While Barack Hussein has been doing all he can to release Gitmo terrorists back to the battlefield, he has also been jailing our young heroes for defending themselves in combat

How on earth is it possible for our young heroes in combat to find themselves in prison for defending their lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers from enemy combatants? Barack Hussein has been doing exactly that. While releasing […]

Liberal Logic 101: Hilarious bar sign poking fun at Bernie Sanders and the stupid zero sum shell game of liberal/socialist gimme programs

Three words describe Bernie Sanders perfectly – “Out to lunch!” Make that “Out to another free lunch!”

For every American: READ THIS! Especially if you are one of those who question Donald Trump’s ability and intent to make America great again. The Donald’s America First Energy Plan

Photo, above: 40,000 screaming Trump fans in Mobile, Alabama GET IT! This is a glorious era we Americans are embarking upon. True to our history as a nation and a people, it is bold, it is innovative, and it will […]

Who do you think funded the Albuquerque Trump protesters who rioted and injured several police officers? Go ahead, guess?

The nefarious character(s) behind the routine chaos caused by protesters at Trump rallies is no longer a secret. In fact, the protesters openly boast about it, advertising their organizations on their socialist/anti-capitalist/anti-American protest signs. Anti-capitalist organizations Red Nation and Party […]

State Department Inspector General report concludes that Hitlery did indeed violate State Department policy and federal law, making her ineligible to serve as president

A State Department Inspector General report, released May 26, 2016, concluded that Hitlery Clinton and her State Department inner circle clearly violated State Department regulations and federal standards (law)

Business as usual. Hundreds of (paid?) protesters on hand at San Diego Trump rally. Many vulgar signs, one threatening that Trump will “be dead within a week”

H/T Irmtrud King Hundreds of protesters were on hand at Friday’s Trump rally in San Diego, carrying vulgar, and even threatening, signs. One warned that Trump will “be dead within a week.” Most of the protesters appeared to be Hispanic, […]

Due to one man, the GOP has set a new record for voter participation in the primary process. Thanks, Donald Trump!

Donald Trump has secured the GOP nomination with five states yet to vote, including the delegate-rich grand prize, California, which will award 172 delegates on June 7. The other great news, if you are a Trump fan, and I am, […]

With every passing day, Donald Trump looks and acts more presidential

The endless attacks on Trump’s style rather than substance, his personality rather than policies arise because his opponents cannot attack his trademark positions.

Donald Trump loading up for Hitlery, mentions the “M” word regarding Vince Foster: MURDER!!

“I don’t bring [Foster’s death] up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it,” Trump said. “I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder. I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair.”

VIDEO: Congressman Jason Chaffetz discusses, with rightful indignation, the Obama release of criminal aliens into the US

Jason Chaffetz, discusses the incomprehensible release of illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes in the United States by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

Silence on Benghazi is the Hitlery strategy. It isn’t working

The effect of Hitlery’s failure in Benghazi is beginning to tell. The trend is all Trump.

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