VIDEO: Mainstream media is silent, won’t report on war in Paris as Muslim gangs battle police and local residents

Standing there deflecting bricks and bottles with your shields as these scumbags hurl missiles at you is only going to make them bolder. SHOOT THEM! When the first rank goes down, the rest of the rats will scurry.

New poll shows that a majority of American voters believe President Trump’s executive order is NOT a “Muslim ban,” but rather a terrorist restriction

A new Fox News poll concludes that most American voters do not believe President Trump’s immigration ban against seven predominately Muslim nations is a religious ban against Muslims.

LOL! The liberal weenies were successful in getting rid of Mike Flynn, but they are going to hate his replacement, who is even more hardcore than Flynn

A retired Navy SEAL who eats broken glass for breakfast and flosses with barbed wire is the leading candidate to replace LTG Mike Flynn as President Trump’s National Security Adviser.

Democrats working overtime attempting to throw out our electoral college voting system and replace it with the popular vote. It will never happen. Here is why….

Hitlery spent most of her time in bed or passing out on sidewalks. Donald Trump won the electoral college because he designed his campaign to do just that.

Democrats and Rinos on the warpath to remove President Trump from office over Russia contact

General Flynn talked to Russia. Imagine that! BFD! Russia is NOT our enemy. It’s like, “General Flynn, that son-of-a-bitch, talked to Canadians! For this we must remove Trump from the presidency!”

Women across the country are cutting their Nordstrom cards in two and boycotting the store to protest its political decision to drop Ivanka’s clothing line

Americans have had enough of the anti-Trump hysteria liberal crybabies are foisting upon the majority of America, who are responding to the liberal stupidity in large numbers.

VIDEO: Not everyone in Europe is taking the Muslim invasion lying down. Check out these Hungarian bounty hunters who are rounding them up

When the targets are captured, they are wrestled to the ground and their hands bound as the patrol members, in camouflage clothing, stand menacingly over them.

She turned America’s school lunch program into jail food. Now she is starring in a cooking show. Take our poll to help us name Michelle Obama’s show

Reinforcing the jail food theme, Martha Stewart will also be a guest star on the show. Perhaps Bernie Madoff and OJ Simpson can be worked into the schedule.

Russia is considering turning Snowden over to President Trump to “curry favor” with Trump administration

I think it would be a yuge mistake for Trump to accept Snowden. He should politely keep his distance from this issue, as many people, including yours truly, consider Snowden a hero.

VIDEO: Sidney Blumenthal and MSM clowns are all outraged over a racist commercial they say Fred Trump ran in the 70s. The only problem is it is a lie, fake news!

More fake news from the greatest purveyors of fake news on the planet, the liberal assclowns in the Democrat Party, and their official communications bureau, the mainstream media.

Barack Hussein is leading an army of 30,000 protesters to fight President Trump for the next four to eight years. Arrest the skunk for sedition!

There is more than ample evidence to arrest Hussein and Soros both. Do it, Donald! Cage the scumbags!

VIDEO: Finally! Piers Morgan gets it!

Piers Morgan sounds more like a right wing stalwart than a confused progressive morphing from a struggling larva trapped in the rotten cocoon of leftist ideology to the screaming eagle of American exceptionalism.

Bwahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaa! CNN cuts Bernie Sanders off, pretending they lost him, when he calls CNN “fake news.” The libs can’t seem to shake the label they created

The most hilarious part of this whole “fake news” comedy is that it was begun by Barack Hussein and his flying monkeys. Now the label has stuck to them, they can’t shake it, and I am laughing my ass off!

VIDEO: 3-man IT spy ring (all Muslims), working for Democrat Congressmen, subject of a criminal probe and possible compromise of most sensitive US intel

H/T Sandy Tabor Three Muslim brothers working as IT techs for Democrat Congressmen in the House of Representatives were fired Thursday for illegally accessing House members’ computer networks, which initiated a criminal probe. The wife of one of the brothers […]

VIDEO: ICE raids across US net hundreds of arrests, protesters go crazy, even though the same ICE raids happened under Obama

The raids conducted were routine and the same type of ICE raids that occurred under previous administrations. But why ruin a good “Trump is a Nazi” party with facts, right?

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