Matt Gaetz is a patriot. Despite multiple death threats from crazed liberals, he marches on in his personal crusade to save America from the demonic Democrat Party.

By all means, watch the entire video, below, but especially the beginning. Listen closely to Gaetz’s words as he calls out Jerry Nadler and the Democrats for what they are, anti-American, seditious scumbags who would put anyone they can find on the hot seat of a congressional hearing in an attempt to use anything they might say as a seed to generate public support from the American people to throw their duly elected president out of office.

In effect, what the Democrats are now doing openly that they used to at least thinly disguise is admit to the American people that they do not care about them or what they want. The Democrats are not for the people, they are for themselves. They will remove the man the people elected to suit their own power-hungry agenda to regain power. To hell with the people, even those who put those Democrats into office, who their elected leaders consider no more than useful idiots and who they laugh at behind their backs.

Matt Gaetz: “Well, the Mueller Report was supposed to be the end all, be all, the great groundswell of support for impeachment, ensuring that Americans would want to tar and feather the president, run him out of Washington on a rail, deprive the American people of the President that they duly elected.”

Another beauty is the set up by Gaetz at the 2:27 mark…. “Now, Mr. Lewandowski, I am not allowed by house rules to impugn the motives of my colleagues or to speculate as to what might be animating this bizarre circumstance. But, those rules don’t apply to you. So, Mr. Lewandowski, do you have a thought as to why we continue to engage in a charade that is overwhelmingly opposed by the American people and fundamentally misunderstood by my Democrat colleagues?”

Lewandowski hits it out of the park…. “I think they hate this president more than they love their country.”

BOOM! The Democrats do in fact hate this president for reversing their agenda to destroy America, which they despise above all else.

Gaetz ends his questioning with a scathing condemnation of the Democrats and James Comey who Gaetz claims “should be sitting in that chair. He should be answering questions about why he did so much damage to the FBI and our country.”

Well done, fellow patriot!

If you expect to see this video on CNN tonight, please email me. I have a beautiful oceanfront lot in Nebraska just waiting for a deserving person like you.

I found the following very interesting, though erroneous, definition of “Democrat,” which leads the Google (another America-hating liberal organization) search results….



  1. 1.
    an advocate or supporter of democracy.
    “as a democrat, I accepted the outcome of the referendum”

Too funny!

I am just going to leave this last video right here. Watch Corey Lewandowski flay Alisyn Camerota and CNN.