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VIDEO: Thanks for the mammaries! Two feminazis crash a Muslim conference with predictable results

Islam is predictable. We all know that. Feminazis are not very smart. We all know that. So, what happens when the two cultures clash? The feminazis get the crap beaten out of them. They may have even been raped if they weren’t so repulsive.

It is time, President Trump. FIRE Jeff Sessions! He is a swamp rat who is allowing his fellow swamp rats to destroy you, if you allow it

Jeff Sessions has been a huge disappointment. The corrupt establishment machine is anti-Trump 24/7 because they know they have one of their own in probably the second-most-important position in the United States, Attorney General.

Wow! 2014 Clinton Foundation tax return. They took in $177 million, donated $5 million, spent $86 million doing it, and kept the $86 million change

WARNING! Before reading this, find a big, strong clothespin. Check that. Find a large steel industrial clamp. Clamp both nostrils shut before you begin reading, as a stench is going to fill the room the likes of which you have never experienced before and will never want to experience.

VIDEO: Judge Napolitano believes that if what we know so far is confirmed as true, then Barack Hussein should be charged with a felony

Judge Napolitano: That’s a felony. If the Obama administration used the subterfuge of national security to surveil Donald Trump and pass that information on to Hillary or her people or anybody else, that’s a felony, and whoever did that ought to be indicted.

VIDEO: Wow! Talk about brainless. Watch the cast of The View discuss North Korea. It’s like listening to first-graders discuss quantum physics

Listen to these brainless cackling hens discuss North Korea and how North Korea was never a problem until Donald Trump was elected. It’s like listening to first-graders discuss quantum physics.

Three Democrat US congressmen among ten arrested outside Trump Tower during protest. They are mad because Trump

Ten liberal weenies were arrested Tuesday outside Trump Tower during a protest. Three of them were United States congressmen who somehow believe that United States law should not apply to those entering our country illegally, that they should be exempt from the law. 

College student exposes prof’s hateful rants against President Trump: “F**k Donald Trump,” and “F**k ANYONE who voted for Donald Trump.”

“These statements made by the professor are not only wildly inappropriate, they are deeply concerning,” he told Campus Reform. “How can you honestly believe all Trump supporters belong in the KKK? How can you say f*ck you to all Trump supporters, including your students?”

VIDEO: Awesome! Tucker Carlson shuts down illegal immigrant Dreamer. “Why do you have a right to demand anything?”

Watch this brain-dead Dreamer (read: illegal immigrant) try to convince Tucker Carlson that not only do he and the 800,000 other Dreamers have rights in this country, but so do the 11 million illegals (estimated number, which is more likely between 20 million and 30 million) who brought them across the border ILLEGALLY. 

BREAKING BOMBSHELL! The FBI wiretapped Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort beginning in 2014, not just during the campaign

Robert Mueller is licking his chops right now with new information involving Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort being wiretapped by the FBI as early as 2014? Exactly why Manafort was wiretapped isn’t completely clear yet, but it has to do a Ukranian connection.

VIDEO: Undocumented “Dreamers” take over Nancy Batsh!t Crazy Pelosi’s news conference, irate that she is playing nice with President Trump

The Dreamers are only hurting themselves. Alienating Pelosi is not going to pay off, and if they believe that President Trump is intimidated by their antics, they have not been paying attention.

Piers Morgan: “Trump was RIGHT about letting in poorly vetted refugees who repay Britain’s kindness with blind hate and bombings”

Now back home in gloomy old England, the very real threat of Islamic terrorism is nudging Piers ever so gently to the philosophical right. No, Piers has not come out and declared that everyone should own a gun, but he has said that President Trump is right with his Muslim travel ban.

VIDEO: Black actress when asked who she is rooting for to win all the Emmy awards: “I’m rooting for everybody black.” But, of course, that’s not racist

Issa Rae’s comment at this year’s 69th Primetime Emmy Awards when asked by a Variety reporter who she was rooting for to win. Racist Rae replied, “I’m rooting for everyone black!” Then smiling, she doubled down unapologetically, “I am.”

VIDEO: Star-Spangled awesome! KISS presenting a check of $150,000 to a vets organization, reciting Pledge of Allegiance, playing national anthem

During a concert, KISS took a shot at Colin Kaepernick who refuses to stand for the National Anthem, presented a $150,000 check to a veterans organization, recited the pledge of allegiance and played a killer version of The Star Spangled Banner.

Oh, boy, this should be interesting. President Trump addresses the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. I hope he lights a serious fire under their asses

We don’t need the UN. How many times has it stabbed America, its greatest financial contributor, in the back? How many times has it condemned Israel, one of America’s greatest allies, for defending itself after Palestinian terrorist attacks? Someone, please tell me what use the UN is. Go ahead, I have all week.

Max Wig off her meds again, enjoys Jeff Sessions being humiliated, calls him a racist. Sheriff David Clarke sets her straight on who the REAL racist is

Max Wig represents a California district she doesn’t even live in. She lives closer to the beautiful people in Hollywood in a multi-million-dollar mansion, visiting her district for town halls and campaign events.

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