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As Russia and the Saudis drive US domestic oil producers into bankruptcy, someone please tell me why we can’t establish our own oil market and price

So, why is it not possible for President Trump, with the stroke of a pen (or several pens, as custom dictates), to declare that effective immediately, the United States is withdrawing from the international oil market and establishing its own market? Why can’t we do that? Someone, please tell me!

When will people see this coronavirus insanity for what it truly is, a political manipulation?

If the people realize that they have been lied to and their livelihoods destroyed by a political program, they may stand up and sharpen the guillotine.  Joy of joys!

“Game changer! This is the beginning of the end of the pandemic.” Infectious disease expert says a drug combo has been found that cures COVID-19

The combination, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, has proven effective in treating COVID-19 patients with a 100% success rate thus far.

Can you really save American lives by destroying the American economy? No! More lives will be destroyed. Let’s get back to work

Make no mistake, America will survive the Coronavirus, but we cannot expect freedom to prosper or persevere if we destroy the conditions upon which it has thrived for over 200 years.

Coronavirus has inspired some of the most hilarious videos and memes. Check out our collection

We have collected and/or created a few of our own memes and videos to provide a bit of amusement until things return to normal and the Democrats and their repulsive mainstream media lapdogs can move on to more noble pursuits like perhaps starting a war which they can blame on President Trump.

US watchdog group is suing China for $20 trillion for creating “an illegal biological weapon” (COVID-19) in an “outlawed bioweapons facility”

While the grounds for the claim have yet to be revealed, I suspect that it may be more than a coincidence that Ground Zero for coronavirus, Wuhan, is also the home of China’s center for biological warfare. Perhaps the watchdog group, Freedom Watch, and its founder, Larry Klayman, know something that we don’t.

Commenters offer a bit of sane insight into the coronavirus panic and San Francisco’s mandatory 3-week citywide quarantine

Among the few sane voices in the coronavirus hysteria lately comes from Powdered Wig reader Renee H who emailed me her “favorites” list of fellow sane voices commenting on an article in The Conservative Treehouse on the San Feces (San Francisco) government’s totalitarian, knee-jerk reaction to the coronavirus.

VIDEO: Citizen f-bombs a TV crew at 6AM for ginning up public fear over coronavirus. The crew was too stupid to get his point

What passes for today’s mainstream media is little more than a collection of morons who do little research about that which they are reporting and is dominated by liberal know-nothings who are the products of America’s leftist journalism schools where they were taught by entitled “progressive” professors who have never had a real job. 

Based on swine flu figures, the coronavirus hysteria appears to be a massive political hoax. Allow me to explain

CDC estimates that swine flu infected nearly 61 million people in the United States and caused 12,469 deaths. Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died from pandemic swine flu, compared to less than 5,000 for coronavirus. Yet, the hysteria the media has created over coronavirus makes it more feared in the public than bubonic plague.

NBA suspends 2019-20 season ‘until further notice’ after player tests positive for coronavirus. He also spread his germs all over a press conference (video)

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert has tested positive for coronavirus, prompting the NBA to suspend the season “until further notice,” pending further review of the dangerous situation. Gobert also spread his germs at a press conference (video, below).

Meanwhile, the Muslim invasion of Europe continues. Turkey has opened the floodgates. “European states will perish and economies will crash”

Turkey’s Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu, has declared that without more free money from the European Union, Turkey will allow an unchecked flood of Muslim refugees to cross into Greece. The Greek military is reported to be practicing with live ammunition to stop the flood and protect Greece.

Loaded gun found in Epstein jail during weeklong lockdown, sparking criminal probe into guard misconduct

Officials have been keeping inmates locked down in their cells without access to their lawyers and canceled all visitation at the jail, which houses about 700 inmates. In the past few days, officers have searched the facility and uncovered a sizable amount of contraband, including cellphones, narcotics and homemade weapons.

Rumors are swirling that President Trump will drop Pence in favor of Nikki Haley as his 2020 VP running mate

With the collection of losers representing the Democratic Party in their embarrassing presidential primary, I don’t think President Trump has a thing to worry about no matter who his running mate is. He could choose Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as his running mate and still carry 45 states.

Viral video shows a man with a Trump flag being “tackled” to the ground by a security officer on a VA college campus

The home state of the authors of both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution looks more today like 1939 Germany than the cradle of the greatest democracy and allegedly the freest society to ever exist where today dissenting opinion has no place and free speech guaranteed by our First Amendment is a joke.

Payola! In the Smollett case, Soros’ money was being funneled to prosecutor Kim Foxx who dropped all 16 felony charges. Typical Democrat corruption!

Liberal megadonor George Soros is giving millions in an apparent effort to help the controversial Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, whose office dropped the charges against Smollett, remain in power. The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) are ignoring it.

Why was Michael Bloomberg in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book?

Democrat presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg appears in the late pedophile and accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book of contacts.

