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VIDEO: Diane Feinstein has announced that Democrats are pursuing an “obstruction of justice” case against President Trump for firing Comey

Diane Feinstein announced Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press that congressional Democrats are now trying to build a case of obstruction of justice against President Trump for his firing of James Comey, which the President has every right and all the authority to do.

Thanks for the mammaries! Shocking new holiday fashion trend has men smiling from sea to shining sea.

A takeoff of the hideous Christmas sweater phenomenon, women are decorating their bare breasts to resemble popular Christmas figures. While Rudolph the red-nosed mammary gland appears to be the most popular boob design, Frosty the Snowjug is expected to catch on soon, as well as jolly St. Knockers himself.

President Trump, via Nikki Haley, just screamed a big “FU!” to the UN, declaring that America will make its own decisions on refugee immigration

Nikki Haley just took the President’s message on refugee migration to the UN, declaring that the US will NOT allow the UN or anyone else to set its immigration policy regarding refugees, but rather will make its own decisions and set its own policy as is the right of any sovereign nation. 

Pics of near-empty stadiums around the NFL. One millionaire crybaby ($17 million a year) says if fans don’t like him kneeling, “don’t come to the game”

“If they don’t like it, don’t come to the game,” Vernon told reporters in reference to fans’ distaste for his kneeling during the national anthem like a $10 hooker, which he insists he will continue to do and no one is going to stop him.

Here come da’ judge! Roy Moore opens up big lead in Alabama Senate race. “Our campaign’s momentum is through the roof!”

Moore is an incredibly popular figure in Alabama politics, known mostly for his stand in support of the Ten Commandments and a pre-session prayer in his courtroom, for which he was sued by the ACLU. Moore eventually won the battle when the Alabama Supreme Court threw the case out.

VIDEO: Deported 20 times, illegal laughs when sentenced for sodomy and kidnapping in sanctuary state Oregon. Tells victims’ relatives, “See all you guys in hell”

“Let them all in,” they said. “It will be great, they said.” A Mexican man who was deported from the US 20 times has been convicted of 10 counts including sexual assault in Oregon.

Justice! A liberal weenie has been arrested and criminally charged with “threatening to kill a US congressman” and his entire family

Not everyone approves of removing absolute government control from business. Liberal morons actually love the government having a stranglehold on commerce. Case in point, the leftist imbecile from Syracuse who apparently believed threatening to murder a sitting US congressman and his family would be wise.

VIDEO: Lou Dobbs believes Barack Hussein should be escorted back to the US by federal marshals when he slams President Trump overseas. Me too!

I agree. I consider Barack Hussein’s unprecedented and constant attacks on his successor not only “bad manners” but seditious behavior, punishable by law. Why not simply revoke his passport.

President Trump and Jeff Sessions are demanding custody of Kate Steinle’s killer, acquitted of murder in a California court

Sick of the injustice of California’s make-believe court system, President Trump and Jeff Sessions aim to take custody of the illegal immigrant who murdered Kate Steinle.

Mike Flynn will testify that President Trump directed him to contact the Russians, which will hugely expand the Russian fairy tale investigation

Yet, we are watching all of this happen in real time. The Democrats believe that they can engineer enough public outrage via a publicity campaign by their official communications bureau, the mainstream media, to finally impeach President Trump.

VIDEO: If you want to get away with murder in America, become a Mexican citizen. Kate Steinle’s illegal immigrant murderer found NOT GUILTY!

Kate Steinle’s illegal immigrant murderer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who had been deported from the United States five times and committed seven felonies while in our country has been found not guilty of Steinle’s death, a true travesty of justice if there ever was one.

Still chasing the Russian fairy tale, Robert Mueller charges Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI

Mike Flynn is the latest to be charged by Mueller, for “lying to the FBI” about conversations Flynn had with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak. He may not have remembered something correctly. He may have said they were talking about professional ice hockey when it was really Olympic ice hockey. He may have said he had Ranch dressing on his salad when a restaurant receipt proves it was Blue Cheese dressing.

Wow! Rosie O’Donnell tweets that President Trump is a “child rapist.” No evidence whatsoever. Will this be the last straw before a lawsuit?

Do you think Rosie O’Donnell is still harboring a little resentment for President Trump calling her “a fat pig?” I also have a problem with President Trump calling Rosie “a fat pig.” She isn’t! As I have said before (2015), Rosie is a disgusting, repulsive manatee (photo, below)!

Crazy! Lauer “pulled down his pants, bent her over a chair, and had sex with her. The woman said she passed out…. and woke up on the floor”

Lauer “pulled down his pants, bent her over a chair, and had sexual intercourse with her. The woman said she passed out at some point and woke up on the floor of the office with her pants pulled down. Lauer then had his assistant take the woman to a nurse.”

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