Liberal whiny babies, you may want to retreat to your safe space to read these FACTS regarding the election you just lost miserably

It is getting closer to Inauguration Day, my liberal friends, and while you are searching for just the right bridge to jump from I would like to present you with an early Christmas gift.

A Muslim comic winds up being seated beside Eric Trump on an international flight. What are the odds? Will this be hilarious or disastrous?

I just know we had a good, decent conversation, and I think that proves that we can talk to each other, and I think that’s what’s most important.Mohammed Amer

BREAKING! Jill Stein’s exercise in stupidity is foundering. Michigan AG asking state Supreme Court to halt the recount “before it begins”

Jill Stein’s last-minute (by design) maneuver to demand a recount in three crucial battleground states is not warranted as she is not an “aggrieved” party.

VIDEO: Hampshire College Prez is confronted by Fox News’ Jesse Watters on his decision to remove the US flag from campus. Wimpy Prez calls the cops

Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash has been excoriated across the country for his decision to remove the flag, which has angered many patriots, especially veterans

Awesome video! “It’s the Most Wonderful Time in Eight Years.” Merry Christmas, everyone! We can say that again, right?

Funny and festive and full of the promise of the next eight years when Barack Hussein will be a bad memory and We the People, led by Donald Trump, will be making America Great Again. Enjoy this video and Merry Christmas!

VIDEO: Barack Hussein mocks Donald Trump who said he was going to save the Carrier jobs in Indiana, and then did it…. before he was even inaugurated

Barack Hussein has done nothing but run his mouth for eight years and damage America as much as he could. He will go down as undoubtedly the very worst president in the history of the United State

Jill Stein’s own Green Party is disowning her for fronting Hitlery’s latest ploy to steal the election

It ain’t gonna’ work! Stein’s own Green Party is now disowning her, condemning her shameless ploy to aid in manipulating an election and dragging the Green Party through the cesspool with her.

In an interview with fake news publisher Rolling Stoned, Barack Hussein blames Fox News for his failure

Perfect! To cement his legacy in the basement of presidential history Barack Hussein chose fake news rag Rolling Stone for his 11th hour interview

VIDEO: They don’t play games in Virginia. BLM protesters who blocked a highway sentenced to jail time

The law enforcement dilemma of 2016 has been how to deal with Black Lives Matter protesters who break the law by doing stupid and dangerous things like blocking highways to get their “Waaaaaaah-waaaaaaah” fix. Different police departments and prosecutors in […]

VIDEO: Obamacare is going bye-bye under Donald Trump, but what will it be replaced by? I have a suggestion….

Trump’s greatest concern is that every American has access to health coverage, which is not only beneficial from an altruistic perspective, but also from a business perspective.

Barack Hussein is warning you not to connect Islam to the terrorist attack at Ohio State by an ISIS-inspired Islamic nutjob

The fact that the terrorist was likely connected to and/or inspired by ISIS is purely coincidental, you see. Yes, the first I in ISIS does stand for “Islamic.” Just another coincidence. Fuhget about it!

Hilarious video! Watch poor little snowflake melt down in epic weeping rant over Trump becoming President

We don’t need prosperity in America. We don’t! We liked it the way it was under Obama. We like living in the basement with our parents and playing video games.

BOOM! As President-elect Donald Trump promised, Carrier has announced it will not be moving to Mexico, saving 1,000 jobs in Indiana

As promised by Donald Trump, Carrier has announced that it will not be moving its Indiana plant to Mexico, instead staying in Indiana.

Warning, Democrats: The recount will likely reveal massive Democrat election fraud. Are you sure you want to go through with this?

What are the odds that this close scrutiny (recount) into the nuts and bolts of the voting system will reveal massive Democrat election fraud? Pretty damned good, I believe!

To those of you who believe Trump is a liberal, how liberal is deporting flag burners or jailing them for a year? Here is Trump’s plan for flag burners….

To all you whiny crybabies who hate Donald Trump and claim that he is a liberal, especially those of you who believe that you are “conservatives,” how liberal is deporting flag burners?