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VIDEO: Liberals praise migrants as saviors, replacing young American workers who are not having children. But, why aren’t they? Who cares about them? No one!

And, why can’t young Americans afford to raise families? Because immigration drives down wages (my words, not Tucker’s), resulting in a lower standard of living, creating depressing situations like young American adults being forced to live with their parents for decades for economic reasons.

Two large groups of Central Americans apprehended after crossing the Mexican border into the US

Many of the migrants from the caravan have been moved south and many more have gone home. However, Central Americans, be they part of the numerous caravans or smaller groups, continue to invade America, concerned only for themselves. Build the damned wall already!

New US immigration study reveals a shocking number of non-citizen households on welfare. Build the damned wall already!

A new study from the Center for Immigration Studies is shining the inconvenient spotlight of truth on the shameful lie that illegal immigrants only want to invade our country to find jobs and take care of their families.

BREAKING! US troops repel the caravan with tear gas as it tries to illegally breach the US border. Liberal weenies freak out, creating a twitterstorm

The good news is that Mexico is beginning to take control of the migrant crisis, understanding that if the United States refuses entry of the migrants, the Central American hordes automatically become Mexico’s problem.

VIDEO: Migrants are planning a mass “human stampede” across the US border, perhaps as early as today

These “migrants” are nothing more than parasites. Having already been offered jobs and assistance in Mexico, they have declined. Their destination is the big Santa Claus north of the Rio Grande, the welfare of their intended hosts, the American people, be damned!

VIDEO: Tijuanans support President Trump, want caravan “bums” gone! Media silent. Caravan scheme blowing up in Soros’ and the Democrats’ faces

Tijuanans are fit to be tied over the Central American caravan, a 10,000-bum army, over half of which is in Tijuana already, gobbling up the city’s resources, shoplifting, defecating in the streets, and demanding more and better food and accommodations.

VIDEO: Mexicans in Tijuana protest, clash with caravan members and police demanding the caravan go home. Mainstream media silent

Mexicans in Tijuana are finding out what it feels like to have their home overrun by illegal immigrants. And to say that they don’t like it would be a gross understatement. Tijuanans turned out by the hundreds to not only […]

VIDEO: Contrary to the MSM narrative, journalist embeds himself in the caravan to discover that it is well-organized, 90% men, and costing someone millions! Guess who.

Liberal Democrats are not only telling us that these people deserve our money, but that millions more are on the way and We the People are going to be forced to take care of them all. And, somehow, it is not registering with grassroots liberals that this is an unsustainable proposition.

VIDEO: They’re heeeeeeere! Migrant caravan arrives in Tijuana. Migrants begin climbing the border fence. Border patrol and military observing for now

The lead segment of the migrant caravan that has spent the past month traveling through Central America and Mexico has arrived in Tijuana. Several migrants have scaled the border fence and a few have entered the US illegally in full view of the Border Patrol and US military.

Honduran caravaners in Mexico, who have no US Constitutional rights, sue President Trump for violating their US Constitutional rights

There is an approved procedure for seeking asylum in the United States – it begins with applying for asylum at the US Consulate in the seeker’s home country. It does not begin by joining a group of foreigners who are paid to travel to the United States, illegally cross its borders, and then demand asylum.

VIDEO: In plain language, President declares that police and National Guard will fire on the caravan if necessary to keep them out of the country

President Trump is not messing around! When asked if law enforcement and/or National Guard would fire on violent protesters attempting to enter the United States illegally, the president was very clear….

Refusing Asylum, Jobs, Housing in Mexico, Invasion Caravan Marches Toward America *VIDEO* #InvasionCaravan #immigration #IllegalAlien

Click here to read the article…. Refusing Asylum, Jobs, Housing in Mexico, Invasion Caravan Marches Toward America *VIDEO*

What In the World Is Happening In Germany? A Citizen Speaks Out! *VIDEO* #Germany #refugee #invasion

What In the World Is Happening In Germany? A Citizen Speaks Out! *VIDEO* #Germany #refugee #invasion CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ ARTICLE

VIDEO: Jesse Watters takes down liberal racist Juan Williams on The Five as tempers got out of control

Watch the video below of a brutal clash and perfectly delivered smackdown of Williams by fellow The Five host Jesse Watters, who takes the token liberal racist to the woodshed for calling Sarah Carter a liar.

Like a rolling snowball, the Honduran caravan is growing, picking up more illegals as it heads north, now up to 14,000. What should we do? Take our poll

Or, should we be real hardasses and haul them down to Tierra del Fuego (southern tip of South America) and make them walk home, which should take about two years. They should be tough enough by then to eat gangbangers for breakfast and fix their own country. Take our poll.

