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Of the many great tweets regarding Karen Handel’s victory in GA, Kellyanne Conway has my vote for #1

The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet. Favorite tweets following Handel’s victory….

VIDEO: “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!” the crowd roared as Karen Handel thanked the President during her acceptance speech

Watch Handel’s victory speech as she thanks President Trump, inspiring the crowd to applaud and cheer, chanting, “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!”

VIDEO: Wow! Wild cell phone footage of a recent shootout between a robber and cops near Baltimore

“I pulled up and I stopped and I saw weapons drawn. The next thing I know, I hear shots being fired. While I’m sitting in the truck, there’s a sign next to me and a bullet hit that sign.”

Smoking gun alert! Where are Susan Rice’s Trump wiretapping records? NSC claims they are in the Obama Library, except it doesn’t exist yet

I suspect this may be a smoking gun involving an NSC liberal who is still toting water for Barack Hussein and Susan Rice, attempting to keep prying eyes from what is likely incriminating evidence.

Mueller hires another Democrat Hitlery donor. Come on, Mr. President, look Mueller square in the eyes and sincerely proclaim, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Look Mueller square in the eyes and very sincerely proclaim, “YOU’RE FIRED!” We the People have your back. Just do it!

Ford snubs President Trump. After vowing not to build a plant in Mexico, they decide to build it in CHINA instead

I hope President Trump makes it clear that there will be a tariff imposed sufficient to make Ford’s decision to move to China a losing proposition.

VIDEO: Judicial Watch request for Susan Rice unmasking docs denied by NSC. Docs conveniently shipped to Obama Library, sealed for 5 years

The records relating to Susan Rice’s unmasking of Trump campaign officials have been shipped off to the Obama Library, where they are sealed and unavailable to the public for five years.

It took five whole months for the liberal Democrat Trump-hating “resistance” to go James Hodgkinson full postal. Ann Coulter describes how we got here

So, here we are, James Hodgkinson full postal. The liberal bullets are now a-flying. How do the leftist talking heads respond? Some blame Trump for his reprehensible patriotism….

AUDIO: 70-year-old man robbed a bank because he wanted jail time to get away from his wife. His sentence? Six months home confinement

U.S. District Court Judge Carlos Murguia sentenced Ripple on Tuesday to six months of home confinement.

Otto Warmbier has died in the hospital one week after being released from a North Korean prison

Otto Warmbier has died in a Cincinnati hospital, after being released by North Korea where he had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in prison for allegedly attempting to steal a poster.

Russia cuts communication with US forces in Syria and threatens to shoot down any US aircraft operating in its area of operation

Russia has cut a vital line of communication with US forces in Syria and is threatening to shoot down any US aircraft operating in Russian/Syrian operational airspace.

US shoots down Syrian warplane in Syria as Iran now enters the fight, attacking ISIS

For the first time in the war against ISIS in Syria, the US has attacked Syrian government forces with the downing of a Syrian fighter jet by a US fighter jet.

LOL! Slick Willie’s (alleged) illegitimate son wishes him a Happy Father’s Day

“She demanded to see Mrs. Clinton They slammed the door in her face. Arkansas State police officers literally chased my aunt and me from the building. They ran us off like dogs.”

Muslim logic: How dare Israeli police officers shoot terrorists armed with knives and a submachine gun and prevent them from killing more Jews?

For many Palestinians, the three terrorists who murdered the young woman, Hadas Malka, are “heroes” and “martyrs” who will be rewarded by Allah in Paradise.

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Joy Reid attacks Steve Scalise for being a conservative while he is in critical condition in the hospital

“Because he is in jeopardy and everyone is pulling for him, are we required in a moral sense to put that (being a conservative) aside at the moment?”

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