I haven’t written for Powdered Wig since October 2020. This once profitable site has now been destroyed by Big Tech, especially Fascistbook, Twitter, and Google. So, at 66 years old, I find myself making a living in the construction field and have little time to write.

Big Tech is preventing the fair and equitable distribution of my writing, but they haven’t silenced me. Nor have they diminished my love for America and the ideals and principles upon which it was founded. In fact, they have only reinforced my love for America and those ideals and principles. I know that I am not alone.

The millions upon millions of patriots from sea to shining sea who over the past several years have declared their love for and loyalty to the greatest nation in the history of time have not gone away, they have not shrunk from their love and loyalty. They are simply waiting.

Whether the demons on the left will succeed in driving America into slavery and total dependence remains to be seen. I believe in my heart that they will not succeed. Call me an optimist, but the populist wave that overcame not only America but also many European nations has not disappeared. As with all waves, it is simply ebbing, receding temporarily, reeling from the most bizarre political election in world history.

I believe the wave will rise again, stronger than ever. May God see to it. ~ Thomas Madison

By Madame Defarge

The Chinese flu and the connection to international political domination.

The current pile of cosmic debris that we face is predated by some interesting coincidences. The ruling class is certainly a global phenomenon but its’ effects are localized as each country is attached to its’ own unique nobility.

The deluge of information spewing forth on a daily basis from our media is too voluminous to consume much less recall 24 hours later. This of course is to the benefit of those who wish to continue their rule. Control of the propaganda flow is a necessary component of our current situation.

Putting together a series of events takes time but in this case is worth the bother. The requirements and actions are quite similar to The Wizard of Oz in the “don’t look behind the curtain scene.” Fortunately, all the information is available but it does require quite a bit of time to organize and process. The state propaganda organs chant “tin foil hat” “raysis” “Trump is a liar” continually to
deflect any actual harvesting and connecting of information.

The first important date to examine is the Brexit vote in 2016. The result came as quite a shock to the nobility in Britain. They were so sure of victory that they had not even bothered to stuff the ballot boxes.

The unfettered tide of Muslims brought in by Merkel had risen across Europe bringing their usual filth, disease, and crime. Nigel Farage delivered the people to the polls against the elites. The horror!

The second uprising was the French and their “yellow vest” movement beginning in 2018. Every weekend Paris and other French cities were hosting demonstrations and riots. Wages, rights, labor reform and anti-globalization are the main complaints. These demonstrators did not get tired and showed up every weekend to continue the protest. What was the banking lackey Macron supposed to do?

The Spanish citizens were on the streets of Barcelona rioting and demonstrating. The Catalan people voted overwhelmingly to leave Spain in 2017. This threw Madrid into an uproar. The EU and its’ members immediately signaled their support for Madrid. How else were they supposed to get their loans paid back?

The Italians threw out their government in favor of the rabble as well. The EU forced them to relent because the Bank of Italy owed them so much in the way of loans. The people are still in the streets as well creating nervous nights in Rome.

The Chinese were looking at starvation of the masses. The flooding ruined their crops. The swine flu eliminated their hog production. Their corn and wheat production was felled by a bug. Nothing scares a politician more than food shortages. It means someone is out there sharpening the blade.

Lastly, Mr. Trump waded ashore. He overthrew 80 years of the idea of a huge central government in DC that ruled the world through money and intimidation. It looked as though he was undefeatable. The horror at Bilderburg cannot be overstated. How could this rabble be controlled or eliminated?

The struggle for nobilities’ global supremacy had been won over decades. Now with these countries standing for their own self-interest, the systems’ control stood on the precipice.

Enter the dwarf Fauci and his illegal funding of the Wuhan lab. The Chinese took advantage of the flu bug under the guise of safety and locked down their infected provinces and Hong Kong to give them time to react to the coming food shortages.

This model gave the incompetent corruptocrats in the West a system with which to control their own countries that had steered very close to independent thought which can never be allowed.

We have shown how easily we will kneel to our betters whether they be incompetent or not. The question becomes will the old political establishments of the USA and Europe be able to survive the fallout from the strains on their structures if the truth continues to leak out.