Full disclosure: I am a recovering Catholic. Although I was baptized Catholic as an infant, I prefer to think of myself today as a Christian, not a member of any particular denomination. I differ from the Catholic Church philosophically on many issues. I am not a member of any local congregation. I pray in my car, I pray in my bed. I pray often and find no need to schlepp off to any particular building on Sunday morning to profess my piety among my friends and neighbors.

My wife and I were once very active in our local Catholic parish. We raised our four children Catholic and we attended Mass every Sunday. Only one of our children is a regular churchgoer today.

I have many problems with the Catholic Church, beginning with its policy of forcing celibacy on its priests, or at least celibacy where women are concerned. The thousands of sickening cases of pedophile priests violating young boys is still not enough to convince the Vatican that maybe its policy was very wrong from the start. Just what sort of priests did the church believe it was recruiting when it demanded that its male candidates have no interest in women?

Another point of contention I have with the Catholic Church is its uber-liberal, idealistic position on America’s very serious illegal immigration problem. The Church believes that We the People owe the third world free housing, free food, free healthcare, free education, free everything, and millions from the third world agree and are storming our southern border at this very minute to collect on those freebies, even though their unauthorized entry into our country is a crime.

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True to form, Pope Francis announced on Monday that he is donating $500,000 to Central American migrants in Mexico who are trying to enter the United States illegally. Doesn’t this make the Church guilty of aiding and abetting criminals?

So, what should America’s response be to the Pope’s generosity towards those committing crimes against our country? Take our poll below to let us know what you think?




What should the US do in response to Pope Francis donating $500K to illegal immigrants?

Nothing. He has every right to donate to illegals.
Take away the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status.
Fine the Church $20 billion, not coincidentally the cost of the wall.
Ban the Catholic Church.
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