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AUDIO: Cuban immigrant calls Dr. Gorka’s radio show fearing for President Trump’s life. Every liberal should hear Dr. Gorka’s reply and soapbox soliloquy

Rather than cherishing and understanding their freedom to be blind and clueless as a miraculous gift from a nation whose founders established that nation upon the principle and ideal of individual liberty, liberals endeavor to use that precious liberty as a club to kill that nation, that Constitution.

Two young liberals set out on a global bike tour to prove that all humans are good and kind and decent. ISIS butchered them on the side of the road in Tajikistan

“You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented.”

Manafort’s legal team rests its case without calling a single witness, evidence that they are very confident in an acquittal

Judge Ellis has admonished Mueller and his team on several occasions for engineering a witch hunt, declaring that Mueller is not after Manafort, but rather, attempting to have him flip to save his own skin in an effort to force him to testify against President Trump.

Demonic psychopath Peter Strzok takes to Twitter to feel sorry for himself, then takes to GoFundMe to hoodwink clueless liberal weenies

I cannot think of a more disgusting individual than Peter Strzok. The fact that he served in such a high position in such a once-revered and powerful organization as the FBI says volumes about the quality and character of many of the individuals allowed to “serve” in our federal government.

Strzok is fired. President Trump agrees it was the right thing to do “finally.” Brain-dead left goes nuts, calls Trump’s agreement obstruction of justice

The bad news is that half of the United States is still brain-dead and somehow swears that because President Trump agrees that FBI Director Christopher Wray did the right thing, that that somehow translates to the president being guilty of obstruction of justice. Seriously, see if you can connect those dots.

Leftist goons protest outside White House, declare they would kill President Trump if given the chance. When is Sessions going to prosecute these thugs?

The threats of physical harm to the President of the United States, and especially the threats of murdering the President, should be dealt with harshly. Otherwise, the violent rhetoric from the left will continue to ratchet up until someone is in fact killed.

Liberals are blissfully ignorant. How do they manage to feed themselves and make it through the day without getting seriously hurt?

It is said that “ignorance is bliss,” which is true. If you are standing on railroad tracks watching a speeding locomotive barrelling down the tracks toward you, and you are too stupid to understand what is about to happen, your last moments on this earth were blissfully ignorant. Such is liberalism.

Muslim Democrat running for office in Minnesota has divorced her brother due to the bad optics. Not kidding!

Instead of serving in high office, Omar now faces up to 5 years in prison on the bigamy charge alone. Add several counts of fraud, and it could be many years before Omar again enjoys the freedom she came to America to exploit in every possible she could.

PC general considering court-martial for chaplain who refused to allow same-sex couples to attend a retreat. The general is a moron!

Either MG Sonntag is not bright enough to check the appropriate regulation before jumping or maybe he isn’t bright enough to delegate the responsibility for checking the appropriate reg to one or several of his many subordinates.

NYC Fuhrer de Blasio wants to unify America by shutting down Fox News. You know, like Hitler unified Germany

New York City Fuhrer Bill de Blasio wants to shut down Fox News so that the country will become more unified, you know, like Hitler silenced his opposition press to unify Germany around the idea of genocide. Yeah, like that.

West Hollywood City Council votes to remove Trump star permanently. Mayor gloats on Twitter. The responses are not kind

Most of the Twitter responses blasted the mayor for his over the top fascism, totally in character with the liberal ideology which laughingly claims the mantle of love, acceptance, tolerance, and inclusiveness. Yeah, right!

VIDEO: Somber tribute to American hero Loyce Deen. Be sure to have a box of tissues within reach

As we watch sadly and silently the ignorance and antics of the left today, especially the clueless youth in organizations like Antifa, we can take comfort in the knowledge that they are simply exercising their rights, rights they take for granted, rights paid for with the blood of American heroes like Loyce Deen.

Candace Owens’ Twitter account was suspended. Twitter forced to apologize and restore the account after massive social media backlash

“My point in tweeting that and replacing the word with black and Jewish yesterday was to show how different that mentality is when you see it in that context and you see talking about Jewish people and predisposed to burning under the sun or black people saying they should live underground.”

Twitter: Hitlery Clinton panders to LeBron, praising him for his Trump-hatred. The responses were not kind. Candace Owens: “Shut up, racist.”

I’m guessing Hitlery Clinton spent a great deal of time handcuffed to the bedposts in Chappaqua. The woman simply loves punishment, which Huma was happy to administer, I’m sure.

VIDEO: Before and after transformation of a Never Trumper who attended one Trump rally and is now all aboard the Trump Train

THIS is what keeps liberal weenies awake all night in a cold sweat! They see Never Trumpers who openly don’t like President Trump or, at best, are on the fence, and voila! they attend one Trump rally and suddenly they are singing God Bless America.

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