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VIDEO: Eric Holder threatens Republicans to not remove Mueller. Nearly as seditious as Loretta Lynch wanting liberals to “bleed” and “die” to stop Trump

Eric Holder is warning Republicans in Congress that “any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.” So, what you gonna’ do, Eric, incite an army of pussyhats¬†to march on the White House? Spare us! Such comedy we don’t […]

Liberals are winning! No doubt emboldened by President Trump’s difficulty getting his immigration policy passed, illegal immigration is back at Obama levels

Beating border wall construction and encouraged by the daily fight liberals are waging against President Trump on their behalf, illegal immigrants are sneaking across America’s southern border again in large, Barack Hussein-level numbers.

VIDEO: Wow! Congressman Jim Jordan rips Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein a new exhaust port over the clearly biased and corrupt FBI

Watch Rosenstein’s eyes and facial expressions as he finishes his testimony starting at the 6:20 mark and especially just after the words “we will.” You don’t have to be a body language expert to tell that he is lying and he is TERRIFIED!

Fake news alert! Liberal rag Politico reported today that Speaker Ryan is retiring, which shocked Speaker Ryan: “I ain’t going anywhere.”

President Trump was shocked to hear the news of his new Republican ally retiring and called to report his dismay at hearing the news. Speaker Ryan, who was reported to be as surprised as anyone by the news that he is retiring, assured the President, “I ain’t going anywhere.”

The new America. Kentucky congressman accused of sexual abuse found dead of apparent suicide, left a heartbreaking suicide note

A Republican congressman from Kentucky, recently accused – that is all, only accused, because that is all it takes – of sexual misconduct, allegedly (NO PROOF! NO EVIDENCE!) kissing and fondling a 17-year-old girl, took his own life rather than face the shame of the allegations.

BOMBSHELL! Private intel operatives claim Trump Natl Sec Advisor HR McMaster authorized spying of Trump team and sent the intel directly to Soros

In addition to this shocking news, McGuire also claims to have evidence that McMaster himself sent the intelligence gathered from the surveillance on the Trump team directly to a facility in Cyprus owned by none other than George Soros.

Meet Al Frankengroper’s Senate replacement, a former Planned Parenthood leader and a card-carrying liberal weenie of the first rank

The bad news is she could be elected next year to continue in the seat for another six years or some other liberal weenie could fill the replacement seat (Frankengroper’s actual seat has already been removed from the Senate chamber and sent to the Liberal Weenie Hall of Fame in Berkeley, California).

Impartial, objective, unbiased lead investigator Peter Strzok called President Trump an “idiot” and “loathsome human”

Am I the only one who is really, really pissed off at Jeff Sessions right now? Why has Sessions not now unrecused himself, fired Mueller, and ended this lynch mob loaded with Trump-haters masquerading as a legitimate, impartial investigation?

Hilarious tweet from Sheila Jackson Lee who congratulated someone for his win in the Alabama special election. I’m just not sure who

Sheila Jackson Lee is a certified moron. By “certified” I mean that she has degrees from both Yale University and the University of Virginia, certainly calling into question the validity and quality of diplomas from those formerly prestigious institutions.

Calling for an emergency session of the AL gov and legislature to order a new election to fill Sessions’ Senate seat with the following strict rules

I believe there should be an emergency meeting of the Alabama governor and state legislature to order a new election, as a thorough audit of the election results is not possible since Alabama uses a corruptible, hackable electronic counting system which has led to questionable results in the past.

BOMBSHELL! Bill O’Reilly has a tape of an attorney offering a woman $200,000 to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct and he is ready to release it!

Just an accusation can easily wreck a career. But, don’t take my word for it, ask Al Frankengroper, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, et al, all sacrificial perverts, martyred solely for the purpose of hanging the same career-ending charge around the neck of the President of the United States.

Hilarious video: New York Italian’s rant regarding Cuomo’s and DeBlasio’s gross incompetence in keeping New Yorkers safe from terrorism

Regarding the secret terror watch list, Rubino joked,”Why isn’t this list posted all over the place? Why is it a secret? There’s only like 200 people on it. The list of who bangs your sister is longer than that. It should be in every bodega. It should be on the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium. Everybody should know!”

Guess who is funding the group now trying to remove President Trump from office on charges of sexual misconduct. No attempt to even hide it

Is it any surprise to discover that the money behind the latest effort to remove President Trump for completely baseless allegations of sexual misconduct is coming from organizations founded and funded by George Soros? No, it is no surprise at all.

VIDEO: CNN White House correspondent arrogantly demands that Sarah Sanders reveals whether she has ever been sexually harrassed

Sacrificial perverts Franken and Conyers have been expended to justify the coming crusade to force President Trump from the White House on multiple charges of sexual misconduct, which anyone with a shred of objectivity can see right through.

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