By Dean Garrison

Remember the story of Billy Chemirmir? He’s the illegal alien from Kenya who is charged with murdering 12 elderly women in Texas.

Now Next News Network is reporting that there has been a development and Chemirmir is now officially accused of 6 more murders, bringing the total to 18, while being investigated for up to 732 more.

DallasNews reported in late June:

A new series of lawsuits allege a serial murder suspect’s path of violence through Dallas and Collin counties was even wider than previously believed.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, was already accused of killing 12 elderly women in Dallas and Collin counties. The lawsuits allege six more elderly victims, including one man.

Family members filed the six separate lawsuits Tuesday against The Tradition-Prestonwood, an upscale senior living complex where eight of the people died. The complex is operated by The Tradition, a company that owns four senior living communities in Dallas and Houston.

OK, let’s pause for a moment and ask a very important question.

Why is this not national news that is airing on every single network?

I think you and I both know why.

The mainstream media is pushing against Trump’s wall and for massive immigration.

Exposing one of the worst, if not the absolute worst, mass murderers in American history may be worth covering if he were not an illegal alien.

Dr. Eowyn covered part of this story back in May:

An illegal alien from Kenya is a serial killer who preys on elderly women.

On May 16, 2019, authorities in Dallas, Texas, said former health care worker Billy Chemirmir, 46, who was previously arrested in the death of an 81-year-old woman has been charged with killing at least 11 more elderly women in Dallas and Collin counties.

Chemirmir, a Kenyan citizen, is living in the U.S. illegally.

Chemirmir murdered the women by smothering them with pillows. He also robbed the women of their jewelry and other valuables.

Chemirmir’s 12 victims were:

  • Phyllis Payne, 91, who died May 14, 2016.
  • Phoebe Perry, 94, d. June 5, 2016.
  • Norma French, 85, d. Oct. 8, 2016.
  • Doris Gleason, 92, d. Oct. 29, 2016.
  • Minnie Campbell, 83, d. Oct. 31, 2017.
  • Carolyn MacPhee, 81, d. Dec. 31, 2017
  • Rosemary Curtis, 76, d. Jan. 19, 2018.
  • Mary Brooks, 87, d. Jan. 31, 2018.
  • Martha Williams, 80, d. March 4, 2018
  • Miriam Nelson, 81, d. March 9, 2018
  • Ann Conklin, 82, d. March 18, 2018
  • Lu Thi Harris, 81, d. March 2018.

Chemirmir is also accused of trying to suffociate two other elderly women in Collin County: a 93-year-old woman on Oct. 29, 2017, at the Parkview Elderly Assisted Living facility in Frisco, and a 91-year-old woman in her Plano apartment in March 2018.

The 93-year-old victim told police that a well-dressed man knocked on her door and said he was a maintenance worker. When she told him she didn’t need any work done, he forced his way inside and knocked the woman from her walker to the floor. The man grabbed a pillow from the couch and tried to smother her. The victim told police she “began to pray, believing she was about to die.” Jewelry was discovered missing from her apartment, and cell-phone records put Chemirmir in that location around the time of the attack. He was indicted on the attempted murder charge in May 2018.

Plano Police Chief Gregory W. Rushin said at a news conference that Chemirmir used his “health care experience to his advantage, targeting and exploiting seniors. This is terribly disturbing.”

Authorities said they are reviewing 750 unattended deaths of elderly women — including deaths that were previously ruled as resulting from natural causes — to determine whether they could be linked to Chemirmir.



100 Percent Fed Up adds the latest:

The deaths of many, many elderly people were 100% preventable!  Our immigration loopholes allowed the fraud that permitted a monster to stay in the U.S. to kill elderly people. The number could be in the HUNDREDS, but so far it is at 12:

LET THIS SINK IN: Investigators are currently investigating about 750 deaths of elderly women to find if Chemirmir could have been allegedly connected to additional murders.

The media has ignored the horrific case of a Kenyan illegal who has already been charged with killing 12 elderly women and is now accused of killing 6 more!

The Dallas Morning News recently broke the news that a separate lawsuit has been filed alleging 46-year-old Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya, killed 6 more elderly people after he’s already been charged with killing 12!

The Kenyan illegal smothered the elderly residents with a pillow after he gained entry into their apartments posing as a maintenance worker. He would rob the victims after he killed them. The families of the deceased were alarmed to find valuables missing after they were informed that their loved one had passed away of natural causes.

The Plano Chief of Police holds a press conference after Billy Chamirmir was arrested for suspicion of capital murder and attempted capital murder:

Breitbart News exclusively reported that Chemirmir first arrived in the U.S. on a B-2 visa — commonly known as a tourist visa — in July 2003. Though Chemirmir was supposed to only temporarily be in the U.S., he overstayed his visa and became an illegal alien who was eligible for deportation. Rather than being deported, Chemirmir was able to use a loophole in the country’s legal immigration system that allowed him to obtain a green card after marrying a U.S. citizen.

Chemirmir had a criminal record, Breitbart News exclusively learned, including convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, assault, and obstructing a police officer.

Chemirmir has remained in custody since last year on a $1 million bond.

Read the whole report at 100 Percent Fed Up..


Wikipedia says the worst serial killer in WORLD history is a man named Luis Garavito who officially murdered 138 with potentially hundreds more.

If Chermirmir murdered a good percentage of the 750 that they will investigate, we may have the worst serial killer in WORLD, not just American, history and the MSM is not saying a word.

Garavito officially murdered 138. Chermirmir is at least a suspect in 750 deaths.

Let that sink in America.

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