inexcusable censorship from Fascistbook, which removed a small-town TX newspaper’s post because of excerpts from the Declaration of Independence

Facebook recently removed a post that featured the text from the Declaration of Independence, either showing that its algorithms are flawed, or its human content moderators find America’s founding document to be too politically incorrect for users.

VIDEO: Loving and tolerant liberal yanks MAGA hat off a teenager’s head and throws a drink in his face. UPDATE: Loving and tolerant liberal has been fired

A San Antonio teen was enjoying a day out with friends, dining at a local fast food restaurant. He was also doing something extremely dangerous these days. He was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, an obvious show of support for President Trump and his agenda.

UK Independent insults Americans on the Fourth of July, igniting a star-spangled Twitterfire

The Independent’s tweet read, “Happy Independence Day, America – how’s that working out for you?” meant as an obvious rhetorical question. They should have been smart enough to anticipate the responses.

Happy Independence Day, fellow Powdered Wig patriots!

President Trump has lost $400 million since inauguration, which he has done freely and without complaint that We the People may be freed from decades of mindless oppression at the hands of thoughtless leaders, both in the White House and Congress.

VIDEO: Rod Rosenstein is a swamp rat and a POS. Watch this arrogant career parasite give Congress the middle finger

As I see it, Rosenstein is exactly the sort of swamp rat that President Trump is trying to remove from Washington. Consider this: Rosenstein is in a very powerful position. Rosenstein is a liar. Like Mueller and McCabe and Comey, he will use his position and authority to hurt his enemies.

DOJ IG report reveals that the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting was planned and coordinated by the Secret Service and FBI

Lynch and Clinton claimed they only discussed grandchildren and golf during their rendezvous, which sounds an awful lot like, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Democrat = professional liar.

LMAO! MSNBC liberal weenie talking head tries to explain a shotgun via Twitter. Much hilarity ensues

MSNBC talking head Andrea Mitchell took to Twitter recently to educate the world on the blast characteristics of shotguns, which is the weapon used in the recent Annapolis massacre, and which she obviously knows nothing about.

VIDEO: “Unhinged mob” of “amoral vultures” (WH Press Corps) screams wildly and disrespectfully at President Trump for not stopping to answer questions

Any violation of this list of three simple rules WILL result in your immediate expulsion from White House grounds for the day. A second violation will result in your expulsion from White House grounds for 30 days. A third violation will result in your permanent expulsion.

AUDIO: Priceless recording of liberal weenies at DNC crying over Justice Kennedy retirement.

That low moan you are hearing outside is a great wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberal weenies from sea to shining sea in response to Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

Wow! No PC here. Check out this super-damning GOP video showing the Democrats for what they are – unhinged maniacs!

How they missed at least a little footage of the Steve Scalise shooting is mystifying, as it proves, without a doubt, that liberal Democrats are willing to employ the most criminal violence – MASS MURDER! to achieve their goals.

Congressman files motion to officially censure Maxine Waters for calling for mob violence against President Trump and his cabinet

Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has filed a measure to officially censure Max Wig (Maxine Waters) for her seditious and inciteful rhetoric that is clearly causing an uprising by extremist liberals against President Trump and his cabinet.

VIDEO: Wow! Iranians are marching in the streets, shouting “Death to Palestine!” They understand the true source of their misery

Thousands of Iranians took to the streets over the past three days in protest to their fundamentalist Islamic leadership, whose moral and financial support for terror groups and hatred for Israel has brought death and destruction throughout the Middle East.

Mexico’s new leftist/socialist president is calling for migrants worldwide to invade the US as it is their right to live here

When Mexican presidential candidates cannot be elected without campaigning in the United States as that is where such a critically important voting bloc of Mexican nationals reside, then We the People know we have a VERY serious illegal immigration problem.

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