The big news is Meghan McCain considers herself a Republican, which was the same delusion from which her late pa, king of the Rinos, suffered.

There has been only one topic of discussion among the cackling hens on The View since 2016. It can best be described as an interminable bashfest of President Trump, a continuous, monotonous, whining loop of insults directed at our Commander-in-Chief. Nothing is off limits. He is orange, he is a liar, he is hateful, he is a racist, he is stupid, he hates women, yada, yada.

Wednesday’s show was predictably more of the same when Joy Behar became offended as McCain refused to pile on Trump supporters, at whom Behar and fellow out-to-lunch hater Whoopi Goldberg stare down their noses, considering them no more than intellectual inferiors to be pitied, the great unwashed mass of imbeciles from flyover country.

Lest they be shocked again, as they were in 2016, McCain warned her fellow Trumphaters to not underestimate the volume of support and the passion of President Trump’s loyal followers.

As Behar glared at McCain in disbelief and pity for the less than vitriolic contribution McCain was adding to the Trump bashfest, the spawn of Songbird bemoaned her position on the panel as the “sacrificial Republican.”

Enjoying her first orgasm since the 1960s, for which she has to thank the pollsters who show President Trump losing big to his eventual Democrat opponent in 2020, Behar challenged McCain on her less-than-hateful position on Trump supporters.

McCain attempted to explain the Trump phenomenon to Behar: “One of my producers this morning was saying ‘why do people love him so much?’ and I was like, ‘sometimes it’s not just that they love Trump so much, it’s that they hate the same things Trump hates.’ That’s what’s going on.”

“Who do they hate? Who do they hate?” Behar challenged, visibly irritating McCain.

“You know what, Joy,” she responded, “I really come here every day open-minded just trying to explain it, and it’s not a fun job for me every day. I know you’re angry. I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president like a lot of people are, but I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem…. I’m trying to explain that 2020 is not in the bag for you. It’s not.”

After briefly coming to the rescue to ease the tension, chief sweathog Whoopi was interrupted by McCain, again lamenting her position as the “sacrificial Republican every day.”

“Awww,” teased Behar, feigning pity, to which the infuriated McCain responded, “Don’t feel bad for me, bitch. I’m paid to do this.”

So ended another segment of Fingernails On A Chalkboard.