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VIDEO: Hot damn! Get an earful of this patriot going full MAGA. You go, Henry!

Warning: If you are politically correct and offended by honest, direct language that may contain a few cuss words, like two out of every three words are cuss words, then you may want to visit YouTube where you can find all the G-rated kumbaya videos you want.

“It’s an incredible sight to see!” Israel goes all gaga for Trump as the US embassy in Jerusalem prepares to open for business

The people of two mortal enemy nations, Israel and Iran, have a mutual love for President Trump and the United States. All that stands in the way of a harmonious relationship between the two nations and across the Middle East is a handful of Islamic zealots who rule Iran with an iron fist.

VIDEO: Watch this soldier who had half of his face blown off by an Iranian IED salute and thank President Trump for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal

Watch this proud, retired combat veteran salute and thank President Trump on national television for pulling the US out of the steaming pile of Barack Hussein we know as the Iran nuclear deal. Deal, my ass!

The Iranian people are boldly rising up as they cheer the US pullout of the nuclear deal with hot new hashtags, #ThankYouTrump and #MakeIranGreatAgain

Unlike the middle finger they received from Barack Hussein, the Iranian people now know that they have a powerful ally in President Trump, and they are cheering loudly. No doubt they are organizing again and this time they WILL crush the mullahs.

Remember liberal weenies insisting that you can’t cut taxes and expect more tax revenue? April was the biggest tax haul month for the federal government EVER!

April was the biggest federal government tax haul in US history with an incredible $218 billion surplus, shocking all economic forecasters and pundits.

This is rich! Stormy Daniels’ attorney cited two wrong Michael Cohens in a bogus dossier accusing Trump’s lawyer of ‘illegal financial transactions’

Did Avenatti know that the Michael Cohen he was accusing of financial wrongdoing was the wrong Michael Cohen but figured that no one would check and he could get away with it? If that’s the case, then Avenatti is extremely stupid and should be disbarred, prosecuted, and sued.

In light of “new leads” (more evidence) into Hillary’s email investigation, DOJ IG has postponed his scheduled testimony before Congress

DOJ IG Michael Horowitz’s testimony before Congress that was scheduled for May 8 has been postponed in light of “new leads” discovered in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, according to a letter from Inspector General Horowitz to the House Oversight Committee.

Big “FU!” for Iran from the new sheriff in town as President Trump pulls the US out of the one-sided Iran nuclear deal

Keeping another campaign promise, President Trump has pulled the United States out of the steaming pile of Barack Hussein we know as the Iran nuclear deal.

VIDEO: The FBI lost five weeks of the chain of custody of Hitlery’s server. But, nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Liberal weenies must really suck at erasing emails. A pimply-faced teenager in his parent’s basement could have erased those emails in an hour.

About time! Devin Nunes will be pushing Congress this week to hold Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress

When our children study the history of the US Department of Justice, Jeff Sessions will be remembered as a contrary, contemptuous, AWOL Attorney General who helped (co-conspired with?) his Trump-hating underlings in their attempt to destroy and depose the President of the United States.

The blue wave that has been forecast in November has turned into a red wave as the GOP is favored to pick up as many as 9 Senate seats from incumbent Dems

Now it looks as though the big “blue wave” has turned into the big “red wave,” at least as far as the Senate is concerned, where Republicans are now expected to pick up as many as nine Senate seats, knocking off incumbent Democrat senators in as many as nine states. 

One last kick in the groin before he leaves this earth. John McCain has invited VP Pence to his funeral but made it clear that President Trump is not invited

Like a persistent people that simply will not go away, vindictive Trump-hater John McCain intends to create as much misery as possible even after he is dead and gone.

Federal judge: ‘C’mon man!’ as he berated Mueller and accused him of ‘lying’ in an effort to destroy and depose President Trump

Judge TS Ellis, III was not happy with Mueller’s charges and he saw right through them, berating the special prosecutor for using Manafort to get to President Trump. This judge is not at all fooled into believing that the charges against Manafort are legitimate and sees clearly what is going on.

A metamorphosis of the American black community is underway and with it the beginning of a great healing, thanks to black leaders like Kanye West

Blacks have been taught (by liberal Democrats) that Republicans are racists, that The Democrat Party is their benevolent and compassionate champion, despite the well-hidden racist history of the Democrat Party.

The Kanye Effect! According to a Reuters poll, black male approval for President Trump doubled in the first week since Kanye’s endorsement

There was no question that Kanye West’s endorsement of President Trump was going to change a lot of hearts and minds in the black community. In the first seven days since Kanye’s coming out party, support for President Trump among black males has doubled. And it is just starting! 

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