Nike buckles to Colin Kaepernick’s demand that the company pulls its 13-star Betsy Ross-inspired shoe from the market. Sign the petition to say “NO!”

History will not remember Colin Kaepernick as a football hero or social activist, but rather as a crybaby, entitled millionaire who spent his most famous minutes on his knees like a $10-dollar hooker, taking a big dump on the very country and its people to whom he owes so much.

Colin Kaepernick’s racist stunt, refusing to stand for the National Anthem, has cost the head coach and general manager their jobs

Kaepernick’s behavior all season was shameful. He should also have been fired. The 2-14 Niners are on a downhill slide it may take some time to recover from.

Obama: Kaepernick has a Constitutional right to sit during the anthem. It isn’t about a right. It is about respect for those who paid for that right

So, Barack Hussein endorses, even encourages Colin Kaepernick taking a big dump on our country. Is anyone shocked?