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VIDEO: Bowling for scumbags! An antifa terrorist is run over by a truck while protesting a pro-Trump Christian group

The communist then bolts across the Hawthorne bridge, only to be HIT SQUARE ON by a pickup truck, who had just emerged beyond the trusses of the bridge, and was likely unable to see the person (?) running through the road.

VIDEO: Big nationwide Antifa protests that were promised turn into doodly squat as Trumpatriots dominate!

Is this a sign that the Antifa movement is about dead? I think so.

BOMBSHELL! Leaked FBI report: Antifa met with ISIS and al-Qaeda in Germany in July to plot the destruction of President Trump

As the Trump administration has demonstrated it’s serious about destroying the Islamic State, and depriving ISIS of territory in Iraq and Syria, the alliance between the American radicals and ISIS has grown even closer. The Internet chatter between the Americans and the Islamists is astronomical.

Antifa nitwit thrown out of Trump rally to the chant of “USA!” Same woman who ran off with a Muslim man who raped and abused her constantly

Lacy MacAuley a self-avowed anarchist and card-carrying member of Antifa. On Saturday afternoon she showed up in Washington to counterprotest the pro-Trump “Mother of all Rallies.” After causing a disruption, MacAuley was forced out by organizers and police to the chant of, “USA!”

VIDEO: Antifa professor with a neck two feet long tells Tucker Carlson that Antifa has a right to beat the crap out of Trump supporters

Watch as Isaacson tries to convince Tucker Carlson that Antifa has every right to beat the crap out of Trump supporters because their very language is violent and justifies self-defense in the form of ganging up on them and beating them to a bloody pulp.

VIDEO: Watch how Spanish police deal with Antifa. Not to police chiefs across America…. THIS is how YOU should deal with Antifa!

From Berkeley to Charlottesville, police have watched as Antifa has been given free rein to injure Trump supporters with clubs, baseball bats with nails in them, and most recently the masked thugs have shown up at patriot rallies armed with AR-15s. 

VIDEO: Tim Kaine’s son is a member of Antifa, arrested for felony rioting at a Trump rally in Minnesota

Linwood Kaine, youngest son of Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate, Tim Kaine, is a member of the domestic terror group, Antifa, and was arrested for felony rioting at a Trump rally in Minnesota in March for discharging fireworks inside the state capitol.

DHS has listed Antifa as a “domestic terrorist” organization

DHS has listed Antifa as a “domestic terrorist” organization, according to Politico. The label is 100% accurate. We at Powdered Wig have been using the term for over a year to describe the un-American anarchist group and its criminal activities.

After screaming all week about the patriots they call “white supremacists” rallying in the Bay Area, Dems are suddenly silent on Berkeley Antifa violence

Antifa was only able to find a handful of Trump supporters, but those they found were chased, beaten, covered in urine and run out of the park. There was no violence at all reported on the part of the handful of right wing activists and Trump supporters present.

VIDEO: Antifa terrorists in Berkeley chase, beat, and pour urine all over a Trump supporter

Forcing the Trump supporter from the area and denying him his First Amendment right to free speech and assembly is not enough. While he is moving away from the gang of Antifa terrorists to safety, they beat him along the way, pouring urine all over him, and pushing him to the ground.  

Will wonders never cease? The mainstream media appears to be changing its narrative to the truth in regard to Antifa violence. Scenes from Berkeley

Could it be? Is the mainstream media actually beginning to change its official narrative from “Conservative Trump supporters are all violent white supremacists” to “Well, OK, it does look as though leftist anarchists like Antifa are the ones actually behind the unprovoked violence?”

VIDEO: Poor Antifa goon hauled off by cops as she is screaming, “f*ck you, pigs” and “I need my f*cking service animal!”

Even though right wing rallies were canceled in the Bay Area due to the anticipation of left wing anarchists showing up to create havoc and mayhem, Antifa terrorists showed up anyway and were able to find a few Trump supporters, who they chased and beat severely.

Even though patriot groups cancel rallies in SF to avoid conflict, surrendering their free speech, Antifa shows up anyway and commits acts of violence

Patriot Prayer and No to Marxism cancelled their San Francisco Bay area rallies this past weekend due to the threat of violence from the left, but that didn’t stop Antifa and other leftist thugs from showing up and creating chaos and committing violent acts anyway.

More love and tolerance from Antifa. Newly discovered leaflet instructs leftist goons to start killing white children

THIS is Antifa. They are lawless genocidal maniacs who have been conditioned by the non-interference of law enforcement to believe they can get away with anything they want and be considered heroes for doing it. THIS is what eight years of Barack Hussein has given us.

KARMA! Video of Antifa douchenozzle getting nailed in the family jewels by a police pepper ball in Phoenix. Nice shot, officer!

BOOM! He gets nailed in the nuts by a police pepper ball. Fetal position. “Oh, dear Jesus, help me. Soros, this is going to cost you extra. I love Trump. I swear! Someone help me. I can’t see. I can’t walk. Oh, dear God, take me now!”

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