“It will not be a voluntary program. To be clear, it will be a mandatory buy-back program.”

Those are the words of Beto O’Rourke, playing to the idealistic morons who believe that forcing law-abiding gun owners to surrender their best means of self-defense will somehow convince criminals that turning in their guns is the right thing to do. For anyone who believes that, please email me. I have a very special unicorn ranch on Mars that I would be willing to part with for however much money you have. Hurry, though, I only have one.

So, The Daily Caller sent their man-on-the-street interview team into the streets of Washington to gauge the public reaction to O’Rourke’s plan to garner sucker votes forcibly remove citizens from their weapons of self-defense.

I was much encouraged by the commonsense answers of some, especially the younger respondents.