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Fascistbook has banned Powdered Wig Society and Thomas Madison, as well as hundreds of other conservative publishers

With the regular admonition always comes some form of punishment from outright suspension of an account to restrictions that typically involve not being permitted to post to our own pages or groups, a purgatory-like state we repeat offenders (Siliconspeak for “conservatives”) refer to as “Facebook jail.” 

Over 100 conservative Facebook employees (yeah I know, who knew?) join employee message board to protest the company’s “intolerant” liberal culture

To shamelessly invoke a pair of apropos cliches, the Clinton/Obama onion is being peeled and the worm is turning. We are witness daily to revelations involving the nefarious swamp rats that would have been considered treason or seditious conspiracy in any other time in our nation’s history.

Karma! Fascistbook stock plunges 24% after restricting traffic from conservative sites. Shareholders move to fire Herr Suckitberg

Karma appeared on Wall Street late Wednesday as Facebook stock plunged 24%, a loss of $125 billion, on the heels of reports of the social media giant restricting conservative traffic by an astounding 93%.

More inexcusable censorship from Fascistbook, which removed a small-town TX newspaper’s post because of excerpts from the Declaration of Independence

Facebook recently removed a post that featured the text from the Declaration of Independence, either showing that its algorithms are flawed, or its human content moderators find America’s founding document to be too politically incorrect for users.

Christian pastor receives death threats on facebook. Facebook does nothing about it because it is OK in Zuckerville to hate and threaten Christians

What matters is Fascistbook’s agenda, totally in line with the LGBT agenda of forcing homosexuality down the throats of EVERY American. In Zuckerville, you can discriminate against, you can punish, you can threaten Christians and conservatives all you like.

Congressman declares that Mark Zuckerberg lied to Congress during his recent testimony

Fascistbook is a company town whose billions of users are nothing more than cattle to be sold to the highest bidder. On one end, Herr Zuckerberg sells your data for billions of dollars. On the other end, he advertises on YOUR page. Guess who enjoys the advertising revenue. It ain’t you! 

Zuckerberg mentor: “I feel like my baby (Facebook) has turned out to be something horrible, and these people I trusted have forgotten where they came from”

McNamee is very proud of the product he helped develop but very saddened by its current management, or lack thereof.  He now sees Facebook as a once noble and benevolent creature that has morphed into an out-of-control monster and lost the faith and trust of its users.  

“False Fact Checkers falsely checking facts falsely!!” Sheryl Attkisson reports on the fake ‘fake news fact checkers’ who have been hired by Fascistbook

I know money comes easy to the powers that be at Facebook but I simply don’t understand why they are paying these clowns to fact check conservative sources when the Democrat Party will do it for free.

In one month, President Trump’s Facebook engagement dropped by 45%. Facebook manipulation? To believe otherwise is naive

The left, which includes the majority of those who live and work in Silicon Valley, believe the only possible answer to prevent another patriot from reaching the Oval Office is to intentionally prevent the patriot’s “message” from reaching the people, which is, of course, a gross violation of the Constitution, but since when did that matter to liberals?

VIDEO: Ted’s excellent adventure! Watch Ted Cruz flay Herr Zuckerberg over Facebook political bias (with full transcript)

Herr Zuckerberg was handled with kid gloves in Tuesday’s testimony before the Senate, except for the not-so-gentle interrogation by Ted Cruz, whose machine-gun-rapid questions regarding political bias on the part of Facebook had the social media bazillionaire often on his heels […]

In Tuesday’s testimony before Congress, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook is assisting Robert Mueller in his witch hunt

Mark Zuckerberg admitted Tuesday that Facebook is assisting Robert Mueller in his never-ending witch hunt into possible collusion by the Trump campaign and administration with the Russian government or any Russians. The sooner President Trump or worthless Jeff Sessions fires […]

ONE BILLION DOLLARS OR MORE! The fine a former FTC consumer protection chief says facebook is facing

Did you give Zuck permission to do that? Of course not, although I am sure it is in the fine print legalese of your user agreement. You are not the owner of your page. You are only one of Zuck’s obedient workers, bringing your friends to your page for Zuckerberg to market his ads to. 

After being pummelled for two weeks by lawsuits and bad press, Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before Congress

After two weeks of being pummelled by multiple invasion of privacy scandals, plus numerous investigations and lawsuits that have caused facebook’s stock value to plummet, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally agreed to testify before Congress to explain his company’s illegal data mining.

Facebook lost $100 billion in 10 days as advertisers flee and stock value plummets amid consumer protection investigation

It is good to see Mark Zuckerberg getting a taste of his own medicine! While he has been busy cashing in stock of the social media giant, facebook’s share value continues to plummet amid the data mining scandal

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