Justice! The first career parasite swamp rat has been convicted and is heading to prison

Career parasite swamp rats are finally meeting their just reward – prison! May this be the first of thousands of traitors to be put in cages, where all swamp rats belong.

Confession time! James Comey: “I was wrong.” He is now trying to appear to be an innocent bystander, blaming FBI “procedures”

No, Mr. Comey, you were not “wrong.” You were, at best, criminally negligent, incompetent. However, evidence thus far indicates that your participation in the conspiracy is far more damning. By all appearances, you are guilty of criminal conspiracy, and should be judged the same way any other American would be judged.

Sworn deposition by a Qatari insider confirms that Ilhan Omar is a Qatari asset who gave US military secrets to Iran. He also describes her as “a sex maniac”

When he asked a high-ranking Qatari official how such a devout Muslim as Ilhan Omar could be bribed, the official indicated (Page 77) that Omar is not a devout Muslim: “Don’t be fooled by her headscarf. She’s a sex maniac, and she is very weak when it comes to money and sex. And we got both.”

“Thank God for the Deep State!” Trump-hating ex-CIA Director now openly admits there is a deep state and thanks God for it

Any truly objective reader of the transcript of that conversation will conclude with certainty that President was not threatening to withhold money from Ukraine in return for an investigation into political rival Joe Biden. Zelensky has confirmed this.

GAME CHANGER! John Durham’s “review” just became a full-scale criminal investigation. “John Brennan is wearing adult Depends right now.”

They are running scared. They have done their best to stop this president, to remove him. They have bashed him, trashed him, and maligned him in every method and manner they could invent, their mouthpieces in the complicit mainstream media unable to sway the jury, We the People, in the court of public opinion. 

Former CIA agent openly discusses treason and execution for deep state operatives that he insists will be indicted soon

Lindsey Graham planted the seed, asking nominee Kavanaugh if American citizens (like Obama and Hillary) potentially involved in treasonous acts against the United States could be tried for treason by military tribunal and, if convicted, executed? Kavanaugh confirmed that indeed such law exists.

Drain the swamp! US Attorney recommends criminal charges against FBI scumbag Andrew McCabe. Justice is a bitch, McCabe!

Does Andrew McCabe deserve to be charged and prosecuted? Without question! He deserves serious prison time! Remember, this slimeball was the one who destroyed Army General Michael Flynn’s life, then announced loudly at a Washington social function in 2017, “Fuck Flynn and then we fuck Trump!”

President Trump’s new DNI appointment means 2 things: The Obama/Clinton cabal’s ass is grass and the Ratliffe/Barr combo is a 3-blade bush hog!

“We KNOW that things happened in the Obama administration that haven’t been answered. There’s been no accountability for that yet.”

Beltway Democrats in panic mode as there appears no stopping the President declassifying and releasing the docs that will implicate them all

Perpetually terrified Adam Schiff is looking even more panic-stricken than usual these days. His normal expression is that of a man who has found himself stuck in the middle of railroad tracks and can hear a train whistle approaching. Today Schiff looks like a speeding train is ten feet away (photo, above).

James Woods takes to Twitter to voice his frustration regarding the Republican “pu$$ies” who allow Democrat “savages” to run over them

The good news is that as wimpy as the Republican Party is, its leader is not! Donald Trump was raised on the tough streets of New York. He has no problem getting in the gutter with the slimeball liberal Democrats, which, frankly, he enjoys and scares the shit out of them.

Waaaaaaah! Butthurt over revoking of John Brennan clearance, swamp rat admiral dares Trump in WaPo op-ed to revoke his clearance too. Take a Midol, squid!

The most important qualification for being granted a security clearance is trust. John Brennan lost the trust of his Commander-in-Chief a long time ago. I personally would not trust Brennan as far as I could throw Michael Moore or a 500-pound ball of Jell-O, pardon my redundancy.

Awesome and hopeful video by Q that accurately describes the swamp and the war against it that We the People are winning: “The Plan To Save The World”

“Q has been a front distraction for those who follow world events and desire truth but it is about to begin a much more important and necessary phase, keeping the public informed when the deep state war breaks out onto the surface.”

