At the LSU/Alabama football game Saturday, a CNN reporter asked fans in attendance what they thought of the Trump impeachment and if President Trump is being treated fairly or unfairly.

One ‘bama fan was quick to respond to whether he thought the president was being treated fairly….

“Nah. No I don’t. Because, when the man tries to help the country, and you instead try to find situations to throw out his character to help the country …. Because there ain’t no perfect president, because everybody’s got their flaws. But I think he’s been treated unfairly.”

The reporter then asked a woman in attendance, “Can I ask what you think of all the impeachment stuff that’s going on in Washington?”

She replied, “I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s unfair, and I wish they would focus on getting stuff done instead of harassing the president.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that.

Watch over 100,000 patriots (video, below) give President Trump a standing ovation and chant, “USA! USA!”

Then, check out the brainless comments from the butthurt leftists. They are sooooooo torn up by the Trump love.