Hitlery accused Donald Trump of KKK ties that don’t exist, while this video of her gushing praise of a KKK leader is all over the web. What a moron!

“A man of surpassing eloquence and nobility,” the Wicked Witch of Benghazi calls her idol and hardcore racist “mentor.” Two words – “stupid” and “bitch!”

Hitlery is telling her zombies that Trump is a tool of the “Alt-right,” the new and improved right wing conspiracy. Smells like desperation!

Paul Joseph Watson spotlights perfectly the insane hypocrisy of Hitlery and her flying monkeys and fellow sewer dwellers from the Democrat Party.

VIDE0: CONFIRMED! Without voter fraud Barack Hussein would likely have not even made it past the primaries

Without voter fraud it is almost certain that Barack Hussein would never have been elected president. In fact, he would likely have never made it through the Democrat primary. The 2016 presidential election will be no different. In fact, it […]

The United States Clinton Department of State Foundation investigation has reached a new level

Although investigators have been tripping over smoking guns, there has not been sufficient “proof” to seal the deal on the obvious pay for play

Mike Huckabee believes that Hitlery is conceding defeat by whipping out the KKK card. I agree. Trump can clobber her with this one!

Usually a reptile as slimy as Hitlery waits until the end, when all other lies have been exhausted, before whipping out the race card.

Hitlery may soon have to answer for the missing $6 billion from the State Dept. Just another scandal. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along

Every person who votes for such a vile and corrupt crook as Hitlery should have their voting rights revoked and/or forcibly exiled for treason.

VIDEO: Wow! Dr. Drew’s show is cancelled a week after reporting that he is “gravely concerned” about Hitlery’s “brain damage!”

Hitlery is a vile, nasty, ruthless, vindictive witch. Just the kind of person you want to turn your children’s and grandchildren’s futures over to, right?

VIDEO: Hollywood spoiled brat Will Smith says Trump supporters should be “cleansed” out of our country

The cast of Fox News’ Outnumbered offer their opinions on Smith’s outrageous and inciteful hate speech. Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery had the best opinion of Will Smith.

Hitlery’s new campaign ad paints Trump as a KKK hero, even though it was she who accepted a $20,000 campaign donation from the KKK and belongs to the party that founded the KKK

Hitlery actually believes that she can pin the KKK label on Donald Trump, even though it is she who has had ties to the KKK, like her tongue wrestling match with KKK leader Robert Byrd

BREAKING: US Navy patrol boat fired warning shots at a harassing Iranian vessel. Second such Iranian provocation in two days

A US Navy coastal patrol ship in Persian Gulf international waters fired warning shots today at an Iranian vessel that was provoking and harassing it, the second such incident in two days.

VIDEO: Did Barack Hussein flying $400 million cash ransom to Iran piss you off enough? You will scream when you see how much he wired the terrorist regime two days later….

In addition the apocalyptic nutjobs who run Iran are developing an ICBM program. They do not ICBMs to attack Israel. They already have that capability. The ICBMs are for us! As in U.S.

Brexit hero Nigel Farage appeared with Donald Trump in Jackson, Mississippi last night. “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if she paid me!”

Nigel Farage, the hero of Brexit, endeared the crowd of 15,000 Wednesday night with the same anti-establishment populist language The Donald is famous for.

VIDEO: Wow! This is HUGE! The Pentagon just announced that it will shoot down Russian aircraft flying over Syria, where they have every right to fly and have presented no threat to US forces.

This is stupid, this is dangerous, and this is textbook Barack Hussein. He should be removed from office immediately. Let Biden run the country for a few months.

THIS is the steaming pile of corruption that is Hillary Clinton. A convict and Clinton Foundation donor received ten million FREE taxpayer dollars after Hitlery “pulled some strings”

As Secretary of State Hitlery “pulled some strings” to get a scumbag ex-con awarded $10 million taxpayer dollars to build houses in Haiti. Not one house was ever built.

VIDEO: Voter Fraud 2.0. Hitlery goons get caught AGAIN committing voter fraud in Nevada, illegally registering people to vote for Hitlery Clinton

Once you have seen these videos I encourage everyone to file a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General. His name is Adam Paul Laxalt, a Republican. You can file a complaint with his office here….

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