VIDEO: Slimy Al Franken accuses Judge Gorsuch of being a partisan political hack when he was in elementary school

Slimy Senator Al Franken is enjoying his minute in the sun, using it to do all he can to make Judge Neil Gorsuch look like a Republican political hack and therefore unfit to sit on the Supreme Court.

NYPD Chief: “People are going to prison!” Hitlery Clinton entangled in the Anthony Weiner underage sexting scandal

the pieces of the case are apparently falling into place, and according to many credible sources, once-powerful liberal Democrats are scrambling to make immunity deals to avoid long prison terms.

State Department approves Keystone pipeline

Not only are the pipeline and the caribou coexisting well, the caribou actually love the pipeline because it is warm and green grass grows around it even in cold weather.

Impeached and disgraced judge and now Congressman Alcee Hastings has paid millions of taxpayer dollars to his girlfriend

Hastings is just one of the parasites that populate the “inside-the-beltway” swamp that President Trump is determined to drain.

Key House leaders postpone Obamacare repeal vote. I happen to agree with them on this one

We may be pushing too hard to repeal Obamacare and are risking implementing a product that may not be much better for the sake of expedience, when expedience is not necessary. Patience! Get it right the first time.

VIDEO: 11-year-old Millie the Trump girl will blow your mind

Millie: “Immigration. You know, I love immigrants…. if they come here LEGALLY! LEGALLY! LEGALLY! I don’t like the word ‘illegally.’ I like ‘legally.'” LOL! All she needs is orange hair and a red tie.

Terrorist attack outside British Parliament leaves five dead. Terrorist killed, three others arrested

I wasn’t able to find any released information on the attacker. After seeing a picture of the terrorist on a stretcher, pictured above, I am presuming he was a Baptist. Anyone else care to venture a guess?

Trump vindicated! Devin Nunes: “There was some level of surveillance activity…. I don’t think the American people would be comfortable with”

President Trump is vindicated! There was indeed surveillance of his campaign committed by the administration of then Demon-in-Chief Barack Hussein.

VIDEO: Fake news alert! CNN is the fake news king. Here is a short compilation

It’s almost as if CNN is being paid by the Democrat Party and its backers. Nah, that would never happen…. right?

For those who believe that Barack Hussein’s presidency was scandal-free, here is a list 18 you should remember

Certainly you remember this list of eighteen major scandals, many of which would have had a Republican impeached, with a screaming media following them to the gallows to record it all.

Not exactly Mr. Clean, check out Comey’s resume, which includes connections to the Clinton Foundation and international drug money laundering

Comey’s supporters on the left may try to deny any connection, but they can’t deny history. Let’s examine Comey’s resume.

VIDEO: Rand Paul declares “we know one thing for sure,” Obama’s intel spied on the Trump campaign staff

It appears that the method used to spy on Trump’s campaign staff was to monitor his staff’s conversations and when something that could be used to implicate a staff member was found, design a legal route to justify it.

Hilarious video! Watch what this guy’s TV does when he commands it to “turn to fake news”

CNN has been outed as the true purveyor of fake news, a term that originated with Barack Hussein, who attempted to use it to paint the right wing blogosphere as illegitimate. But it backfired!

VIDEO: WH press briefing, all about Trump/Russia collusion. Sean Spicer smacks down ABC’s Jonathan Karl

UPDATE: President Trump had Russian dressing on his salad last night. The obvious collusion is getting deeper!

Secret Service agent and Hitlery Clinton fan who said she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump finally fired

Remember the Secret Service agent who claimed that she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump? Well, she was finally shown the door, but like many, I wonder why it took so long.

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