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VIDEO: What appears to be a leftist internal race war between BLM and Antifa turns out to be something very different and very encouraging

“Donald Trump needs to fix all this. That’s what Donald Trump needs to do. Law and order. He needs to fix all of this shit.” He knew what was going on. He could see the real racist dividers…. Antifa and the left. I was left very much encouraged by his words.

The liberal mainstream media is now aiming to label all Trump supporters as “white nationalists,” a group that includes the KKK and neo-Nazis

I had never heard the term “white nationalist” before the Charlottesville tragedy. Suddenly, it is who I am. At least, according to the liberal media. I support President Trump. Therefore, I am a white nationalist.

Invoking the name of God, Chappelle-Nadal apologizes to President Trump for wanting to kill him. Sorry, I’m not buying it!

This sow has gotten away with outrageous, borderline criminal statements for years. This one blew up in her face and she is likely to lose her senate seat over it, so she is whipping out the church card.

Assorted captures of love and peace from the uber-tolerant and inclusive left (Antifa) in Boston

Following are just a few video captures and snapshots of the famous love and tolerance of the left, in particular, Antifa, which behaved in characteristic fashion, assaulting innocent people and hurling urine, bottles, and bricks at cops. 

Trending on Twitter: “I Hope Trump Is Assassinated.” And liberal tool, Twitter, is allowing it

I wonder if anything would be done if the liberal losers carried sniper rifles up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. I doubt it. It’s just free speech, right?

More on Jason Kessler, who engineered the Charlottesville tragedy. I am convinced he is a leftist plant on the Soros payroll

“One cannot help but ponder…do the “alt-right” members who flooded Charlottesville from all over the country know that they are being led by a self-confessed pro-abortion, environmentalist, atheist with close Muslim friends who values immigrants and supports sanctuary cities?”

VIDEO: Antifa thug assaults and drags an elderly woman through a park in Boston for displaying an American flag

THIS is the Antifa that the media and most of Congress, including slimy Republicans, are slamming President Trump for condemning, a criminal terrorist organization that is being allowed to injure innocent people and destroy public and private property with impunity.

AUDIO: Rush says we may be on the cusp of a second civil war. I disagree for reasons that terrify and depress me, and I pray I am wrong

I pray I am wrong about this, but I have no evidence whatsoever that suggests that We the People will stand up and fight. All of the evidence suggests that we will lay down and let the left win this war before it starts and in the process selling our children and grandchildren into slavery.

Bannon is still a Trump soldier, vowing to continue the fight against President Trump’s Democrat, media, Rino, and corporate enemies

Bannon is far more valuable to the president from his position at Breitbart than he was in the White House. He can now attack President Trump’s enemies without interference from politically correct, finger-in-the-wind beltway lifers and nepotists.

Liberal California whackadoodle congresswoman is demanding President Trump be FORCED to undergo a mental exam and removed from office

Looking like she just walked off the set of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) is demanding that President Trump be FORCED to undergo a mental evaluation to determine if he is nuts and, per the 25th Amendment, removed from office.

BREAKING! Steve Bannon has been fired by President Trump

Just minutes ago, Matt Drudge reported that Steve Bannon’s tenure at the White House is over. Reportedly, he has been fired by President Trump after an internal security review by Chief of Staff John Kelly amidst allegations related to Korea.

The Secret Service is investigating a Missouri Democrat state senator who publicly announced that she wants President Trump assassinated

The Secret Service is investigating a Missouri Democrat state senator who publicly announced that she wants President Trump assassinated. Personally, I hope they refer charges to DOJ and Sessions throws the book at her.

Check out this video of Antifa beating up an old man in Charlottesville. They are trying hard to keep it from going viral, so share the hell out of this

Of course, Southerners preserving their cherished heritage is verboten by liberals, who are destroying that heritage and beating old men senseless in the street for objecting. No question about it, Antifa should be labeled a domestic terror group. Likewise, BLM.

Classless A$$HOLES! Antifa goons show up at Heather Heyer’s funeral with baseball bats

A Star Wars bar scene collection of Antifa dykes  thugs showed up at Heather Heyer’s funeral on Wednesday, dressed in an assortment of goth/grunge/punk and carrying purple shields and pink baseball bats, apparently spoiling for a fight with patriots, cops, anyone they could find.

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