My, my, how far they have fallen! Bill and Hillary Clinton booed by uber-liberal New Yorkers at a Madison Square Garden Billy Joel concert

Photo, above: Decked out in her favorite Kim Jong-un original, Hillary joined Bill for a night on the town Thursday which included a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden. The look on Joel’s face seems to say, “I don’t think this is a good idea. Just hurry up and take the pic.”

VIDEO: Former Secret Service agent who protected the Clintons is prepared to spill the beans on Slick Willie and Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express

On Fox News and on Twitter, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino who protected the Clintons battled liberal weenie and Hitlery sycophant Nick Merrill who claims that Hitlery Clinton is a warm and wonderful human being, a polar opposite description of Hitlery as offered by Bongino.

Another witness, expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation next week, found with a bullet in his head

Add another corpse to the Clinton Trail of Bodies. But, just a coincidence, folks. Move along!

Harvard analyst: “Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed the largest case of charity fraud in American history”

Ortel, one of the world’s leading financial experts, claims that the Clintons are also part of a global fraud networks that have acquired billions in fraudulent profits.

VIDEO: Trailer from the new politically incorrect sitcom, “The Clintons.” In this episode Slick Willie is applying for a dangerous job

An episode from the politically incorrect sitcom, “The Clintons.” In this scene the actor playing the characterless character, Slick Willie, applies for a dangerous job.