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VIDEO: Wow! Newt Gingrich said to be the leading candidate for White House Chief of Staff. Could it be? Hell of a team, but two YUGE egos!

My greatest concern is that Newt and the president are too much alike. Both are geniuses. Both are risk takers, and both have huge egos, wherein lies the problem. Can Newt subordinate himself to anyone, even the President of the United States?

Michael Cohen sentenced to three years for tax evasion and bank fraud, but that’s not the big story. Here’s what his conviction and sentencing really mean

Cohen was never tried for a campaign finance violation, which carries a civil, monetary penalty, not criminal. He pleaded guilty to the violation in a deal with special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Why did Mueller want to pin a campaign finance violation on Cohen? Because it is the only way to implicate President Trump. 

VIDEO: Fireworks aplenty in the Oval Office as Pelosi and Schumer meet with President Trump, demanding meeting be private. Prez keeps the cameras rolling!

In my opinion, President Trump should forget about the House funding the wall at all. He can easily have the Army Corps of Engineers build the wall and fund it from the existing defense budget. There! Border security! Forget about the anti-American Democrats! Done deal!

Public Service Announcement: Be prepared! DHS issues severe warning that US electric grid is a ‘prime target’ and under ‘profound threat’ of terrorist attack

A final word of advice: Do NOT depend on the government. You are on your own now. Be prepared! Your family is depending on it.

Justice is nigh! Clinton Foundation whistleblowers turned over 6000 pages of evidence to the FBI and “knows where all the bodies are buried”

We expected (or hoped) that one day, someone, somewhere, would appear and rat out the family that makes the Gambinos look like Ozzie and Harriet.

Saying ‘hell no’ to migration as a human right, this country is the latest to back out of signing the UN migration pact

As the UN continues to shove unlimited, uncontrolled migration down the throats of hardworking people in developed nations across the globe, more national leaders are questioning the wisdom of the UN’s agenda regarding migration as a human right.

French President Macron has gone into hiding as the violent protests grow. 290,000 protesters took to the streets of France over the weekend

Macron’s response? He’s hiding, believing, it seems, that if allowed to run its course, the wave of protests will subside and daily life will return to normal. This may be yet another horrible miscalculation by Macron as the protests have only grown larger, more widespread, and more violent.

VIDEO: Adam Schiff: President Trump faces “the real prospect of jail time.” “The next president has to determine whether to pardon Donald Trump”

Adam Schiff, the California Democrat congressman with the mass murderer eyes, believes that President Trump is going to jail. Actually, I don’t think he really believes that. He is only laying groundwork for the impeachment of President Trump that the Democrat House majority is certain to pursue.

VIDEO: Liberals praise migrants as saviors, replacing young American workers who are not having children. But, why aren’t they? Who cares about them? No one!

And, why can’t young Americans afford to raise families? Because immigration drives down wages (my words, not Tucker’s), resulting in a lower standard of living, creating depressing situations like young American adults being forced to live with their parents for decades for economic reasons.

Two large groups of Central Americans apprehended after crossing the Mexican border into the US

Many of the migrants from the caravan have been moved south and many more have gone home. However, Central Americans, be they part of the numerous caravans or smaller groups, continue to invade America, concerned only for themselves. Build the damned wall already!

WINNING! Not only has the US just become the world’s largest oil producer, but the largest oil find in history was just discovered in TX and NM

On the heels of the United States becoming the world’s largest oil producer this month, a recent oil find straddling the Texas/New Mexico border has proven to be the largest oil discovery in US history, an historic 46 billion barrels of oil, as well as 281 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

VIDEO: Uber-PC Fox says Congressman Gohmert is lying for saying George Soros helped confiscate property from fellow Jews, which is the truth

Speaking of Soros’ history, Gohmert correctly described him as someone who “turned on fellow Jews and helped take the property that they owned,” which is true by Soros’ own words.

VIDEO: Speaking of complete fakes, what is Nancy Pelosi up to lately? Remember when she explained her favorite word with the cryptic message? Take our poll

Listen closely to Pelosi’s cryptic message at the 1:04 mark, following “That’s the great mystery.” What the hell did she say? Known for speaking unintelligible gibberish, it may be only that. Or perhaps it is an important message for the world. Let us know what you think in the poll, below….

VIDEO: Hawaii senator says Dems have a hard time “connecting with voters” because of “how smart we are,” and because “we Democrats know so much” 

Mazie snatched the title of Dumbest Woman in Washington from Nancy Pelosi some years ago, and what an entertaining match it was. The game-winning play was Mazie having to be told by an ICE official that is actually illegal to enter the United States without permission. She had no idea!

VIDEO: Antifa, some with AR-15s, physically assault and terrorize a journalist and threaten his life. Cops tell journalist to leave for inciting Antifa

“Are you willing to die for YouTube sh!t? Yeah, ’cause that’s what’s gonna’ come, man. Death is coming to you, dude. Real sh!t. Feel that energy? That’s why your heart’s pounding. I’m here to let you know, judgement’s here.”

