Barack Hussein by the numbers: Is America better off now than when Hussein took office?

Barack Hussein is unbelievably proud of his great accomplishments as President of the United States. Whether he is actually that delusional or he is lying I am not sure. I suspect a rich mixture of each.

VIDEO: LOL! Check out Hitlery Clinton checking out former President Horndog checking out Ivanka Trump. Hillaryous!

What is Hitlery thinking as she stares at hubby for a few seconds, then turns away with a smile? My guess is, “Dream on, Horndog. You ain’t got the lead in your pencil to handle that.”

Violence at Trump inauguration: Crybaby snowflakes smashing windows, throwing rocks at cops

“Leftwing rioters are smashing windows and destroying property in Washington. I have been walking the streets and I can tell you D.C. is a war zone. Make no mistake, they mean to destroy us.”

VIDEO: WOW! These Russians have a farewell message for Barack Hussein. It ain’t pretty!

With the American embassy in Moscow as a backdrop, this group of art students known as the “Federals” have a special farewell message for Barack Hussein.

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson destroys crackpot Huffington Post writer Alex Mohajer who claims Hillary Clinton is the rightful president

Huffington Post writer Alex Mohajer claims Hillary Clinton is the rightful president and is calling for the federal courts to stop Donald Trump from taking office.

President Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East will be his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner. “If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can.”

If Kushner can accomplish a single thing, convincing Muslims to accept the state of Israel’s right to exist will be Step #1, and if that happens he has a great chance to finally bring peace to the Middle East.

BREAKING! Mexico sends Donald Trump a special inauguration gift hours before he is inaugurated

This reminds me of Iran releasing its American hostages the day Reagan was inaugurated. This smacks of a Trump deal with Mexico.

VIDEO: Donald Trump on the butt hurt celebrity singers who have publicized that they refuse to sing at his inauguration: They “were never asked to sing”

President-elect Donald Trump told Ainsley Earhardt in an interview aired on Fox News that the celebrities who have announced that they wouldn’t sing at his inauguration, “were never asked to sing.”

VIDEO: Former Black Panther slams beltway parasite John Lewis as an illegitimate congressman who has led blacks “through decades of hell”

According to former Black Panther Mason Weaver, Lewis is an “illegitimate congressman” who has led blacks “through decades of hell.”

Barack Hussein commissions life-size bronze statue of himself to be placed permanently at the White House entrance

Hmmm, who shall I bomb today? Libya? Syria? Russia? Lichtenstein?

VIDEO: Vlad Putin declares the latest Democrat attempt to destroy Donald Trump “an obvious hoax,” joking, however, that Russian hookers are “the best ones in the world.”

“I find it difficult to believe that he ran to a hotel to meet with our girls of reduced social responsibility, although here also we have the best ones in the world.”

Barack Hussein’s report card according to everyday Americans in this Gallup poll. It ain’t pretty!

Check out Barack Hussein’s report card according to “American adults,” via Gallup. Gays fared fairy well under our fabulous Rainbow-in-Chief. Everyone else, not so much.

VIDEO: Crystal Wright, “Conservative Black Chick,” blasts John Lewis for his “utter disrespect to the President-elect”

In an interview with Stuart Varney of Fox News, Conservative Black Chick Crystal Wright responded to the controversy over John Lewis calling President-elect Donald Trump “illegitimate.”

Even though Trump has yet to be inaugurated, Democrats are screaming that his is “the most corrupt administration in our history”

Next week the Democrats will pay an animal rights group to claim that the Trump boys shoot puppies for sport in their spare time, and the media will run with it like it is 100% factual.

This is a great idea. Trump should invite this Iranian Ayatollah to his inauguration

Ayatollah Hossein Boroujerdi has been paroled from an Iranian prison, where he has been held since 2006 for not exactly agreeing with the hard line Ayatollahs who are running the government.

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