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Sending a clear signal to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a joke, judge sentences Papadopoulos to 14 days in jail for lying to the FBI

The most recent development in Mueller’s wild goose chase is George Papadopoulos being sentenced to 14 days for lying to the FBI, the sentencing judge clearly sending the message to Mueller and the left that their witch hunt is a sad joke.

New York Times refuses to identify White House “anonymous source,” a matter of grave national security. So, lock them all up until they do

Every single employee of the New York Fake News Times who knows the identity of the “anonymous source” and is refusing to reveal it is complicit and themselves guilty of seditious conspiracy, in my opinion. Lock them all up!

VIDEO and pics: Three Texas docs see Kavanaugh protesters paid from a bag of cash and instructed to “yell, scream, and even possibly get arrested”

“And, they were actually told, we heard them say this and instruct them, ‘when you go in, we want you to yell, to scream, and even to possibly get arrested.’ So, that was some of the process that we saw happening.”

VIDEO: Democrat senators and paid protesters disrupt Kavanaugh hearing with shameful spectacle, trying to shut it down. It didn’t work

Of course, what they were really after was stalling Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the midterm elections when they could vote down confirmation, given that they retake the Senate majority, a prospect the hopes of which appear dimmer by the day.

VIDEO: Meghan McCain uses dad’s funeral to bash President Trump, joining the leftist elites in turning Songbird McCain’s funeral into a Trump hatefest

No further evidence is needed of the left’s hatred for the long-awaited patriot and conservative who now occupies the White House. Even McCain’s daughter, Meghan, used her father’s funeral as an opportunity to attack the President of the United States.

More love and tolerance from the religion of peace. Muslim militants in Nigeria burn Christian pastor and his family alive and destroy 15 villages

ISIS may be gone, but the religion of peace continues its loving and tolerant ways, butchering Christians across Africa and destroying Christian villages. I have been saying for years that given the radical Islamists’ proclivity for murdering innocent Christians, shouldn’t the cult simply be banned?

This is rich! Barack Hussein is receiving an award for ethics in government. Not kidding! There are people that blind.

The University of Illinois is presenting an ethics in government award to Barack Hussein, which is akin to presenting an award for culinary excellence to Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Over 100 conservative Facebook employees (yeah I know, who knew?) join employee message board to protest the company’s “intolerant” liberal culture

To shamelessly invoke a pair of apropos cliches, the Clinton/Obama onion is being peeled and the worm is turning. We are witness daily to revelations involving the nefarious swamp rats that would have been considered treason or seditious conspiracy in any other time in our nation’s history.

Huge story! Hitlery’s 30,000 missing emails are in Beijing, originally hacked by Chinese intel. How will President Trump get them? I have an idea

Also, the FBI KNEW Hitlery’s server had been hacked by the Chinese, who were receiving every single one of her emails. What did they do about it? NOTHING! They couldn’t spoil Hitlrey’s coronation, you know, the one that was all but guaranteed but never happened.

Roger Stone says that Donald Trump, Jr. will be arrested and charged very soon by Robert Mueller

“The special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump Jr. with lying to the FBI. Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting.”

BREAKING! Rod Rosenstein ordered Trump-appointed US attorney to recuse himself from Cohen case, allowing Democrat holdovers of Trump-hater Preet Bharara to pursue the case

The more we get down the road with the left’s clear mission to jail as many people as necessary until one flips and gives them an impeachable offense to drive President Trump from the White House, the more curious it becomes that President Trump is doing nothing to stop it.

Hilarious video! Gilbert Gottfried pokes fun at the NFL for its stupidity in dealing with the kneeling issue

Brainstorming future distractions from concussions, Gottfried’s character proposes prayer rugs in the endzones for Muslim players who score touchdowns, banking on the public outrage to be so great it will take even more attention away from concussions.

Wait! What? Barack Hussein is still receiving intelligence briefings? Hell, the seditious bastard shouldn’t have a clearance?

And, this guy is receiving classified intel briefings? Really? For what purpose? When he was president, he was routinely criticized for skipping intel briefings. So, now that he is the anti-President, we are helping him continue to screw America by letting him know every classified thing that is going on?

VIDEO: Fox News interview of President Trump. Obvious takeaway – fire Sessions NOW! He has become a national security risk

However, urgency may require Sessions be fired immediately for allowing Mueller and Rosenstein to lead DOJ and the country into the deep, dark abyss from which we are likely to never recover, making Sessions’ continued presence at DOJ a national security risk.

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