“If the Democrats could fight wars as well as they execute Election Fraud, we would have obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World, and would have nothing to worry about!” ~ Donald J. Trump

Touché! .@POTUS45: "If the Democrats could fight wars as well as they execute Election Fraud, we would have obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World, and would have nothing to worry about!" pic.twitter.com/GpMO46zrNQ — Natalie Harp (@NatalieJHarp) August […]

Is populism dead? Are We the People now forever under the thumb of unbridled global tyranny? Madame Defarge chimes in

I haven’t written for Powdered Wig since October 2020. This once profitable site has now been destroyed by Big Tech, especially Fascistbook, Twitter, and Google. So, at 66 years old, I find myself making a living in the construction field […]

Welcome to 1984. Somewhere, George Orwell is crying himself to sleep

There is now a department in Scotland Yard that is dedicated to enforcing hate speech law on telephones. They can and have come to citizens’ homes to arrest them for hate speech. They do not have enough manpower to keep a Muslim from knifing you on the street in London, but they can keep you from commenting about Muslim primitives on Facebook from your home.

Important to know! Survival Fishing: How to Catch Fish When SHTF

Knowing how to fish is among the greatest assets anyone can possess when survival is on the line (pun intended)

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Latino voters on Telemundo give President Trump the debate win 66% to 34%

Suddenly, the Democratic Party is all about stopping illegal immigration.

Hilarious video! Flaming liberal loses her marbles over RBG’s death

She tried. Ruth Bader Ginsburg just couldn’t hang on until 2021. May God bless her with all the riches of Heaven for departing this world in time for Donald Trump to appoint yet another Constitution-loving patriot to the Supreme Court. […]

How the left dumbed down our kids and taught them that capitalism is evil and socialism is paradise

Academia has returned to an era of religious control. Instead of Christianity, the new religion is of course socialism. No deviation from scripture was permitted for a thousand years. We are now in the early stages of this process but censorship and retribution are already center stage.

In honor of the brave men who charged into the strafing fire of German machine guns and almost certain death on D-Day 76 years ago today

As an American soldier stationed in Europe, I have visited and walked the American cemetery at Normandy which receives approximately one million visitors per year. It is an honor to be in the midst of those heroes who gave that “last full measure of devotion.” May the sacrifice of those heroes and their allies never be forgotten. 

For all of you guilt-ridden white folks apologizing for the death of George Floyd, get up off of your knees and listen to this guy!

While the mainstream media and liberal race-baiters perpetuate the racist narrative and gullible white Americans gobble their slop and get on their knees to beg forgiveness, there are a few whose clarity of vision and message of unity are noteworthy and should be broadcast loud and clear across America, like David J. Harris in the video below.

BOOM! “Stunning!” Trumponomics kicks COVID to the curb, adding 2.5 million jobs in May! Dow Jones skyrockets over 900 points in 4 hours

Try as they may, the leftists and their official communications division, aka the mainstream media, cannot kill the Trump economy! Not COVID, not riots, not anything the left has engineered has succeeding in derailing the runaway freight train that is Trumponomics!

Hilarious! CNN’s Don Le Moron vents: “Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes! We are teetering on a dictatorship!”

“For this very moment that just happened right before our eyes, why were we pretending otherwise? Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We are teetering on a dictatorship!”

A history lesson from Madame Defarge on Memorial Day and how it relates to the Deep State’s impact today

They wish to use this schism to destroy us completely. This divide is now quite apparent. Whether it is bridgeable can’t be foreseen but having a young man with a badge informing me that I cannot have a haircut is not a good sign for our future harmony.

VIDEO: As we honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, President Reagan reminds us of their sacrifice in this, his most powerful speech

Every soldier, sailor, Marine, and airman, when they raise their right hand and swear their oath of service, understand that they are writing a blank check, made payable to the people of the United States, for up to and including their very lives. Having sworn that oath, I can attest that it is not taken lightly.

Wow! Whooda’ thunk? Amy Klobuchar admits Hydroxychloroquine saved her husband’s life

Amy Klobuchar’s husband became severely ill with the Chinese virus, now being referred to as Kung Flu because, you know, saying “Chinese virus” is illegal. Mr. Klobuchar was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and a high fever. After five days, Klobuchar left the hospital completely cured, the perfect picture of health.

Dallas doc is treating her patients with hydroxychloroquine with a 100% cure rate, but has to lie to pharmacists to prescribe it

Dr. Lozano is blowing the whistle on the corruption, the misinformation being broadcast by the mainstream media, and the medical establishment’s obstruction in recommending against the use of the one known cure for COVID patients – chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. 

President of Tanzania punks WHO, sending samples from fruit, goats, sheep, even motor oil for COVID testing. Nearly half come back positive!

