Has CNN given up trying to turn the world against President Trump? Have their efforts to do that backfired?

I seriously doubt it and yes. Reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons now have higher ratings than CNN. Not kidding! If it weren’t for airports, hospital waiting rooms, and other captive markets, CNN would have no viewers at all.

The truth is CNN has no credibility due to their well-deserved reputation as the King of Fake News and Americans are much smarter than CNN believed they were. CNN is no longer able to report bare-faced lies to the American people and expect those lies to be believed.

I have always thought that CNN is being subsidized by Democrat donor groups because their advertising revenue must be abysmal. How could a national news network survive when it has fewer viewers than Nickelodeon? Help from their liberal masters is the only answer I can come up with.

So, CNN’s Martin Savidge schlepped to Democrat stronghold Minnesota to see how residents there feel about national politics and President Trump. The mayor of Eveleth, Minnesota, himself a longtime loyal Democrat, said it best: “He’s our guy.”