“We will take America without firing a shot.” Could Nikita Khrushchev have seen Bernie Sanders in America’s future?

The polar opposite of JFK, America’s young tall, handsome, rich president, Khrushchev was an old, bald, short (5′ 3″) leader of a country that had been driven into poverty by the Marxist policies of Lenin and Stalin. Yet, he clung to the communist model, insisting that it would prevail.

DHS whistleblower who uncovered a network of radical Muslims during the Obama admin and was fired for it found dead from gunshot wound. Imagine that!

Haney’s investigation into radical Islam had identified thousands of probable terrorists, all of them scrubbed from the record along with his entire investigation. Several of those on Haney’s list went on to commit murderous acts of terror, including the Boston Marathon bomber and the San Bernadino mass murderers.

Hilarious video. Feel the Bern! Trump fan photo bombs Bernie speech, plus a bonus video, the funniest of all time

Poor Bernie. The hapless communist can’t catch a break! The following video is making the rounds across the web, showing Bernie entertaining a crowd of numbskulls, mesmerized by the Bern’s “everything free, every day” political schtick for the mentally impaired. 

Completely out of touch with reality, Pelosi tries to convince CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that President Trump was not acquitted. Not kidding!

Poor Nancy Pelosi. Her body is with us, but her vodka-soaked brain is in another dimension where reality is what she imagines it to be. Either that, or she is one very good liar. God knows, she has had plenty of time to practice, having been on Capitol Hill since the Lincoln administration.

Well, that didn’t work out as planned! Watch MSNBC infobabe grab a NH voter who looks like a Bernie fan and ask him who he voted for. Too funny!

You voted for Donald John Trump? Look at that! Bernie Sanders is not appealing to you? Man in the street (shaking his head): The whole ideology would be destructive to da’ country. It’s anti-growth, it’s anti-family, it’s anti-American, and, as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti-life.

Audio of a woman in China calling the hospital to get help for her sick husband. Nurse tells her, “We don’t have doctors. They are all dead or sick”

At the risk of being called an alarmist, I am just going to leave this audio clip right here, and let you be the judge. China has confessed to underreporting the numbers of the sick and dead from the recent coronavirus epidemic. But, just how much have they underreported. On a massive scale, it appears.

Has anyone else noticed Barron Trump’s growth spurt? He is 13 years old and about 6’6″ now. Holy cow! Are you watching, NBA?

Have you noticed Barron the Beanstalk walking around with his mom and dad, who happen to be on the tall side themselves? At 13-years-old, Barron looks to be about three inches taller than his father, President Trump, who is 6′ 3″ tall, and towers above Mama Melania, who is 5′ 11′.

Watch Kimberly Guilfoyle protect Don Trump, Jr. by stepping between him and a crazed protester who was accusing Don, Jr. of anti-Semitism

Kimberly Guilfoyle comes to the aid of her boyfriend Donald Trump, Jr, physically defending him by stepping between him and a crazed Jewish protester who was trying to get to Trump, accusing him of anti-Semitism. 

Politico writer attends Trump rally, begrudgingly admits it was a “joyous event,” then breaks into a shameful “hate Trump” rant

Check out Lizza’s begrudging admission that Trump voters are happy people and have every right to be, while, out the other side of his mouth drips the most acrimonious bile and unmistakable hatred and ignorance toward Trump voters. His misery is palpable.

2009: White House comedian hopes Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys fail while Barack Hussein and his audience of liberal lapdogs laugh and laugh

Watch, in the video below as Sykes wishes kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh. And the roomful of trained seals clap and bark, clap and bark. And a wonderful time is had by all.

Rush Limbaugh has announced that he has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, which has liberals celebrating. Survival rate: less than 10%

Rush Limbaugh, often referred to as the Godfather of the conservative movement, and who I call our generation’s Thomas Paine, has announced that he has Stage 4 lung cancer. When AM radio was dying, Rush brought it back to life with his daily talk radio show and the dozens of competitors he inspired to follow his lead.

Rand Paul urges President Trump to revoke John Bolton’s security clearance. I agree. He is making a fortune screwing America!

I liked John Bolton in the beginning. But he seemed to be given to pouting spells if his advice was not taken, and often his hawkish advice was ill-advised where cooler heads prevailing was a more prudent course of action.

Senator and Mrs. Weirdass refuse to accept acquittal in Trump impeachment, calling the trial a “sham.” Indeed. The House handed the Senate a sham!

Leading Capitol Hill Democrats are apparently drifting toward delusion as Fox News is reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer will “simply refuse to accept (President Donald Trump’s) all-but-certain acquittal.

Impeachment sham coming to an abrupt halt due to one senator. Lamar Alexander: “No need for more evidence!”

Long considered a Rino, Alexander has declared that there is no need for more evidence. It is time to vote for acquittal and move on with the nation’s business. This means that the Democrats will not have enough Republican votes to call for more witnesses and drag the impeachment circus on into spring and summer.