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Microsoft joins the leftist crusade to silence patriot publishers

Thus began the Silicon Valley crusade to ‘silence the opposition’ (sound Nazi enough for you?), which began in earnest in January 2017. Via a campaign of algorithmic manipulation, the Big Three (Facebook, Google, and Twitter) incrementally steered traffic away from our sites, ultimately rendering us virtually invisible.

VIDEO: Mexican druglord ‘El Chapo’ Guzman will spend the rest of his life in a US prison after being found guilty of running the Sinaloa drug cartel

At what point will our leaders finally realize, as with alcohol, that some people are going to injure themselves, even kill themselves, with drugs, whether they are legal or illegal? Making drugs illegal only makes them more expensive and more dangerous.

President Trump receives death threat from Iran’s Ayatollah Khamanei

Should this result in a declaration of war? Iranian boss and radical Muslim cleric Ayatollah Khamanei has threatened President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Advisor John Bolton with death.

College students are asked who committed 6 scandals. President Trump was blamed for almost all of them which were all committed by Hillary Clinton

This is why I favor repealing the 26th Amendment. Eighteen-year-olds simply do not possess the life experience to make such grave decisions as who should serve as President of the United States.

BOOM! On the heels of his “border wall” rally in El Paso which drew 35,000 American patriots, President Trump’s approval rating jumps

BOOM! On the heels of his “border wall” rally in El Paso which drew 35,000 American patriots, President Trump’s approval rating jumps to a 23-month high.

Liberals are lying about the Beto rally in El Paso, claiming it dwarfed President Trump’s rally. We have photographic proof they are lying!

The following video shows tens of thousands of people outside the coliseum. There are 6,500 or more inside. Imagine the number of people who planned to attend and changed their minds when they saw the massive turnout. Team Trump should have rented the Sun Bowl which has a seating capacity of over 50,000.

Gearing up for their attempt at impeaching President Trump, House Democrats have six separate Trump investigations underway

Now that Mueller’s “Russian collusion” investigation has come away with NOTHING that can be pinned on the president, slimy Democrats are determined to investigate and analyze every document and every single minute of the president’s life in search of anything impeachable.

Democrats set up AG Whitaker to malign President Trump. This will be business as usual for the next 2 years. Republicans must refuse to participate

There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by voluntarily participating in the Democrat hearings or even complying with subpoenas. Whitaker and all Republicans should refuse to appear, as did Eric Holder who simply accepted his meaningless Contempt of Congress charge.

Acting AG Whitaker has all present in stitches when he tells Chairman Nadler that his five minutes to question him are up

Whitaker wasn’t playing and handled the circus like a boss. Despite freshman congressmen and women putting on their best foaming at the mouth performances of the most righteous indignation and being spoken to as though he, himself, were a condemned criminal, Whitaker calmly answered their questions.

Virginia Democrat Party meets to elect 2019 officers

It is beyond hilarious watching the governor of Virginia squirm to get out of his college blackface scandal, then the Lt. Governor try to sweep a sexual assault allegation under the rug, and now the Attorney General admitting he enjoys a little blackface from time to time also. 

Trump SOTU highlights. Off the charts approval rating. When you have Democrat women shouting, “USA, USA!” you know you nailed it

While it was largely a review of promises made and kept and a preview of promises yet to be delivered (border wall: “I will get it built!”), President Trump’s second State of the Union address was a roaring success with record approval numbers and unexpected bipartisan moments.

School bullying victim Joshua Trump will be at the SOTU address. Heartless liberals took to Twitter to bully the kid in their own sick, hateful way

No one is exempt from the left’s bullying, not even children, not even unborn children. Liberal Democrats are unfeeling demons from hell and those who vote for them nothing more than brainless useful idiots. 

Dear God! Senate Demonicrats block bill requiring medical care for babies who survive abortion

How sick, depraved, wicked, and evil do you have to be to deny a newborn infant, struggling for life, the medical care necessary to survive? As sick, depraved, wicked, and evil as an American liberal Democrat!

Planning a trip to Mexico? Think twice! Second visitor in 2 months shipped home missing his brain and heart

The case of the Korean man drew comparisons to a similar case of missing organs from December when the body of a British tourist, Amanda Gill, who died in Mexico, was returned to Britain without her eyes, brain or heart, with family accusing Mexican organ traffickers of stealing her organs.

The most delicious bit of schadenfreude to be offered up in decades. Is it wrong to enjoy watching liberals squirm in their own waste?

OK, I admit it. This whole Northam thing has me cracking up, not because I enjoy watching the crash and burn of any poor soul, but, rather, because I find it deliciously delightful that finally, the left is drowning in the same political correctness that they have been shoving down the throats of everyday Americans for three decades.

VIDEO: The Queen of Fake News, CNN, broadcasts video of embattled VA governor, labeling him as a Republican. Honest mistake? Hell no!

