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BREAKING! Paul Rino’s Political Action Committee was largely responsible for electing Democrat Conor Lamb to the House

Perhaps Rino is helping Democrat candidates because he secretly (or not) wants a Democrat majority in the House to impeach President Trump to strengthen his own hand for a 2020 primary run against the president.

Barack Hussein spent over $36 million of our money on lawsuits in 2016 keeping federal records secret and away from the eyes of We the People

Fake birth certificate, sealed academic records, bogus Social Security number, fake draft registration, the most lawless, corrupt, secret administration since America’s founding. And, with an almost straight face, Hussein proclaimed that his was “the most transparent administration in history?”

Jeff Sessions fires Andrew McCabe two days before his official retirement, denying him big pension dollars, which may be the least of McCabe’s worries

A shot over the bow of the USS Clinton! Jeff Sessions found a pair and has fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Friday after a lengthy investigation by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

Professor dedicated to “dismantling whiteness” is scheduled to speak at major US university on how whiteness is an “existential threat” to America

Black leaders continue to spew the toxic rhetoric of “white privilege.” Some even advocate the killing of white people as the solution to the world’s problems. And, it seems the intensity of the anti-white message intensifies with every new report.

VIDEO: Wow! Diamond and Silk, more irate than you have ever seen them. I get the impression they don’t like Robert Mueller very much

The target of their ire today is Robert Mueller who continues his pointless investigation into collusion between President Trump and Russia even though nary a shred of evidence has been discovered in over a year.

Bombshell! Barack Hussein’s DOJ deleted the names of over 500,000 fugitives from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich testified Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee that former President Barack Hussein’s Department of Justice ordered the FBI to delete over 500,000 fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System).

Taking a page from Claire McCaskill’s book, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is blasting Hitlery to attract conservative voters. Not gonna’ work, Heidi

Liberal Democrat politicians govern from the left, often the extreme, far left. But when it is re-election time, they run hard to the right, knowing that liberal voters aren’t really paying attention (because they never do, otherwise they wouldn’t be liberals), but conservative voters are paying close attention.

Remember the illegal immigrant who murdered Kate Steinle? He is now suing, claiming that CA police and feds colluded in his case. Not kidding!

The illegal immigrant dirtbag who murdered Kate Steinle and was acquitted is now apparently suing or preparing to sue either the federal government or the state of California for colluding with one another in his prosecution for murder.

BREAKING! Pedestrian bridge collapse at Florida International University in Miami. Multiple fatalities reported

Horrific tragedy in Miami as pedestrian bridge under construction collapses. Multiple casualties reported.

Hurling lies and insults, David Hogg dares Alex Jones to debate him. Jones accepts, inviting Hogg onto his show. Hog declines, runs and hides

Like all liberal weenies who have been called out, Hogg, knowing he couldn’t defend his ridiculous position, declined the invitation. After all the tough guy threats, lies, and insults, Chickenlittleshit ran and hid.

NY Governor Andrew “Hypocrite” Cuomo participates in anti-gun die-in surrounded by armed security. Hundreds of useful idiots join in

The governor’s obvious message: “You people are too stupid to be trusted with guns. Only entitled elites like myself deserve the right to guns for self-defense. Forget that Constutition crap. The last thing we want is you being able to defend yourselves.” 

BOMBSHELL! Operative involved in the Trump dossier testified before Congress that Fusion GPS was being funded by George Soros and Silicon Valley billionaires

This is a bombshell! Congressional investigators have discovered that Fusion GPS was being funded by a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.” The burning question is why aren’t these people behind bars? This is clearly seditious conspiracy.

Three feet of snow in the forecast for Miami on 4th of July. I’m kidding. It’s just Chuck Schumer praising President Trump. Not kidding!

You may want to archive this one. Witness Chuck Schumer in the video below praising President Trump from the Senate floor for blocking the hostile takeover of Qualcomm by Singapore-based chipmaker Broadcom.

CONFIRMED! Fascistbook is punishing conservative sites like Powdered Wig, drastically driving our traffic down while liberal sites enjoy increased traffic

Fascistbook is a collection of thoughtless pissant tyrants because they want to be and believe that there is nothing you can do about it. They know that what they are doing is unethical and immoral, but that doesn’t matter. They believe it is permissible by law. Hitler had laws like that.

VIDEO: CNN not happy with Intel Committee’s finding of no collusion. “If this report were written on toilet paper, I wouldn’t stoop to wipe my ass with it”

No evidence was found. That’s what the Committee said. Mudd is not happy with that. He insists the Committee continue investigating until they find something, anything, even if they have to invent it. Charge President Trump with having his dinner salad with Russian dressing. That’s impeachable, right?

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