“Thank God for the Deep State!” Trump-hating ex-CIA Director now openly admits there is a deep state and thanks God for it

Any truly objective reader of the transcript of that conversation will conclude with certainty that President was not threatening to withhold money from Ukraine in return for an investigation into political rival Joe Biden. Zelensky has confirmed this.

Acclaimed presidential historian confirms that a coup d’état is underway by the left/deep state to depose President Trump

There is no question that the left and deep state are conspiring to destroy President Trump, who We the People elected to drain the swamp of those very creatures.

What President Trump and We the People MUST do to defeat the deep state

President Trump can’t do it alone. So, be ready, patriots, for when President Trump calls for our help, drop everything and come running. The futures of your children depend upon it.

Update on the weirdness coming out of Qatar and a Kremlin report of a deep state/dark web reward offer to kill President Trump

Update on a story we have been following involving recent happenings in the Middle East, a dark web reward offer of $150 million to anyone who would kill President Trump.

The deep state. It must be killed before it kills We the People!

Make no mistake, our enemy is the Deep State, that shadowy, slippery, slimy collection of career parasites located mostly “inside the beltway,” or “the swamp,” as President Trump refers to it.