VIDEO: Rod Rosenstein is a swamp rat and a POS. Watch this arrogant career parasite give Congress the middle finger

As I see it, Rosenstein is exactly the sort of swamp rat that President Trump is trying to remove from Washington. Consider this: Rosenstein is in a very powerful position. Rosenstein is a liar. Like Mueller and McCabe and Comey, he will use his position and authority to hurt his enemies.

DOJ IG report reveals that the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting was planned and coordinated by the Secret Service and FBI

Lynch and Clinton claimed they only discussed grandchildren and golf during their rendezvous, which sounds an awful lot like, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Democrat = professional liar.

VIDEO: As Paul Rino defends the FBI, House Republicans are becoming angrier and more frustrated and want the Speaker gone NOW!

I expect that shortly after the midterm elections, should the GOP maintain their congressional majorities, which I fully expect, to see the growing anti-swamp rhetoric resulting in many indictments, prosecutions, and convictions.

VIDEO: Wow! Trump-hating Chuck Todd of NBC praises President Trump and the GOP for their “hefty list of accomplishments” in 2017

When a Trump-hating, liberal weenie mainstream media (aka Democrat Communications Bureau) talking head is forced to praise President Trump and the GOP for achieving the implementation of a “hefty list of accomplishments,” you know that the tide it is a-turning and the swamp it is a-draining.

Luis “Good Riddance” Gutierrez has been caught paying his wife over $400,000 from his campaign and is announcing his retirement from Congress

A card-carrying swamp rat for 24 years, Gutierrez has announced his retirement from the House, which translated into liberal Democrat, reads: “I have been caught with my hand in the cookie jar and am beating a hasty retreat.”

53-year Washington career parasite swamp rat John Conyers has announced that he is retiring amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations

A better argument for congressional term limits was never found than DC career parasite John James Conyers, who has announced, via his nephew and chosen successor, Ian Conyers, that he is stepping down from his seat in Congress amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations.

John Conyers is hinting that if he goes down the swamp drain for sexual improprieties, he is taking a great many swamp rats with him

Strange! John Conyers, via his attorney, is hinting that if he goes down the swamp drain for sexual improprieties, he will take a great many swamp rats with him. Suits me. Just drain the damned swamp already!

Amidst the constant slamming of President Trump, here is a bit of hopeful news to keep in mind. Trump and We the People are winning!

The screams are the death throes of a treasonous leftist cult, a collection of organized career parasites, swamp creatures of the first rank watching helplessly as President Trump pulls the plug on their beltway home. They have become millionaires, looking out for their own interests for decades, at the expense of We the People.

VIDEO: Julian Assange: “Robert Mueller illegally sent an extra-special planeload of FBI agents to frame me.” President Trump is in grave danger

Julian Assange has revealed that Robert Mueller has a history of framing people. How does Assange know this? Because Mueller tried to frame him in 2011. It appears that framing people may be Mueller’s specialty, which puts President Trump in grave danger. 

THIS is why the swamp creatures are so afraid of President Trump that they will stop at nothing to destroy him

The swamp creatures never really got it, so out-of-touch were they with Mom and Pop America. Not until late on the night of November 8, 2016 did they begin to comprehend the revolution that was intent upon destroying all they consider holy.

Florida billionaire says he would have killed President Trump as a baby if he had had the chance

“All the Republicans who hide behind the flag and hide behind the church, they don’t have the f**king balls to do what it takes,” Fernandez told Politico..

VIDEO: Acting FBI Director McCabe, with ties to Hitlery Clinton, is under federal investigation for illegal involvement in partisan Democrat politics

Until some of these swamp critters find themselves in orange jumpsuits, not much is going to change. You can investigate them forever, but until they are made to account, you can look forward to more of the same.

Swamp draining 101. Former CIA officer arrested for selling Top Secret docs to China. Facing life in prison

On that long list of things that President Trump loves to do, hunting swamp critters is his second favorite, just behind building magnificent skyscrapers. He just caught himself a big’n.

Impeached and disgraced judge and now Congressman Alcee Hastings has paid millions of taxpayer dollars to his girlfriend

Hastings is just one of the parasites that populate the “inside-the-beltway” swamp that President Trump is determined to drain.