VIDEO: Portland PD are cowards, allowing Antifa to split the heads of patriots with crowbars because the mayor said so. To hell with the mayor. Enforce the damned law!

Doing what it does best, Antifa conducted another mass criminal assault on innocent people in Portland over the weekend, beating an elderly man to a bloody pulp with a crowbar, then attacking another man with a crowbar who came to the first victim’s defense, splitting his head open while also pepper spraying him in the face.

VIDEO: Antifa, some with AR-15s, physically assault and terrorize a journalist and threaten his life. Cops tell journalist to leave for inciting Antifa

“Are you willing to die for YouTube sh!t? Yeah, ’cause that’s what’s gonna’ come, man. Death is coming to you, dude. Real sh!t. Feel that energy? That’s why your heart’s pounding. I’m here to let you know, judgement’s here.”

Antifa prof strikes again! Interviewed by Tucker Carlson several times, Giraffeman founded the group that vandalized Carlson’s home and terrorized his family

Michael Isaacson, a professor and Antifa member, who has been interviewed by Carlson numerous times, founded the Antifa group Smash Racism DC, although he denies any current connection.

Leftist goons protest outside White House, declare they would kill President Trump if given the chance. When is Sessions going to prosecute these thugs?

The threats of physical harm to the President of the United States, and especially the threats of murdering the President, should be dealt with harshly. Otherwise, the violent rhetoric from the left will continue to ratchet up until someone is in fact killed.

BREAKING! Video of leftist scumbags disrupting a peaceful prayer rally and clashing with police

What kind of Godless trash protests a prayer rally? The kind of trash who still don’t get it. The kind of trash who still support Democrats despite the near-daily revelations of criminal corruption and conspiracy. The kind of trash funded by Soros groups to foment hate and anger, promoting Marxist fascism.

VIDEO: Big nationwide Antifa protests that were promised turn into doodly squat as Trumpatriots dominate!

Is this a sign that the Antifa movement is about dead? I think so.

Antifa nitwit thrown out of Trump rally to the chant of “USA!” Same woman who ran off with a Muslim man who raped and abused her constantly

Lacy MacAuley a self-avowed anarchist and card-carrying member of Antifa. On Saturday afternoon she showed up in Washington to counterprotest the pro-Trump “Mother of all Rallies.” After causing a disruption, MacAuley was forced out by organizers and police to the chant of, “USA!”

VIDEO: Antifa professor with a neck two feet long tells Tucker Carlson that Antifa has a right to beat the crap out of Trump supporters

Watch as Isaacson tries to convince Tucker Carlson that Antifa has every right to beat the crap out of Trump supporters because their very language is violent and justifies self-defense in the form of ganging up on them and beating them to a bloody pulp.

VIDEO: Watch how Spanish police deal with Antifa. Note to police chiefs across America…. THIS is how YOU should deal with Antifa!

From Berkeley to Charlottesville, police have watched as Antifa has been given free rein to injure Trump supporters with clubs, baseball bats with nails in them, and most recently the masked thugs have shown up at patriot rallies armed with AR-15s. 

DHS has listed Antifa as a “domestic terrorist” organization

DHS has listed Antifa as a “domestic terrorist” organization, according to Politico. The label is 100% accurate. We at Powdered Wig have been using the term for over a year to describe the un-American anarchist group and its criminal activities.

After screaming all week about the patriots they call “white supremacists” rallying in the Bay Area, Dems are suddenly silent on Berkeley Antifa violence

Antifa was only able to find a handful of Trump supporters, but those they found were chased, beaten, covered in urine and run out of the park. There was no violence at all reported on the part of the handful of right wing activists and Trump supporters present.

VIDEO: Antifa terrorists in Berkeley chase, beat, and pour urine all over a Trump supporter

Forcing the Trump supporter from the area and denying him his First Amendment right to free speech and assembly is not enough. While he is moving away from the gang of Antifa terrorists to safety, they beat him along the way, pouring urine all over him, and pushing him to the ground.  

Will wonders never cease? The mainstream media appears to be changing its narrative to the truth in regard to Antifa violence. Scenes from Berkeley

Could it be? Is the mainstream media actually beginning to change its official narrative from “Conservative Trump supporters are all violent white supremacists” to “Well, OK, it does look as though leftist anarchists like Antifa are the ones actually behind the unprovoked violence?”

VIDEO: Poor Antifa goon hauled off by cops as she is screaming, “f*ck you, pigs” and “I need my f*cking service animal!”

Even though right wing rallies were canceled in the Bay Area due to the anticipation of left wing anarchists showing up to create havoc and mayhem, Antifa terrorists showed up anyway and were able to find a few Trump supporters, who they chased and beat severely.

Even though patriot groups cancel rallies in SF to avoid conflict, surrendering their free speech, Antifa shows up anyway and commits acts of violence

Patriot Prayer and No to Marxism cancelled their San Francisco Bay area rallies this past weekend due to the threat of violence from the left, but that didn’t stop Antifa and other leftist thugs from showing up and creating chaos and committing violent acts anyway.