Punking the WHO-approved COVID testing, Magufuli sent several samples to the lab for coronavirus testing. While labeling the samples with human names, ages, and genders, the samples actually came from a variety of plants and animals. One was even a motor oil sample from a car.

Hilarious! Gangsta attempts armed robbery of a cell phone store as the clerk walks out and locks him in until police arrive

You know you are having a bad day when you attempt the armed robbery of a retail establishment and while you are searching for valuables the store clerk simply walks out the front door and locks you in until police arrive.

Common sense commentary regarding the coronavirus hysteria being stoked by the left and their useful idiots in the mainstream media

A drug that has been in use for 70 years has been found to be both cheap and effective. Our CDC administration has declared that a study must be completed on its efficacy. This has shown another light on the agency’s incompetence.

As Russia and the Saudis drive US domestic oil producers into bankruptcy, someone please tell me why we can’t establish our own oil market and price

So, why is it not possible for President Trump, with the stroke of a pen (or several pens, as custom dictates), to declare that effective immediately, the United States is withdrawing from the international oil market and establishing its own market? Why can’t we do that? Someone, please tell me!

“Game changer! This is the beginning of the end of the pandemic.” Infectious disease expert says a drug combo has been found that cures COVID-19

The combination, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, has proven effective in treating COVID-19 patients with a 100% success rate thus far.

Can you really save American lives by destroying the American economy? No! More lives will be destroyed. Let’s get back to work

Make no mistake, America will survive the Coronavirus, but we cannot expect freedom to prosper or persevere if we destroy the conditions upon which it has thrived for over 200 years.

Coronavirus has inspired some of the most hilarious videos and memes. Check out our collection

We have collected and/or created a few of our own memes and videos to provide a bit of amusement until things return to normal and the Democrats and their repulsive mainstream media lapdogs can move on to more noble pursuits like perhaps starting a war which they can blame on President Trump.

US watchdog group is suing China for $20 trillion for creating “an illegal biological weapon” (COVID-19) in an “outlawed bioweapons facility”

While the grounds for the claim have yet to be revealed, I suspect that it may be more than a coincidence that Ground Zero for coronavirus, Wuhan, is also the home of China’s center for biological warfare. Perhaps the watchdog group, Freedom Watch, and its founder, Larry Klayman, know something that we don’t.

VIDEO: Citizen f-bombs a TV crew at 6AM for ginning up public fear over coronavirus. The crew was too stupid to get his point

What passes for today’s mainstream media is little more than a collection of morons who do little research about that which they are reporting and is dominated by liberal know-nothings who are the products of America’s leftist journalism schools where they were taught by entitled “progressive” professors who have never had a real job. 

NBA suspends 2019-20 season ‘until further notice’ after player tests positive for coronavirus. He also spread his germs all over a press conference (video)

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert has tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the NBA to suspend the season “until further notice,” pending further review of the dangerous situation. Gobert also spread his germs at a press conference (video, below).

Rumors are swirling that President Trump will drop Pence in favor of Nikki Haley as his 2020 VP running mate

With the collection of losers representing the Democratic Party in their embarrassing presidential primary, I don’t think President Trump has a thing to worry about no matter who his running mate is. He could choose Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as his running mate and still carry 45 states.

Viral video shows a man with a Trump flag being “tackled” to the ground by a security officer on a VA college campus

The home state of the authors of both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution looks more today like 1939 Germany than the cradle of the greatest democracy and allegedly the freest society to ever exist where today dissenting opinion has no place and free speech guaranteed by our First Amendment is a joke.

“We will take America without firing a shot.” Could Nikita Khrushchev have seen Bernie Sanders in America’s future?

The polar opposite of JFK, America’s young tall, handsome, rich president, Khrushchev was an old, bald, short (5′ 3″) leader of a country that had been driven into poverty by the Marxist policies of Lenin and Stalin. Yet, he clung to the communist model, insisting that it would prevail.

Hilarious video. Feel the Bern! Trump fan photo bombs Bernie speech, plus a bonus video, the funniest of all time

Poor Bernie. The hapless communist can’t catch a break! The following video is making the rounds across the web, showing Bernie entertaining a crowd of numbskulls, mesmerized by the Bern’s “everything free, every day” political schtick for the mentally impaired. 

Completely out of touch with reality, Pelosi tries to convince CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that President Trump was not acquitted. Not kidding!

Poor Nancy Pelosi. Her body is with us, but her vodka-soaked brain is in another dimension where reality is what she imagines it to be. Either that, or she is one very good liar. God knows, she has had plenty of time to practice, having been on Capitol Hill since the Lincoln administration.