Now, the Queen of Fake News has deliberately (it is impossible for this to be an honest mistake) superimposed its own chryon over Virginia Governor Latham’s apology video, labeling the Democrat governor as a Republican.

More discrimination against conservatives: Microsoft extension advises advertisers to not advertise on pro-Trump media sites like Powdered Wig. Share this!

Newsguard, like Snopes and SPLC, is nothing more than a partisan, dishonest, America-hating leftist tool that calls all pro-Trump sites “unreliable” while giving its green “reliable” check mark to the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Newsguard has advised advertisers to not advertise on pro-Trump sites.

VIDEO: Powerful anti-abortion message to Congress by a man with Down Syndrome

Watch the video, below, as Stephens addresses a congressional committee, promoting more research funding for Down Syndrome and protesting the abhorrent practice of aborting feti in the womb which have been identified with Down Syndrome. 

Journalism today: As members the lying mainstream today continue to shrink and disappear, they are being replaced by digital truth brokers like Powdered Wig

Modern journalism is in the midst of a great transmutation, characterized by a visible shift from print and broadcast journalism to digital media, all manner of internet concerns which are dramatically changing the media landscape and the information, especially news, that is available to consumers today.

VIDEO: The FBI raided Roger Stone’s house in the dark of night and the Queen of Fake News, CNN, was there, waiting. Imagine that! Who tipped them off?

The biggest news is that CNN was there, all ready for the big production, and reported the entire ordeal. CNN was the only news organization present (my apologies for using “CNN” and “news organization” in the same sentence).

VIDEO: Liberal woman grabs Trump supporter’s penis at Women’s March in front of police who do nothing

“So look at this! Women have so much privilege she can sexually assault me and get away with it. If I did that to her, I’d get arrested,” Shroyer shouted to the crowd angrily while his assailant laughed and nodded in agreement.

The Yellow Vest movement may soon become a shooting war as protesters batter French police who now wield automatic rifles with 30-round magazines

Watch the video below of French citizen, Christophe Dettinger, who also happens to be a former light heavyweight champion, assaulting a police officer who has only his baton and shield to defend himself. Dettinger claims he was reacting to police beating defenseless protesters while they were lying on the ground.

Why are the Dems and president arguing over border wall funding? The money has been right under our noses. Use it!

As they argue the merits and morality of having a border wall or not having a border wall, thousands of illegal immigrants continue to pour over the border, where they are held by ICE as long as legally permitted, then released into American communities. 

Chill, Ann! Coulter is freaking out over President Trump considering trading DACA for wall funding, a genius deal. Here is why

Coulter has been firmly in the “no-compromise” camp on illegal immigration and border security, which, if she gets her way, is going to lead to years of gridlock in Washington and nothing getting accomplished while our southern border is being overrun by illegals. I ask Ann Coulter, “Is that a good thing?”

Jim Acosta tells Sebastian Gorka he doesn’t belong in the the WH Press room. Gorka explodes! “Acosta, you are a dic*head!”

As Acosta entered the White House Press Briefing Room Friday, he recognized former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka and was quick to ask him what he thought he was doing there as the room is “for journalists only,” cueing Gorka to rip CNN’s senior fake news artist a new exhaust port.

Hilarious video: Democrat crybabies whine over President Trump canceling their pretend lovefest in Afghanistan with the troops they detest

Photo, above: Tim Kaine, apparently flirting with a horse (add your own punchline) from the back of a bus. Kaine was a member of Nancy Plastici’s codel (congressional delegation) who thought he was on his way to Afghanistan when President Trump canceled their trip

VIDEO: Is anyone funnier than a New York Italian? They make perfect sense too. Cousin Vito has the border wall all figured out!

Fred has the border wall and illegal immigration all figured out. Reporting on a phone conversation he had with his cousin Vito, Rubino describes Vito’s proposal for starting a new government and dealing with the controversial border wall and illegal immigration.

VIDEO: Michael Strahan tries to upstage President Trump, offering lobster and caviar to the Clemson football team. Thomas Madison has a suggestion for Mr. Strahan

In a shameless attempt to upstage President Trump, Strahan offered the team what I reckon he considers REAL food, lobster and caviar, the obvious message being that the meal President Trump offered was not fit for humans.

HILARIOUS AUDIO! A stupid black female racist on David Webb’s radio show accused him of enjoying white privilege…. until he told her what color he is!

Newsflash, Areva! David Webb may not have been the greatest example of white privilege your poor, twisted, liberal mind could have come up with. Mostly, because he is BLACK!

VIDEO: President Trump watching the Democrats advocate for border security, the same Democrats who are calling it wrong and “immoral” today

Democrats are spineless shit-talkers. You can believe nothing they say. If a Democrat told me what time it is, I would still check a clock. They can’t be trusted. They would much rather lie in any given situation where the truth would do just as well. It’s what they do. They are dishonest scumbags!