Does Joe Biden have no handlers who prepare him for his speeches by going over every lie word in advance that he plans to utter? Or, are the gaffes now so much a part of the Biden shtick that they have become a marketing ploy? After all, Democrat voters want to be entertained above all else. To hell with the future of the country as long as their candidate is funny, and Crazy Uncle Joe is certainly funny.

Watch as Vice-President Touchy Feely claims that his tax credit idea will put 720 million American women back to work. Forget that there are less than 170 million women in the country.

Despite the bad press Uncle Joe is receiving for what is being described as his latest gaffe, we have concluded that his calculations are very accurate. Check our math below and add your own calculations in the comments section below.

So, we ran the numbers and Crazy Uncle Joe is right if you:

1. Identify all 423 genders as women. 160,000,000
2. Include all of the dead Democrats who have been voting since 1800. 265,000,000
3. Include those in Mexico and Cent. America who are on their way to the Rio Grande. 57,000,000
4. Include all of the babies murdered in Democrat abortion clinics. 27,000,000
5. Include all Democrats who vote multiple times in every election. 38,000,000
6. Include all Americans who watch The View daily. 17
7. Include all of those who Gaffeaminute Joe claims were beaten up by Corn Pop. 3,000,000
8. Include VP Touchy Feely’s hair plugs as women. 7,500

You see, Crazy Uncle Joe is right. You just have to know how to add.