Perfect! Another social engineering experiment has blown up in liberals’ faces. Like Wiley Coyote, they can never seem to get anything right without an anvil or a piano falling on their heads.

“Let everyone identify with whatever gender they want,” they said.

“It will be great,” they said.

Now, men (transgender, my ass!) are winning women’s athletic competitions across the country.

For the past several years, liberal weenies from sea to shining sea have been screaming the righteousness of allowing every person to identify as whatever gender they prefer. I have lost count of the number of genders there are now, according to liberals. The last number I recall is 57.

For decades, liberals whined about the unfairness in college athletics, complaining that male sports dominated college athletics, and they demanded that female athletes be given the same number of scholarships as male athletes. It was and is called Title IX, the most repugnant steaming pile of liberal fascism to ever be forced upon the American people.

Male sports dominate college athletics for a reason – they are more popular. And, they are more popular for a reason – athletic ability. For anyone who has ever watched a men’s basketball game and compared it to a women’s basketball game knows what I am talking about. Men are more athletic than women.

Hold your politically correct retorts, liberal weenies. There is no argument you can make that will change that fact.

Men’s sports generate billions of dollars more in revenue than women’s sports. Again, it is simply because men’s sports are more popular. There are several football stadiums across America that seat in excess of 100,000 crazed fans who have come to watch their favorite team play. These stadiums were built to seat 100,000+ because fans demanded it, and those stadiums routinely sell out. Last year, Michigan’s average football game attendance was 111,589. There were over 89,000 season ticket holders, meaning not a lot of tickets were left for the general public to scrap over.

When Title IX was forced down the throats of college administrators, the result was many colleges scrapping their football programs, depriving young high school players across America an opportunity to attend college on a football scholarship. Many schools met the Title IX mandate by shutting down other men’s sports.

But, the liberals got what they wanted. Women now receive as many athletic scholarships as men. Gotta’ be fair, right?

Now that the gender equity (Title IX) battle has been won, liberals have moved on to their next crusade, gender identity.

Barring a few medical rarities, God made all of us one gender or the other. But, that’s not good enough for liberals. Usurping God’s guidance, they now demand that we all be permitted to identify as any gender we choose, notwithstanding our God-given genitalia. Did they not even consider having someone from their Title IX team examine the impact of such a crusade on women’s college sports? Talk about a gross oversight!

Now, biological men, masquerading as transgenders, have begun to dominate women’s sports. It is only the beginning. Look for many more men, identifying as women, as liberals have paved the way for them to do, dominating female athletic competitions. Could this end women’s sports as we know it?

Most recently, Cece Telfer, pictured above, a man identifying as a woman, became the women’s NCAA 400-meter champion, blowing away the field of biologically female competitors.

Is this payback for Title IX? I foresee many high school males now identifying as women to obtain college athletic scholarships. According to the world liberals have engineered, they should get them.

Liberals never learn. They can never leave well enough alone. As we were instructed in a 1970s margarine commercial, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”