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Meghan McCain slams Joy Behar during heated argument over Trump campaign kickoff: “Don’t feel bad for me, bitch. I’m paid to do this!”

After briefly coming to the rescue to ease the tension, chief sweathog Whoopi was interrupted by McCain, again lamenting her position as the “sacrificial Republican every day.” “Awww,” teased Behar, feigning pity, to which the infuriated McCain responded, “Don’t feel bad for me, bitch. I’m paid to do this.” 

VIDEO: Shocking good fun watching liberal weenies attempt to steal electrified Trump yard signs. One takes a leak on a sign, then bends over in pain, holding his aching member

Photo, above: Orlando Trump-hater attempts to steal a Trump yard sign from his neighbor’s yard, only to be shocked by the inhospitality of his neighbor, who not only electrified the sign but also videotaped the attempted theft, then had the would-be thief arrested and charged with trespassing.

Kasich believes he can challenge President Trump in the 2020 primary. Perhaps not! New poll shows Trump destroys Kasich in his home state 62% to 27%

Speaking of career parasites, where has John Kasich been? He’s been gearing up for a potential primary run against President Trump in 2020. Kasich might want to slow down a bit and check out his popularity compared to President Trump’s in his own home state of Ohio first. Not good news for Kasich!

Officially, say Oprah’s handlers, “It’s not happening. She has no intention of running.” Twelve hours of Twitter scorching was enough to scare her off

I missed Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes as I am garbage-intolerant and stay away from sickening displays of Hollyweird narcissism where rooms full of self-proclaimed beautiful people stroke one another for hours, breaking from their mutual adulation only long enough for an occasional slam of President Trump.

The left has coronated Oprah Winfrey already, NBC calling her “OUR future president.” They have no more clue what is coming their way than Hitlery had

Oprah is a hapless babe in the woods, who has nary a clue of what is in store. She is a crier, and crying always looks like capitulation. Incumbent Trump will kick her to the political curb. So, yes, by all means, Democrat Party, run Oprah if she is the best you have, which is, in itself, a shame.