New US immigration study reveals a shocking number of non-citizen households on welfare. Build the damned wall already!

A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies is shining the inconvenient spotlight of truth on the shameful lie that illegal immigrants only want to invade our country to find jobs and take care of their families.

VIDEO: PARIS ON FIRE! Yearning for a populist President like Trump, protesters turn over cars in the street and burn them, demanding Macron resign

The people of Paris have had enough of government oppression. Unable to survive on their wages, overburdened by taxes to pay for social welfare, and now with fuel prices leaving them unable to pay their bills, they are doing the only thing left they can do, protesting against their government.

Landlord tells Harvard student to move after her terrified roommates, triggered by her MAGA hat, searched her room, finding a legal gun

In addition to invading Pirnie’s privacy, for which her roomies saw no need to apologize, they all demanded, as did the landlord, that she move out, as she is obviously an extremely dangerous individual, what with a MAGA hat and a gun. 

VIDEO: Terrifying red laser dot appears on President Trump’s face and chest at Christmas Tree lighting

Some believe that the laser dot is a red-eye reduction feature of a camera in the journalist pool, which makes no sense to me. Others believe the dot is a reflection of the tree lights, which makes even less sense since the dot moves around on President Trump’s body while the tree lights are stationary.

VIDEO: THIS is why our public schools are producing liberal zombies. Watch this waste product of a teacher violate this kid’s rights. For what? Wearing a MAGA hat

They simply follow the crowd and, having not yet formed a complete ability to think and analyze on their own, can be talked into anything by influential morons, which is why I have long favored repeal of the 26th Amendment.

VIDEO: UPDATE! Jerome Corsi refuses Mueller plea deal. “The American people have got to understand we have a criminal Department of Justice”

“The American people have got to understand we have a criminal Department of Justice, and they are taking citizens…. I’ve never committed a crime in my life. I’m 72 years old. They want to bankrupt my family. ‘Is Daddy going to prison?’ My wife is crying every day.”

BREAKING! US troops repel the caravan with tear gas as it tries to illegally breach the US border. Liberal weenies freak out, creating a twitterstorm

The good news is that Mexico is beginning to take control of the migrant crisis, understanding that if the United States refuses entry of the migrants, the Central American hordes automatically become Mexico’s problem.

VIDEO: Migrants are planning a mass “human stampede” across the US border, perhaps as early as today

These “migrants” are nothing more than parasites. Having already been offered jobs and assistance in Mexico, they have declined. Their destination is the big Santa Claus north of the Rio Grande, the welfare of their intended hosts, the American people, be damned!

Hilarious! Barbra Streisand claims that President Trump is making her fat. Like fat matters with a face like that

I’ve been thinking about, do I want to move to Canada? I don’t know. I’m just so saddened by this thing happening to our country. It’s making me fat. I hear what he said now, and I have to go eat pancakes now, and pancakes are very fattening.

VIDEO: Tijuanans support President Trump, want caravan “bums” gone! Media silent. Caravan scheme blowing up in Soros’ and the Democrats’ faces

Tijuanans are fit to be tied over the Central American caravan, a 10,000-bum army, over half of which is in Tijuana already, gobbling up the city’s resources, shoplifting, defecating in the streets, and demanding more and better food and accommodations.

VIDEO: Horrifying! Federal judge dismisses female genital mutilation case, allowing it to continue, ruling Congress has no constitutional authority to ban it

In what appeared to be a slam-dunk case of two Muslim doctors in Michigan practicing female genital mutilation, federal Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that Congress has no authority to create and enact a law prohibiting female genital mutilation (FGM)

VIDEO: Fox guest declares that Hillary Clinton “won’t go away. She’s like herpes” and gets yanked by PC host who apologizes to Clinton and viewers

Every minute of every day far worse things are being said about President Trump across the mainstream media. It hasn’t been long that many talking heads were stuffing the airwaves with news of professional whore Stormy Daniels describing President Trump’s penis. Often times the talking heads were chuckling.

VIDEO: A virtual cornucopia of Thanksgiving myths busted. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!

A few historians insist that turkey was present on the table of America’s first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts in 1621 (although, it wasn’t actually the first Thanksgiving, a busted myth you will find as you read more, below).

President Trump establishes press briefing rules that look very much like the rules Powdered Wig suggested two weeks ago

It is a shame that rules have to be established because one crybaby, pictured above, can’t practice common courtesy and the generally accepted rules of decorum. 

VIDEO: CNN commentator declares that ALL white women who support President Trump are “RACISTS!” Twitter unloads on her!

Empaneling a trio of women, Lemon, his brow wrinkled in the most righteous concern, asked Kirsten Powers, “There’s been a lot of talk about why white women support President Trump. What’s your take on it?”

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