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BREAKING! Powdered Wig exclusive! We have retrieved the prayer President Trump left at the Western Wall….

In a Powdered Wig exclusive, we are proud to bring this historical document to the world’s attention. Presenting President Donald Trump’s Prayer, left at the Western Wall.

Terrorism persists because it works. The weaker we are, the more it works

Thus it is with terrorism. Terrorists achieve their goals by committing horrific acts of mass murder. Cloaked in the language of the Quran as a front, the goal is almost always money.

Europe’s cowardly leaders are “SHOCKED” by the Manchester massacre. Really? You thought appeasement would tame Islam? STUPID!

No matter how many times Muslim terrorists smack the good people of Europe in the mouth, Europe’s cowardly leaders strut to the nearest microphone, claiming to be shocked and horrified.

VIDEO: Muslim no-go zones are now in the heart of Paris. No women, no infidels allowed

Europe’s leftist leaders are so out-of-touch, their heads so stuck in the sand, that they will still not admit that there are no-go zones scattered across their continent.

THIS is how classless the mainstream media is. A CBS freelance reporter took time to tweet this joke about the Manchester massacre

In true leftist fashion, CBS freelance journalist and world class assclown David Leavitt took the time to crack a few jokes over the mass murder of twenty-two people, mostly kids.

UPDATE: First hand reports of the carnage in Manchester terror attack that killed 22. A 23-year-old man has been arrested

“That sound, the blood and those who were running around clueless with body parts and bits of skin missing will not be leaving my mind anytime soon or the minds of those involved.”

VIDEO: Confidence! Egyptian President praises President Trump, whose two-word response was epic!

Meeting yesterday with Egyptian President al-Sisi, President Trump had all in attendance chuckling at his two-word uber-confident reply to a compliment paid him by al-Sisi.

Two huge explosions at Ariana Grande concert, Manchester, England. Many dead, many more injured. All the markings of a terrorist attack.

Explosions at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England caused a “number of confirmed fatalities and others injured,” police said late Monday.

Trump and Netanyahu join forces to isolate Iran and deal with the Iranian nuclear problem

Elated and relieved to finally be rid of anti-Semite Barack Hussein, Netanyahu told President Trump, “I want you to know how much we appreciate the change in American policy on Iran.”

BOOM! The Trump Effect! Illegal border crossings are no longer #1 source of illegal immigration, moving to second place. Rapid turnaround!

Illegal border crossings have dropped so significantly since President Trump’s election that they are no longer the number one illegal immigration problem. Rather, it is visa overstays.

Comey memo is absolute BS! A leprechaun on a unicorn told the NY Times he saw it, which is good enough for Democrats

I saw this story (below) in Young Conservatives last night. They now fully recognize that the Comey memo is complete bullshit.

“F*CK DONALD TRUMP,” the California Democrat faithful chant at their 2017 convention with both middle fingers in the air

The leader of the California Democrat Party offered this parting wisdom to his adoring audience…. “FUCK DONALD TRUMP!” at the 2017 California Democrat Convention.

Sanders supporters sue DNC for bias. DNC defense in court: We can be biased and slimy if we want. We are Democrats. Not kidding!

Their defense in court is that they can rig an election if they want to because they are Democrats and have every right to be slimy. Not kidding!

BOOM! The Trump Effect! Unemployment claims lowest in 28 years

From consumer confidence to the promise of corporate tax cuts to a runaway stock market, employers are investing in their companies again.

The deep state. It must be killed before it kills We the People!

Make no mistake, our enemy is the Deep State, that shadowy, slippery, slimy collection of career parasites located mostly “inside the beltway,” or “the swamp,” as President Trump refers to it.

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