All you need to know about the Wicked Witch of Benghazi and her plan for your Second Amendment rights

Hitlery hurled a vase across a White House room, giving Slick Willie “a shiner, a real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye.”

Be suspicious of any emails asking you to contribute money to the Trump campaign. Many scam artists are at work trying to capitalize on the Trump phenomenon

If you have been receiving suspicious emails soliciting contributions to Donald Trump’s campaign for president, they are almost certainly bogus

More on the sleazy lives of Bill and Hitlery, and their pals, during the Clinton administration. From Secret Service agent Gary Byrne’s book, Crisis of Character

But in reality, there were far more than just drug issues at the Clinton White House. Specifically, there were frequent fits of rage from Hillary Clinton

What do Muslim men do when they’re “having a bad day?” Why, gang-rape an infidel woman, of course. That’s what these two Muslims told the judge

Ever the caring gentlemen, the two insisted that the other be the first to rape the infidel. Having decided who was first they proceeded to gang-rape the 56-year old woman.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has slammed Donald Trump for his wall idea, all the while building a massive wall of his own to keep out the peasants in Hawaii

While slamming Donald Trump for wanting to build a border wall, Mark Suckmeberg builds a massive wall of his own, surrounding his 700-acre Hawaiian estate. Hypocrisy much?

VIDEO: NJ man was facing jail time for flying Trump flag. “I’m not taking the flag down, and If I have to do 90 days in jail, I’m doing 90 days in jail!” He won! Charges dropped

A New Jersey man was facing jail time for flying a Trump flag at his home. Defiant, he took the local government to court. Apparently the prosecutor read the First Amendment. Charges dropped!

VIDEO: Former NFL superstar Herschel Walker says he has lost several speaking engagements due to his support for Donald Trump, and pledges his continued support

Former NFL superstar running back Herschel Walker admits that he was blacklisted by organizations from speaking engagements due to his support for Donald Trump.

For all those who believe John McCain is a hero, or even a patriot: “Songbird” McCain is stealing money from veterans healthcare to import more Syrian refugees

Now we learn that McCain is stealing money from veterans’ healthcare programs to import thousands more Syrian refugees.

VIDEO: Barack Hussein’s latest executive action is to turn a gay bar into a national monument. I’m not kidding! Welcome to Sickobizarroworld. God help us all!

No one doubts that gays have the same rights as heterosexuals. They have always had the same rights. But a gay bar as a national monument? Really?

VIDEO: Epic fail! CNN hosebag, I mean host, Erin Burnett tries to get Corey Lewandowski to dis Donald Trump. He refuses, constantly praising The Donald

CNN host Erin Burnett tries her hardest to get former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to slam Donald Trump. Nothing doing!

VIDEO: Butthurt fake intellectual and beltway wimp George Will announced he is leaving the GOP because he hates Donald Trump

Famously self-important beltway wimp, George Will, has announced that the is leaving the Republic Party because Donald Trump. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, Wimp!

Hitlery is shaking in her Salvatore Ferragamos! On the Brexit vote, she sobs, “Donald Trump has a real chance of winning this election.”

In a letter to the brain-dead (her loyal supporters), Hitlery sobbed, “Donald Trump has a real chance of winning this election.”

Deja vu! First cops on the scene at Pulse nightclub broke in through a window and were prepared to engage the shooter, but were ordered to stand down

Shades of Benghazi. The first police officers to arrive at Pulse nightclub had broken in and were prepared to engage the shooter, but were told to stand down while the shooter continued to murder innocent people.

Trump Fever (nationalism) sweeping the planet, as butthurt British PM David Cameron resigns over Brexit vote. Brits tell liberal globalists where to go

Pouting in public is a Cameron trademark and he didn’t waste this opportunity to whine a bit, announcing his resignation as Prime Minister

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