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VIDEO: “I’m pissed!” Grieving father of student killed in the Florida school massacre gives an emotional speech at the White House

A father of four myself, Andrew’s emotional speech brought tears to my eyes. I don’t believe a parent can know any greater pain than having to bury one of their children.

Shocking claim by pro drug enforcer. Says Bill Clinton was involved in 1987 murder of two Arkansas teens. He was there. Credible? Take our poll

A witness has come forward claiming that he was there when two young Arkansas teens were murdered for having witnessed a drug drop and that Bill Clinton was involved.

Schmuck Schumer’s poll numbers in his home state are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in a sorority house

Firmly stationed on the popularity scale between root canals and Chlamydia, Schmuck Schumer is suffering his worst favorability scores ever, tanking 15 points among New Yorkers in recent months.

After 99 years, a great and good part of America has passed. The Reverend Billy Graham has gone home

Growing up in the mountains of western Virginia, I recall vividly my grandmother’s strict Pentecostal faith. She would attend every tent revival that passed through town, and there were plenty.

Internet sleuth confirms Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks informer. Offered proof to Mueller. Not interested. Does not fit the Russian collusion narrative

Evidence of Rich being the hacker instead of shady Russians, as the Democrats want you to believe, is in the hands of Kiwi internet sleuth Kim Dotcom, who not only knows of Rich’s leak to Assange, but was involved in the leak himself.

ICE arrests 212 illegal immigrants in sanctuary city LA and crack down big time on businesses suspected of hiring illegal workers

Despite its sanctuary status, ICE is conducting business as usual in California, rounding up illegals by the hundreds and shipping them to their countries of origin. Now, if we only had a wall so they couldn’t get back in

Jim Carrey capitalizes on the Florida mass murder for his own bizarre humor and sick pleasure. Twitterstorm ensues

Capitalizing on the Parkland, Florida school massacre, Carrey tweeted a painting of dead kids on a golf course with President Trump exclaiming, “What’s wrong with these kids? Didn’t they hear me yell “Fore?!”

Here come da’ judge! New judge appointed in the Flynn case is a gunslinger who has Mueller and DOJ squirming, may end Mueller witch hunt

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s favorite pastime is going after nefarious and rogue characters in the Department of Justice, particularly those who coerce a witness to plead guilty to a crime they did not commit, like Mike Flynn who was convinced to plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine: There is more than enough evidence to investigate Robert Mueller

Mueller has now indicted 13 Russian nationals who live in non-extradition-treaty Russia in the hopes of keeping his investigation alive. He knows the Russians will never be tried. He may as well indict Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale. Total nothingburger and he knows it.

VIDEO: Fergie’s singing of the national anthem at the NBA All-Star game left listeners embarrassed, cracking up, or both. Twitterstorm ensues

Speaking of $10 hookers, check out Fergie’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star game. She appears to be very drunk and I was actually embarrassed for her as she set new low standard for our national anthem.

Researcher on the streets of NY challenges passersby to tell the difference between Communist Manifesto and Democat Party platform. They can’t!

As though communism has not been tried enough (Soviet Union, all of eastern Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, etc.), the American Democrat Party continues to preach its tenets, appealing to the millions who are still stupid enough to believe in it. 

The knee-jerk reaction has spread to the right. GOP mega-donor demands gun control or no more money. Keep your money!

The expected knee-jerk ignorance has spread as gun control is now being demanded by prominent people on the right. A longtime Republican Party donor based in Florida vowed not to contribute any more money to candidates or electioneering groups until […]

Secret Service agent tackles Chinese security official to the ground in scuffle over US nuclear football. Chief of Staff John Kelly involved in the scuffle

This entire episode leads me to believe that there is a serious hole in our nuclear capability. Surely there is a redundant system in place that provides another US official with the authority and codes to launch nuclear weapons in the event the President is unable to.

Mitt Romney’s Trump-bashing Senate commercial started a twitterstorm. The responses are golden. Check ’em out….

Shades of Hitlery Clinton, who moved to New York just to run for the US Senate in a state dominated by liberal weenies. So, too, Mitt Romney. Taking a page out of the Hitlery playbook, the Massachusetts Rino has moved to Utah and is running for the US Senate seat vacated by Orrin Hatch in a state dominated by conservatives.

FAKE NEWS ALERT! The mainstream media is pushing the false narrative that Florida school shooter was “trained” by the NRA. Barefaced LIE!

That lie was quickly debunked but many MSM outlets either let the lie ride or waited until the black hole of weekly news, Friday night, to publish an ‘Oh, guess what? We lied.’ Now, comes the newest fake news/barefaced lie from the mainstream media and they are running full steam ahead with it.

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