This is both very serious and very funny.

Adam Steaming Pile of Schiff has abused every rule and standard congressional investigative operating practice in his completely bogus whistleblower case which the Democrats are hanging their impeachment dream on.

Devin Nunes sent Schiff a letter Friday demanding the closed-door deposition (under oath) of one key witness, Schiff, himself. Nunes, specifically wants to know Schiff’s interaction with the whistleblower and when that interaction began.

There is zero justice in this sham of a proceeding Schiff is running. The defense must always have the right to cross-examine witnesses and to call their own. This is NOT American justice! The prosecution can’t simply prevent defense witnesses from testifying. How can the Democrats get away with this? What authority can step in and ensure fairness in Schiff’s kangaroo court?

In addition to Steaming Pile, the Republicans have a list of other witnesses they would like to question.