Caravan picking up steam and numbers. President Trump preparing to place military on border and close it. Liberal weenies go into convulsions

Liberals are like the little Chihuahua that yaps at any visitor who enters the house, nipping at his ankles until he picks the wrong visitor who punts him across the living room, from where he crawls under the couch with his tail between his legs and stays there until the mean, old visitor leaves.

Swelling to as high as 10,000 in number, the Honduran caravan continues north through Mexico, en route to the United States

The Honduran caravan on its way through Mexico to the US border has grown in number to as high as 10,000, all with the intent to enter the United States illegally and seek asylum or simply disappear into the country.

VIDEO: Honduran caravan, 4,000-strong, storms across Mexican border en route to the US, Mexican police arrest caravan leader

Mexican authorities made a show of force Thursday as two jetliners filled with riot police and Federales confronted the 4,000-migrant caravan at the Mexico-Guatemala border.

The LA baseball bat murderer has been caught. He is an illegal immigrant who has been deported 7 times. Build the damned wall already!

Suspected of two murders in California and another attempted murder where the victim has been in a coma since admission to the hospital, seven-time deportee Ramon Escobar is also suspected of several murders in Texas.

Neither Bush 43 nor Barack Hussein had the cojones to deport a Nazi war criminal, but guess who did. He was arrested by ICE this morning and deported

Reportedly, the issue keeping Palij in the United States was the fact that no other country would accept him. President Trump and his Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, convinced German authorities that they had a moral obligation to accept Palij and they agreed.

VIDEO: Wow! Brain-dead Democrat congresswoman doesn’t understand that illegal immigrants broke the law when they entered the country

Horono rudely interrupts him, believing that she is educating him when she arrogantly challenges, “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the president,” as though it was never illegal to enter the United States without permission or documentation.

This just in from Poopville. San Francisco is now openly registering illegal immigrants to vote in open violation of the United States Constitution. Not kidding!

From America’s most progressive cesspool, San Francisco, which has brought us open homosexuality and most recently so many thousands of mounds of uncontrollable human feces that the city by the bay has lost many millions of tourist dollars, they now bring us yet another stroke of genius.

Mexico’s new leftist/socialist president is calling for migrants worldwide to invade the US as it is their right to live here

When Mexican presidential candidates cannot be elected without campaigning in the United States as that is where such a critically important voting bloc of Mexican nationals reside, then We the People know we have a VERY serious illegal immigration problem.

Fake News from Time, which knowingly lied, leading readers to believe this crying little girl was separated from her mother, which never happened

Time magazine published the story of this middle-class Honduran woman who felt it was her right to illegally sneak into the United States. She had attempted once before and was deported. This time she paid a smuggler $6,000 to sneak her and her daughter into the US. She was apprehended again.

Family ripped apart by illegal alien who was previously deported at least two times

One of the daughters, 17-year-old Britney Baez was killed in the wreck. Britney’s sister, Nicole, suffered a fractured arm and their father, Mario Baez, was in ICU, in a coma until he passed away two weeks after the wreck. Investigators say Lopez-Hernandez was on  drugs.

BREAKING! Melania Trump has reported Peter Fonda to the Secret Service for his threats against Barron and President Trump. Lock the miserable SOB up!

Case in point: Peter Fonda, who has been reported to the Secret Service by First Lady Melania Trump for openly threatening the First Family, especially 12-year-old Barron who Fonda says should be ripped “from his mother’s arms and put in a cage with pedophiles.”

DHS Secretary Nielsen was forced from a DC restaurant Tuesday night by a group of socialists protesting families of illegals being separated at the border

“Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is in a Mexican restaurant, of all places. The f**king gall!” shouted one protester, which inspired another brainless round of the “Shame!” mantra, followed by the utopian fantasy that “No human being is illegal” and “No borders, no law. Sanctuary for all!”

Upstaging President Trump and emboldening illegal immigrants, Canadian Cruz is introducing legislation to prevent separation of illegal immigrant families

Cruz apparently can’t see how the existing law of separation is a deterrent to illegal immigration. Spending additional taxpayer resources and bending over backward to keep illegal immigrant families together will only embolden more aspiring illegal immigrants to cross the US border illegally.

Latest news on the caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States. We will continue to update this article as details become available

Following is the latest news on the caravan of Central Americans on the US/Mexican border near San Diego as they prepare to cross into the United States to seek asylum. We will continue to update this article as new information becomes available.

Showdown on the border as Central American caravan prepares for mass crossing at San Diego. National Guard on hand with orders to arrest all violators

The caravan from Central America that has been traveling through Mexico for the past few weeks has finally arrived at the US border, which they plan to cross illegally at San Diego sometime on April 29.

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