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Will the last patriot leaving America please turn out the lights?

At this point, I have every reason to believe, and no reason to believe otherwise, that America is finished. Will the last patriot to leave America please turn out the lights?

Hilarious tweet from Alyssa Milano, offering Justice Ginsburg both of her kidneys. The replies are classic!

On just about everyone’s “Top Ten Hollywood Ho’s” list, Milano reportedly owns at least one organ that Ginsburg is not likely to accept, as it is far more worn out than her own.

With voter fraud highly suspected in Florida and Arizona, why haven’t we fixed this? I have a short list of rules that will fix voter fraud forever

Fair and honest elections are as important to democracy as freedom itself, lest we should become Venezuela, and we know we have a problem with voter fraud. But, how big a problem is voter fraud and how easy is it to commit voter fraud? VERY easy!

VIDEO: Liberal organization produced this cold-hearted commercial promoting abortion, featuring this baby. Don’t worry, the video isn’t graphic

How on earth can the producers of this video not see its sheer wickedness, showing a smiling, giggling infant while promoting the death of unborn babies, leaning on the immoral argument that women should have a “choice” to murder their unborn children?

Antifa prof strikes again! Interviewed by Tucker Carlson several times, Giraffeman founded the group that vandalized Carlson’s home and terrorized his family

Michael Isaacson, a professor and Antifa member, who has been interviewed by Carlson numerous times, founded the Antifa group Smash Racism DC, although he denies any current connection.

VIDEO: About damned time! CNN’s Jim Acosta has been banned from the White House. Secret Service seized Acosta’s White House press credentials

President Trump has finally had enough of Jim Acosta who showed up at the White House gate tonight for his “8 o’clock hit,” as he called it. A Secret Service officer immediately seized Acosta’s White House press credentials and told him he was not allowed to enter.

VIDEO: President Trump slams CNN’s Jim Acosta at WH presser as Acosta wrestles with a WH aide for control of the mic, not allowing others to speak

Watch this tense exchange between disrespectful assclown Jim Acosta and the man who continues to allow him to work in the White House as Acosta asks multiple questions, then refuses to give up the microphone, at one point wrestling it away from a White House aide who was trying to take it from him.

Liberal so-called journalist made up a new phrase if Dems lose the House: ‘House popular vote,’ a bizarre idea right out of the Democrat playbook

As I pointed out to a liberal weenie on Twitter (below) who was supporting Klein’s “House popular vote” insanity, what they are suggesting is that a football team that lost a game by a score of 63-7, then proceeds to argue that they actually won the game because they had more fans in the stadium.

November 6, 2018 – the day of the great red Tsunami! We predict the GOP will keep both chambers of Congress

Two key demographics will be responsible for the red tsunami tomorrow that pundits and pollsters are still predicting to be a blue wave. Women and blacks, both of which have abandoned the Democrat Party in huge numbers, will lead the way to major Democrat losses and Republican gains.

Wow! Watch Lee Greenwood rock the house with ‘God Bless the USA’ in Chattanooga as President Trump receives a rock star reception

Trump rallies have always been more like rock concerts than political rallies, unlike the fearmongering funerals that pass for Democrat campaign events, and the 2018 midterm election campaign season is no different than the 2016 presidential election campaign season.

VIDEO: Fake news CNN refuses to run a Trump ad calling for stopping the caravan because they say the ad is racist. Not kidding! Don, Jr. calls them out on it

CNN, the most prominent fake news network on the planet, recently refused to run a Republican campaign ad featuring President Trump calling for stopping the massive caravan of 7,000 Central Americans. CNN claims that it refused to run the ad because it is racist. Not kidding!

Since Dem framing of Kavanaugh, women are rushing to the polls to vote a straight GOP ticket: “I would crawl through broken glass to vote against the Democrats”

As I have been saying for over three years, “The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet.” Check out the anger and disgust towards Democrats, plain to see, in the following tweets….

News from fellow conservative publisher Overpasses for America, also banished in the Big Purge by Fascistbook

Click on the link, below, to read the article…. Caravan Sues Trump, Claim Constitutional Rights Violated by Not Being Allowed To Invade America Click on the link, below, to read the article…. Communist Insurgents Raid City Hall Meeting, Demand Police […]

Honduran caravaners in Mexico, who have no US Constitutional rights, sue President Trump for violating their US Constitutional rights

There is an approved procedure for seeking asylum in the United States – it begins with applying for asylum at the US Consulate in the seeker’s home country. It does not begin by joining a group of foreigners who are paid to travel to the United States, illegally cross its borders, and then demand asylum.

In a Rasmussen Presidential Approval Poll, a stunning number of blacks have crossed over to the Republican Party. This will be huge on Election Day!

Finally recognizing that they have been used by Democrats for decades and trapped on the Democrat plantation of dependence, Blacks are not walking away from the Democrat Party, the party of the KKK and Jim Crow, they are sprinting. 

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