Do you recall the 2003 story of an American Army colonel in Iraq who fired a round from his pistol beside a prisoner’s head to force him to talk, which worked, potentially saving the lives of his soldiers and himself? As a result of his violating the Geneva Convention, the colonel was forced out of the Army, the only job he had ever had.

That colonel was LTC Allen B. West, a hardcore patriot and former Army commander who later became a Florida congressman. He was drummed out of the Army for caring more about the lives of his soldiers than the welfare of a prisoner who intelligence had determined was involved in a plot to assassinate him. LTC West acted patriotically and in the best interest of his soldiers but in contravention of the Geneva Convention.

I am proud to say that not only do I agree 100% with LTC West’s actions that day, I can also attest that I was the same sort of commander who placed the welfare of my soldiers before that of enemy combatants.

I recall a very sobering lesson I learned as a young Army lieutenant at the Officers’ Basic Course. This occurred during a class on the Geneva Convention and my responsibilities thereunder. The course instructor was an Army chaplain, a major by the name of Whaley.

Major Whaley presented a wartime scenario for which we were instructed to individually report a course of action. The scenario involved us commanding a unit on a battlefield. We were given a time-sensitive mission, had captured a few POWs, and had just encountered a minefield that our mission required us to cross. We were to describe our course of action to get across the minefield and complete the mission. Mine detection and disposal units were not available.

For me, I saw only one good course of action – POWs take the point and lead us across the minefield. The instructor excoriated me as did many of my classmates, which was the first time I doubted the patriotism of my peers. I actually believe they were only sucking up to the instructor, which was equally sickening. One other officer agreed that my course of action was the best one.

No way on earth was I going to sacrifice the lives of my own soldiers when there was another course of action available. Mission accomplishment being Priority 1 and the safety of my soldiers being Priority 2, there was no other reasonable course of action, in my estimation.

Were I the father of a son (or daughter) on that battlefield, I would want a commander who considered him more than a unit of equipment to be used according to an international treaty that places the health and well-being of my son secondary to the health and well-being of enemy combatants, who, only hours earlier, were trying to kill my son.

LTC West was that sort of commander. He talked the talk and walked the walk, and he took care of his soldiers, his career and the empty suits in Washington be damned! LTC West is an American hero. Instead of being given a medal for his heroism, he was fired.

Never afraid of controversial statements, LTC West recently created a twitterstorm following his tweet declaring Nancy Pelosi guilty of committing a “high crime and misdemeanor” for advising illegal immigrants, who a judge had ordered deported, on ways to avoid detention and deportation by ICE.

Again, LTC West is right and Washington is wrong.

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