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ABC has chosen a side in the US/Iran crisis, and it is not the US!

Sounding more like she was describing the funeral procession of JFK than a terrorist with the blood of countless Americans on his hands, ABC’s Martha Raddatz gushed over Iran’s General Soleimani, who she described as “revered” by the Iranian people, whose “mourning” she reported as “powerful” and “profound.”

Iranians and Iraqis dance in the streets and bake cakes thanking President Trump for killing terrorist thug Soleimani

Despite their government’s condemnations and threats over the killing of Soleimani, everyday Iranians are dancing in the streets and calling for a three-day celebration to honor President Trump for ridding their country, the region, and the world of a murderous thug and longtime enemy of world peace.

The New York Fake News Times is calling the terrorists who attacked our embassy in Iraq, vowing to kill everyone inside, “mourners.” Not kidding!

If you need a good birdcage liner, I recommend The New York Fake News Times, as it hasn’t much use for anything else, especially objective news reporting. 

The leader of the terrorist group that attacked the US Embassy in Iraq, vowing to kill everyone inside, was a guest of Barack Hussein at the White House

The mainstream media refers to the terrorists as merely “protesters” or “mourners,” grieving the deaths of 25 terrorists from Kataeb Hezbollah who were killed in a US airstrike in retaliation for a December 27 rocket attack that killed an American contractor.

Welcome to the ‘Decade of Defiance!’ VA Dems determined to grab guns. 86 defiant counties say ‘NO!’ declaring themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries

This does not appear to be just idle chest thumping. With 86 counties resolving themselves to be “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” that will not enforce any new gun control laws adopted by the new Democrat majority in Richmond, anti-gun Gov. Ralph Northam is facing an insurrection, and it could have teeth.

Michael Mooron declares that white guys “are not good people… you should be afraid!” I wonder if he has looked in a mirror lately

Moore declared that “2/3 of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street towards you, two of them voted for Trump….these are not good people that are walking towards you. You should be afraid.” Someone, please buy Michael Moore a mirror!

Liberal murders his wife and dog to make the point that the public should not own guns. The point he actually made is liberals should not own guns!

So, an unhinged liberal gets his hands on a gun and decides to make a point. He murders his wife, his dog, and his cat to make the point that guns should not be in the hands of the general public. The point he actually made is guns should not be in the hands of liberals.

In light of recent threats from Iran, we are more vulnerable to EMP attack than ever. And we remain unprotected. Sign our petition to demand action NOW!

Within a year after grid failure, the EMP Commission tells us that 9 out of 10 Americans will succumb to dehydration, starvation, gang and other violence, murder, suicide, breakdown of society and diseases.” 

Confession time! James Comey: “I was wrong.” He is now trying to appear to be an innocent bystander, blaming FBI “procedures”

No, Mr. Comey, you were not “wrong.” You were, at best, criminally negligent, incompetent. However, evidence thus far indicates that your participation in the conspiracy is far more damning. By all appearances, you are guilty of criminal conspiracy, and should be judged the same way any other American would be judged.

Impeachment backlash! Dem congresswoman excoriated by constituents at town hall over Trump impeachment: “Incredible bullsh!t!” “Crap!” “It’s all lies!”

“The allegations against the president are incredibly, incredibly serious,” instructed Spanberger, which inspired one constituent to exclaim loudly, “Incredible bullshit! It’s crap,” adding, “It’s a lie, it’s all lies!”

Nancy Pelosi snaps at a reporter who asks a question

Link to the video…. Nancy Pelosi snaps at reporter who asks a question

Going on the offensive against the lying left, Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Charlie Kirk have opened the Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty at Liberty University

Two stalwarts in the Christian youth movement, Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Charlie Kirk, have established a new conservative think tank, the Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty, at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Jeffrey Epstein’s banker found dead, another “alleged” suicide by hanging. I wonder if he was also found on his knees with a loose rope around his neck

Not only do misfortunate souls associated with the Clintons suffer extremely short life spans, but people associated with people associated with the Clintons also seem to find their way prematurely to their great reward.

Election tampering scandal by Democrats blows wide open as audio surfaces of Ukrainian anti-corruption chief admitting he helped Hillary in 2016

So, to summarize, Sytnyk, the Director of Ukraine’s Anti-corruption Bureau, is admitting on tape that he tampered with the US 2016 presidential election, working for or with Hillary Clinton to manipulate the election in Hillary’s favor. Sytnyk was convicted in Ukraine’s highest court. And our own media is not giving it a second of airtime.

Creepy Uncle Joe describes letting children play with his leg hair. “I love kids jumping on my lap!”

“I got a lot of — I got hairy legs that turn … blonde in the sun,” Biden said. “And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They’d look at it.”

