You asked for it, liberals. Now, you own it! Women’s NCAA 400-meter track champion is really fast…. because she’s a man!

Now, biological men, masquerading as transgenders, have begun to dominate women’s sports. It is only the beginning. Look for many more men, identifying as women, as liberals have paved the way for them to do, dominating female athletic competitions.¬†Could this end women’s sports as we know it?

Phrase of the day: “Menstrual equity.” American universities are installing tampon dispensers in men’s restrooms. Not kidding!

America’s once-esteemed universities are in a moral tailspin. Up is now down. Left is now right. Male is now female. But, tampons in men’s restrooms? Really?

VIDEO: FINALLY, it’s out! NY City’s official list of 31 recognized genders, except they forgot a few

Folks, this is how far from sanity we have ventured. The New York City Commission on Human Rights has released its official list of recognized genders, and here they are….