Welcome to 1984. Somewhere, George Orwell is crying himself to sleep

There is now a department in Scotland Yard that is dedicated to enforcing hate speech law on telephones. They can and have come to citizens’ homes to arrest them for hate speech. They do not have enough manpower to keep a Muslim from knifing you on the street in London, but they can keep you from commenting about Muslim primitives on Facebook from your home.

Important to know! Survival Fishing: How to Catch Fish When SHTF

Knowing how to fish is among the greatest assets anyone can possess when survival is on the line (pun intended)

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Latino voters on Telemundo give President Trump the debate win 66% to 34%

Suddenly, the Democratic Party is all about stopping illegal immigration.

Hilarious video! Flaming liberal loses her marbles over RBG’s death

She tried. Ruth Bader Ginsburg just couldn’t hang on until 2021. May God bless her with all the riches of Heaven for departing this world in time for Donald Trump to appoint yet another Constitution-loving patriot to the Supreme Court. […]

Malik Obama is a devoted Trump supporter, despises kid brother Barack, and just wrote a book slamming the illegitimate ex-president

With the help of the complicit mainstream media, no matter the mountains of evidence and even proof, Barack Hussein has dodged prosecution, investigation, even the least bit of attention for the many acts he has committed that would be considered criminal if committed by anyone else.

The useless COVID face mask is not about health, it is about forcing a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death.” ~ Donald Trump

And, when the enforcers come for you for your non-compliance, you will be told the same thing the Jews were told as they were stuffed into the ovens – “just doing my job, sir (or ma’am).”

How the left dumbed down our kids and taught them that capitalism is evil and socialism is paradise

Academia has returned to an era of religious control. Instead of Christianity, the new religion is of course socialism. No deviation from scripture was permitted for a thousand years. We are now in the early stages of this process but censorship and retribution are already center stage.

Is the “second wave” of coronavirus just another hoax? Of course it is!

The Democrat pimps and their Marxist media whores are now on the hunt for a new hysteria with which to destroy America and its economy. To hell with the suffering people from sea to shining sea, the Democrats have an election to win. 

Nearly one million have signed up to attend the Tulsa Trump Rally on Saturday Night. Ads are being run for actors to disrupt the event

There are ads for leftist “actors” to show up in Tulsa, obviously to create as much chaos as they can to disrupt the rally. I suggest the authorities question the posters of these ads and seize their bank records to determine the source of the funding. The insanity must stop!

Shocking video from a nurse at NYC’s Elmhurst hospital claiming that patients are being intentionally killed for the COVID bonus money

Erin Marie Olszewski is a nurse who worked at what is being called the “epicenter of the epicenter” of the COVID crisis, New York City’s Elmhurst Hospital. Erin’s report of what is happening at Elmhurst regarding COVID is shocking, to say the least.

Hilarious cartoon video parody: Black cop shoots himself in the groin. CNN rushes in, accusing the cop of shooting an innocent black man. It gets funnier!

Writhing on the ground in pain, the officer is vocally fearful that he has disabled his favorite appendage, but grateful that no one was around to witness his embarrassing faux pas, although the glass company’s security cameras caught it all on high-def video.

In honor of the brave men who charged into the strafing fire of German machine guns and almost certain death on D-Day 76 years ago today

As an American soldier stationed in Europe, I have visited and walked the American cemetery at Normandy which receives approximately one million visitors per year. It is an honor to be in the midst of those heroes who gave that “last full measure of devotion.” May the sacrifice of those heroes and their allies never be forgotten. 

Widely-cited study declaring Hydroxychloroquine dangerous was based upon bogus data. Hundreds of thousands have died as a result

Is there a punishment too harsh for the liars who originated this bogus study and the parasites in the world’s foremost health organizations who accepted it as gospel without vetting its source? I don’t think so. 

Massachusetts AG supports America burning to the ground: “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.” And that’s how countries and cultures die!

“Maura Healey’s inflammatory rhetoric is part of the problem, not a solution. An AG is elected to uphold the rule of law and protect life and property, not to violate their oath and incite additional violence by inflaming emotions and condoning lawlessness.”

For all of you guilt-ridden white folks apologizing for the death of George Floyd, get up off of your knees and listen to this guy!

While the mainstream media and liberal race-baiters perpetuate the racist narrative and gullible white Americans gobble their slop and get on their knees to beg forgiveness, there are a few whose clarity of vision and message of unity are noteworthy and should be broadcast loud and clear across America, like David J. Harris in the video below.