Sworn deposition by a Qatari insider confirms that Ilhan Omar is a Qatari asset who gave US military secrets to Iran. He also describes her as “a sex maniac”

When he asked a high-ranking Qatari official how such a devout Muslim as Ilhan Omar could be bribed, the official indicated (Page 77) that Omar is not a devout Muslim: “Don’t be fooled by her headscarf. She’s a sex maniac, and she is very weak when it comes to money and sex. And we got both.”

Student activists at Notre Dame are demanding the removal of white authors from the curriculum to “decolonize” the university

Translation: To hell with the quality of our curriculum and its required readings. It is the race, gender, and sexual orientation of the authors that matter.

Creepy Uncle Joe was broke two years ago. Now he is worth $15 million. Where did it come from? Isn’t it obvious? Investigate THIS, Congress!

Creepy Uncle Joe has amassed over $15 million in less than two years, far more than can be explained from his speaking engagements, vice-presidential pension, and other reported income. So, where did the money come from? One would have to be incredibly naive….

Fantastic read from Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel on what is wrong with America – “basic fairness”

This would not be a problem in America if half of the country weren’t mouth-breathing morons, perpetually duped by the liberals who lie to them with impunity and a straight face. You can blame political correctness and our public education system, but the fact is these mouth-breathing morons enjoy the privilege to vote.

President Trump WANTS a Senate impeachment trial so that he can force the testimony of Adam “Steaming Pile of” Schiff, Hunter Biden, and the whistleblower

In my Thanksgiving prayer, I offer a special thank you to the Democrat Party for destroying themselves. And the real fun is just beginning.

Nurses admit that babies who survive abortion are routinely murdered because their mothers “don’t want them”

America is a sick country in many ways, but there is nothing more sickening than the murder of the most innocent and defenseless amongst us. And, almost always for the sake of convenience.

Stag Arms of CT has had enough! Fourth US gun maker in recent years to flee its liberal home and move to gun-friendly Wyoming

Connecticut gun manufacturer Stag Arms is fleeing its liberal home and moving to Second Amendment-friendly Wyoming, joining gun makers Weatherby, Magpul, and Hi-Viz, which have all left liberal states for conservative, gun-friendly, business-friendly Wyoming.

Media is covering up another Barack Hussein scandal involving Iran from before he was even president

Obama gifted America’s greatest enemy with billions of dollars, over one billion dollars in cash, palletized and flown to Tehran, before he left office, many more billions paid to them later. Clearly, the act of gifting Iran billions of dollars constitutes giving comfort and aid to our enemy, the classic definition of treason.

THIS is what impeachment is all about! Ukraine MPs demand US join Ukraine to investigate $7 billion money-laundering scheme involving Obama-era Democrats

How ironic is it that President Trump is facing impeachment for asking Ukraine to investigate the very corruption the Ukrainians are now demanding Trump to investigate?

BREAKING! Britain’s Prince Andrew steps down from his royal duties due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Sounds like someone has the goods on the prince

The plot thickens in the Epstein case! Prince Andrew just resigned from his royal “public duties” due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Would the prince be stepping down if someone, somewhere didn’t have the goods on him? Not a chance! 

“Christmas ornaments, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein: name three things that don’t hang themselves.” Senator demands Epstein investigation

Thus far, the Epstein case stinks to high Heaven and makes the United States look no better than the most corrupt banana republic. Just remember, if this can happen to a high-profile billionaire, it would be very easy for it to happen to you or me. 

VIDEO: Congressman Eric Swalwell cut a huge fart on national TV last night. Here is audio and video

Keeping a somewhat straight face, Swalwell cut the cheese, butt-belched, passed gas, delivered a rectal honk, a trouser cough, a sphincter whistle, singed his drawers, and cemented his legacy forever as Washington’s most famous farter. And, Twitter went bananas!

Meet America’s newest political pundit: Joe Biden “should be beaten to death with a stick!” The “time has come for him to depart his life.”

Misspelling the former vice-president’s name, KCNA proclaimed, “It was the last-ditch efforts of the rabid dog expediting his death. Rabid dogs like Baiden (sic) can hurt lots of people if they are allowed to run about. They must be beaten to death with a stick, before it is too late.”

Dems flood the web with pic of GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik giving the finger at Yovanovitch hearing. One problem – like everything Democrat, it is a lie!

Another day, another Democrat lie. It’s what they do. It’s the only thing they do. They can’t help themselves, they are born to lie. They would much rather lie than tell the truth when the truth would do just a well.

If you think Democrat election fraud was bad in the past, hang onto your swinging chad! Experts say it is “too late” to prevent massive fraud in 2020. I say they’re wrong!

The experts say it is too late for 2020. I don’t think so, but it would take emergency action to get legislation in place and make the following changes, which I have been advocating for several years. Just do it, Congress. Following are my proposed changes to our election system, which WILL fix the problem….