More love and tolerance from Antifa. Newly discovered leaflet instructs leftist goons to start killing white children

THIS is Antifa. They are lawless genocidal maniacs who have been conditioned by the non-interference of law enforcement to believe they can get away with anything they want and be considered heroes for doing it. THIS is what eight years of Barack Hussein has given us.

KARMA! Video of Antifa douchenozzle getting nailed in the family jewels by a police pepper ball in Phoenix. Nice shot, officer!

BOOM! He gets nailed in the nuts by a police pepper ball. Fetal position. “Oh, dear Jesus, help me. Soros, this is going to cost you extra. I love Trump. I swear! Someone help me. I can’t see. I can’t walk. Oh, dear God, take me now!”

Bikers for Trump to provide security in Phoenix for pro-Trump groups to protect them from anarchist slime like Antifa

Bikers for Trump, Arizona Chapter will be on hand at President Trump’s Phoenix rally tonight to provide security, not for President Trump but for the many Trump supporters who will be attending and whose “Make America Great Again” hats and other Trump gear makes them immediate targets to lawless leftist groups like Antifa.

VIDEO: What appears to be a leftist internal race war between BLM and Antifa turns out to be something very different and very encouraging

“Donald Trump needs to fix all this. That’s what Donald Trump needs to do. Law and order. He needs to fix all of this shit.” He knew what was going on. He could see the real racist dividers…. Antifa and the left. I was left very much encouraged by his words.

Assorted captures of love and peace from the uber-tolerant and inclusive left (Antifa) in Boston

Following are just a few video captures and snapshots of the famous love and tolerance of the left, in particular, Antifa, which behaved in characteristic fashion, assaulting innocent people and hurling urine, bottles, and bricks at cops. 

VIDEO: Antifa thug assaults and drags an elderly woman through a park in Boston for displaying an American flag

THIS is the Antifa that the media and most of Congress, including slimy Republicans, are slamming President Trump for condemning, a criminal terrorist organization that is being allowed to injure innocent people and destroy public and private property with impunity.

AUDIO: Rush says we may be on the cusp of a second civil war. I disagree for reasons that terrify and depress me, and I pray I am wrong

I pray I am wrong about this, but I have no evidence whatsoever that suggests that We the People will stand up and fight. All of the evidence suggests that we will lay down and let the left win this war before it starts and in the process selling our children and grandchildren into slavery.

Check out this video of Antifa beating up an old man in Charlottesville. They are trying hard to keep it from going viral, so share the hell out of this

Of course, Southerners preserving their cherished heritage is verboten by liberals, who are destroying that heritage and beating old men senseless in the street for objecting. No question about it, Antifa should be labeled a domestic terror group. Likewise, BLM.

Classless A$$HOLES! Antifa goons show up at Heather Heyer’s funeral with baseball bats

A Star Wars bar scene collection of Antifa dykes  thugs showed up at Heather Heyer’s funeral on Wednesday, dressed in an assortment of goth/grunge/punk and carrying purple shields and pink baseball bats, apparently spoiling for a fight with patriots, cops, anyone they could find.

Meet Jason Kessler, organizer of the deadly rally in Charlottesville and former Obama supporter. Looks like a leftist double agent to me!

I consider the above scenario not only very plausible, but far more likely than Kessler undergoing an epiphany that transformed him from Obama sycophant to David Duke in one day. 

VIDEO: Minneapolis local government center replaces its flag with the Antifa flag. And the crowd of numbskulls goes wild

Hennepin County (Minneapolis), Minnesota, has removed their county flag at the Hennepin County Government Center and replaced it with the Antifa flag in solidarity with the poor Antifa victims in Charlottesville, a college town (University of Virginia) teeming with sympathetic brain-dead academics.

Before you make your mind up on what happened in Charlottesville Saturday, see this. How long did the left think it would take before someone snapped?

I have been waiting to comment on Saturday’s tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia because it seems that no matter what things look like up front, details tend to emerge that reshape the story. Of course, Saturday’s tragedy was horrific. No one […]

Antifa thug who stabbed a police horse in the neck arrested and charged

Antifa dirtbag who stabbed a police horse in the neck has been arrested, charged, and set for court. By all means, throw away the key!

VIDEO: Trump supporters in San Diego crash “Impeach Trump” party, drown out liberal weenies with Trump chants and patriotic songs

While outnumbered as much as 10 to 1, the Trump supporters represented well with blaring patriotic songs and pro-Trump chants, drowning out the liberal weenie crybabies.

Antifa pelts cops with urine and feces from slingshots, get detained by police. Mayor demands police chief explain why Antifa thugs detained

The mayor of Portland is now demanding that the police chief explain his department’s outrageous actions (detainment of criminals) and excessive force.