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Alright, Mr. Sessions, it is time to put the Clintons and Barack Hussein in jail! Damaging America’s national security for personal gain is treason!

While Robert Mueller’s presidential rectal exam has been proceeding full bore in the hopes of finding anything Russian, with the Democrats cheering at every turn, the real Russian collusion story is unfolding before our eyes. And the kicker is we have known about this over a year.

VIDEO: Liberal weenies fall in love with Trump’s tax plan when told it is Bernie Sanders’ tax plan. Deer in the headlights when told the plan is Trump’s

When told the plan is actually that of one Donald Trump, the clueless liberal weenies are like so many deer in the headlights. Busted! Gotcha’! Stammering and declaring “Oh, wow!” and “Really?” the liberal weenies look for the nearest hole to crawl into.

VIDEO: More love and tolerance from the left as liberal weenies attempt to deny First Amendment rights to a group of college Republicans

Liberal weenies love the First Amendment, but only as it applies to themselves, believing that everyone else enjoys no constitutional rights whatsoever. Case in point, this recent meeting of college Republicans in Cesspoolifornia.

VIDEO: Professional attention whore Frederica Wilson laughs about Gold Star father John Kelly’s criticism. “I’m a rock star now!”

“You mean to tell me that I have become so important (laughter) that the White House is following me and my words? This is amazing! Just amazing! And it’s absolutely phenomenal! I’ll have to tell my kids that I’m a rock star now!”

ICE confirms that deadly CA fires were set by illegal alien arrested & released 5 times by sanctuary city cops, ignoring ICE detainer requests each time

ICE submitted detainer requests to arrest and deport the individual, Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, all five times. All five times the detainer requests were ignored by local police, Gonzalez being released to set more fires and kill more people without so much as a phone call to ICE to honor its detainer requests.

Wow! The Senate is actually getting something done, passing $4 trillion budget blueprint in crucial first step for President Trump’s tax overhaul plan

Senate Republicans powered their budget through Thursday night, adopting a fiscal year 2018 plan that would clear the path to get a massive tax deal done relying only on GOP votes, setting the stage for Republicans next big-ticket agenda item.

VIDEO: It was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Transgender convicted of raping 10-year-old in bathroom

The six-woman, six-man jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching its decision to convict Miguel Alberto Martinez, who identifies as female and is also known as Michelle. (Featured in the photo above.)

Chief of Staff John Kelly, himself a Gold Star father, blasts congresswoman for her tasteless attack on President Trump involving a recent KIA soldier

Liberals can say anything they like, regardless of how crude or tasteless, about conservatives and the media pays no attention. In fact, the media promotes the insult, never condemning the offending liberal. No one is insulted more by liberals than President […]

Three simple words set the stage for banning abortion altogether as President Trump’s HHS defines life as “beginning at conception”

“Protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception,” is how a new document published by President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services reads. The language appears to set the stage for outlawing abortion altogether. And that is a very good thing.

Daily Mail exclusive confirms Powdered Wig’s previous suspicions regarding the Las Vegas mass murder and Campos interview

In a Daily Mail exclusive, the British media outlet is confirming what Powdered Wig reported yesterday regarding Ellen Degeneres’ marshmallow soft interview of Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who was the first victim of madman mass murderer Stephen Paddock.

Terrorist who plotted to behead Pamela Geller convicted, facing life in prison

Jurors found David Wright guilty of all charges, including conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries. The 28-year-old faces up to life in prison.

BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO! Jesus Campos finally surfaces to give his first and only interview to Ellen Degeneres, which looks like one big scripted lie after another!

What made Ellen try to plant that idea? Was she instructed to? Is someone trying to engineer the narrative that the assault on the concert was already underway when Campos was shot? Sure sounds like it to me. 

An attorney has filed a grievance to have James Comey disbarred for lying to Congress. Also trying to disbar Hitlery’s attorneys for destroying evidence

A crusading lawyer filed a bar grievance this week accusing former FBI Director James Comey of lying to Congress and destroying potential evidence in the Clinton email scandal, in a process that could end up costing him his law license.

Wow! Packers coach gets really pissed when asked twice in a row if he is going to hire Colin Kaepernick now that Aaron Rodgers is hurt. NO!

Liberal weenie reporters in the sports arena are no less obnoxious than liberal weenie reporters in the political arena. Any opportunity they can get to ask a question that might paint the answerer as a racist or bigot, they are going to take it, regardless of whether the question has been answered already. 

BOMBSHELL! FBI sat on evidence implicating the Clintons in the Russian/uranium bribery scheme. One conspirator in prison already

Evidence involving the Russian/Uranium One scandal was withheld or kept quiet, ostensibly to protect high profile politicians tied to the criminal conspiracy.

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