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CONFIRMED! Fascistbook is punishing conservative sites like Powdered Wig, drastically driving our traffic down while liberal sites enjoy increased traffic

Fascistbook is a collection of thoughtless pissant tyrants because they want to be and believe that there is nothing you can do about it. They know that what they are doing is unethical and immoral, but that doesn’t matter. They believe it is permissible by law. Hitler had laws like that.

President Trump among conservatives being punished by facebook, his engagement declining 45% since latest algorithm tweak

Facebook has altered its algorithms regularly over the past few years to cut conservative traffic. They have hired liberal content police like Soros-connected Snopes to weed out what they consider “fake news” (translation: conservative commentary).

I’ve had enough of the censorship and liberal bias of facebook, Google, and Twitter! And I’m not alone!

Google and Twitter join facebook (the Axis of Evil, as W might call them) in their crusade against conservative thought.

“FAKE NEWS!” The new Democrat war on the right-leaning blogosphere and Zuckerberg’s effort to shut it down. Guess who he is trusting to identify fake news? Unbelievable!

Welcome to Powdered Wig Society, your trusted source for fake news, aka news liberals don’t want you to hear. There is clearly a new war underway coming from the left against what they are calling “fake news,” which is news […]

Since you are not smart enough to determine what is fake news on your own, Mark Zuckerberg is going to do it for you. Here is his plan to censor the alt. media

Since you are not smart enough to determine what is fake news on your own, Mark Zuckerberg is going to do it for you. You can thank him later.

Fascistbook sucks!

I have had about all I can take of fascistbook! They have blocked me for about the 50th time. They cannot be contacted. They do not respond to emails. Fascistbook sucks!

Fascistbook co-founder is giving Hitlery $20 million to defeat Trump, proving you can be a complete moron and also a billionaire

This should prove once and for all that you don’t have to be smart to be a billionaire. In fact, you can be a certified moron. Case in point, Dustin Moskovitz, billionaire co-founder of facebook, is donating a cool $20 […]

WTF?! Fascistbook has deleted 1,900 facebook pages with content that may be considered offensive to Islam

By Thomas Madison The continued blocking and censorship by fascistbook has become unbearable. Now they are deleting entire pages when content is found that they judge to be offensive to Islam. You can still insult Christians all you want. Just […]

PLEEEEEEEASE! Someone develop a competitor to facebook. It sucks…..BAAAAAAAD!

By Thomas Madison How timely it was that I ran across the following article, considering my own chronic problems with the Nazis at fascistbook. The most recent episode occurred just hours ago. I, Thomas Madison, am a blogger. Thomas Madison […]

Fascistbook attacks the First Amendment, removes account of “Draw the Prophet” winner. Is fascistbook pro-Islam, PC, or just skeered?

By Thomas Madison I’m not sure what is going on here, whether Bosch’s facebook account was removed by facebook, then restored under public pressure, or this is some sort of error. I found two accounts for Bosch Fawstin, both active. […]

The face of hypocrisy. Zuckerberg and facebook begin formal policy of censoring criticism of Islam. So long, First Amendment. It was nice.

From Top Conservative News Far-left Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg vowed to support free speech on January 9th and then banned criticism of Islam two weeks later. For years Facebook has censored criticism of Islam. However, now they are making it […]

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