Straight from the desk of WTF, Iowa man convicted of being a serial child molester is freed from prison because he now says he is a woman

A felon, convicted of no less than 15 sexual assaults against children aged 1 to 13, has turned justice on its head by declaring that he is now a woman. That is all the prosecutors and court had to hear. He/she/it/they are now a free man/woman/thing.

Student activists at Notre Dame are demanding the removal of white authors from the curriculum to “decolonize” the university

Translation: To hell with the quality of our curriculum and its required readings. It is the race, gender, and sexual orientation of the authors that matter.

Fresh from the desk of LBGTQGMAFB!, Princess Pandering Dog (Elizabeth Warren) is now demanding reparations for gay couples. Not kidding!

Do any of the Democrat candidates in 2020 have a policy plan that doesn’t involve just handing out money to potential voters? Fresh off a House Committee hearing to discuss reparations for slavery, Senator Elizabeth Warren is proposing tax ‘reparations’ for gay couples […]

CNN is promoting a heartwarming children’s Christmas book about gay, black Santa and his fabulous white husband

Not only is jolly St. Nick straight up homo in this endearing tale of Santa and his fabulous partner, he is also black because we must pack in as much fabulous diversity as possible.

VIDEO: It was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Transgender convicted of raping 10-year-old in bathroom

The six-woman, six-man jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching its decision to convict Miguel Alberto Martinez, who identifies as female and is also known as Michelle. (Featured in the photo above.)

Hollyweird actress laments that even though her baby has “male parts,” she is unsure how he will “identify.” I can help you with that. Read on….

This may be news to you, but 96% of boys born in America identify as heterosexuals, not gay, not transgender, not left-handed queer Martian, not hybrid anything, just goat-horny heterosexual males who love, admire, and respect women, and who desire to be with them in romantic settings. 

Songbird McCain joins Caitlyn Jenner to b!tch and moan about keeping confused freaks out of the US military

Caitlyn Jenner and Songbird McCain have joined nearly all of Hollywood, objecting to President Trump’s order to keep confused freaks out of America’s armed forces. Jenner has been all atwitter voicing her/his/its opinion. I’m giving traitor McCain a pass due to senility and brain cancer.

Hollywood liberal weenies go apesh!t on Twitter over Trump military transgender ban. ” F*CK YOU.” “You just pissed off the wrong community.”

A ban of transgenders used to be normal and accepted. Since Barack Hussein, everything is upside down, including our most revered institutions, like our armed forces, which became little more than a liberal social experiment for the eight disastrous years.

I may be hopelessly old fashioned. Maybe just square. Some will claim that I am a bigot. Whatever it is, I am simply not ready for this!

As an ex-Army officer, I admit that I am simply not ready for open homosexuality in our armed forces. Call me a bigot if you like, but I am simply not ready, and I doubt that I ever will be.