BOOM! “Stunning!” Trumponomics kicks COVID to the curb, adding 2.5 million jobs in May! Dow Jones skyrockets over 900 points in 4 hours

Try as they may, the leftists and their official communications division, aka the mainstream media, cannot kill the Trump economy! Not COVID, not riots, not anything the left has engineered has succeeding in derailing the runaway freight train that is Trumponomics!

Say what!? Creepy Uncle Joe calls for national unity by claiming that 10% to 15% of Americans “are not very good people.” Not kidding!

Joe Biden claimed that 10-15% of Americans are not very good people.  Yikes! There are approximately 330 million people in the U.S., which means dementia Joe believes that between 33 and 49.5 million of those Americans are not very good people.

Hilarious! CNN’s Don Le Moron vents: “Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes! We are teetering on a dictatorship!”

“For this very moment that just happened right before our eyes, why were we pretending otherwise? Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We are teetering on a dictatorship!”

Project Veritas infiltrates Antifa and confirms that it is a terrorist organization. All members should be arrested for sedition and tried as enemy combatants

As terrorists, they should be declared enemy combatants and tried as such by military tribunal. They should also be waterboarded (uh…. I mean subjected to enhanced interrogation) for maximum intelligence gathering and the homes and offices of their leaders raided to confirm the identity of their funding source(s).

Too funny! Antifa snowflake gets a band-aid worthy boo boo and screams bloody murder while his clueless comrades play doctor to try to save his life

He has a crowd around him holding his hands and talking him through the medical attention he’s receiving. He yells and cries when a tourniquet is applied to stop the bleeding. Through his tears he says that he doesn’t want to lose his leg.

An unfriendly warning to Antifa should they follow through on their threat to move their terror campaign to the burbs

Terrorist attacks in the suburbs will not go so smoothly for Antifa. Many suburbanites are armed, know how to use their rifles, handguns, and shotguns, and I don’t expect them to hesitate for a milisecond to defend their families, homes, and property.

Madame Defarge on the new globalist “Reformation” and the man leading the charge to crush it!

The religious banner was used to rally the peasants to the armies. The same methods are used today, but in addition, Mr. Soros and his friends generously provide cash for their rioters. They are paid to destroy the city and any proceeds from their looting is regarded as a bonus for their hard work.

Minneapolis police: Nearly ALL of those arrested are from out of state. Soros’ and Antifa’s fingerprints are all over this!

Big surprise! The protestors burning Minneapolis to the ground are not from Minneapolis. In fact, they are not even from Minnesota. Paid agitators? I believe the odds are 10 to 1. Somewhere, George Soros is smiling.

California: Massive unconstitutional gun confiscation and army of 20,000 “coronavirus detectives” to track and isolate ‘suspects’

Governor Newsome is fielding an army of 20,000 coronavirus “tracers” to hunt down, test, and isolate anyone suspected of ever having been infected by the Chinese virus. That means just about anyone the tracers feel like suspecting!

Barack Hussein, “Master of the Cesspool.” It is time to indict for treason and sedition. There is ample evidence!

Has there been any other president in American history who would have gotten away with giving the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror $150 billion to kill even more innocent people, including Americans? No! That was a treasonous act, by definition.

A history lesson from Madame Defarge on Memorial Day and how it relates to the Deep State’s impact today

They wish to use this schism to destroy us completely. This divide is now quite apparent. Whether it is bridgeable can’t be foreseen but having a young man with a badge informing me that I cannot have a haircut is not a good sign for our future harmony.

VIDEO: As we honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, President Reagan reminds us of their sacrifice in this, his most powerful speech

Every soldier, sailor, Marine, and airman, when they raise their right hand and swear their oath of service, understand that they are writing a blank check, made payable to the people of the United States, for up to and including their very lives. Having sworn that oath, I can attest that it is not taken lightly.

JOE BIDEN FOR PRISON! Declassified Susan Rice email proves creepy Joe aided in plotting against Flynn. Biden should serve serious time for this!

Allowing the criminals to remain free will only further embolden them to try that much harder next time to destroy a political opponent regardless of how many innocent lives are destroyed in the process.

Wow! Whooda’ thunk? Amy Klobuchar admits Hydroxychloroquine saved her husband’s life

Amy Klobuchar’s husband became severely ill with the Chinese virus, now being referred to as Kung Flu because, you know, saying “Chinese virus” is illegal. Mr. Klobuchar was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and a high fever. After five days, Klobuchar left the hospital completely cured, the perfect picture of health.

UN agrees to give pro-life country badly needed COVID relief money only if they legalize abortion

The UN replied that it would be happy to assist the Ecuadorian people in this terrible time of need…. on one condition, that Ecuador legalizes the butchering of the most innocent among them, their unborn children.

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