VIDEO: Rand Paul offers to buy Ilhan Omar a plane ticket to Somalia

Paul’s comments echo those of President Trump, who kicked off this controversy with a tame suggestion that Omar and other members of the so-called ‘Squad’ – Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) –  should leave or ‘go back’ if they hate America so much.

French President Macron has gone into hiding as the violent protests grow. 290,000 protesters took to the streets of France over the weekend

Macron’s response? He’s hiding, believing, it seems, that if allowed to run its course, the wave of protests will subside and daily life will return to normal. This may be yet another horrible miscalculation by Macron as the protests have only grown larger, more widespread, and more violent.

More love and tolerance from the religion of peace. Muslim militants in Nigeria burn Christian pastor and his family alive and destroy 15 villages

ISIS may be gone, but the religion of peace continues its loving and tolerant ways, butchering Christians across Africa and destroying Christian villages. I have been saying for years that given the radical Islamists’ proclivity for murdering innocent Christians, shouldn’t the cult simply be banned?

There, but for the grace of God, goes us. German nurse describes the danger and stupidity of the open borders policy that has allowed Europe to be overrun

If you are among the bleeding heart liberals who believe the United States should have no borders or immigration control and that President Trump is a hateful racist for wanting to preserve America for Americans, please read this message from a German nurse who is sick of Europe being overrun.

VIDEO: Boatload of illegal African migrants storms Spanish nude beach and disappears into surrounding forest before police could capture them

As Europe hurtles forward, ever closer to the point of no return, political correctness rules and the people of the once culturally-rich continent are sacrificing their children’s futures rather than risk being called racists.  Great decision!

Italian voters tack hard right, choosing Trump clone and his conservative, populist, anti-establishment, anti-immigration party

Ascending Italian national leader Matteo Salvini emulates President Trump and favors much the same agenda – Italy First, low taxes, strong immigration control. Salvini is also proposing mass deportation of Muslim migrants in the country illegally.

Swedish woman being prosecuted for posting joke meme on facebook about Islam. Facing two years in prison. Not kidding!

Now, the unbelievable story of a Swedish woman who posted a joke meme (pic, below) to facebook which was not necessarily flattering toward Islam. She explained to authorities that the meme was in regard to ISIS, not all Muslims. No matter, she is being prosecuted and facing two years in prison.

Italian right-wing populists vow to deport 600,000 unwanted illegal immigrants should their party win the March

Watching the Muslim invasion from a distance has been distressing, but not all hope is lost. A growing populist movement is afoot and could lead to the first European nation to deport hundreds of thousands of unwelcome migrants in an effort to take back what I consider the most beautiful country in Europe.  

“Open the gates and let them all in,” they said. “It will be great,” they said. Somali migrant attempts to rape a woman in labor in the hospital

A Somalian migrant in Italy, 38-year-old Alì Abdella, has been accused of attempting to rape an unidentified woman, 43, while she was in labor at Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome.

Termed a ‘lifestyle choice’, animal brothels are popping up all over Germany. Not kidding!

Ms. Martin told of one case where a farmer rigged a CCTV camera in the rafters of his barn after finding his normally friendly sheep refusing human contact, to discover multiple men sneaking in the dead of night to sexually abuse his beloved livestock.

VIDEO: There is a proposal gaining steam in Sweden to change the national flag from the cross to this. And you thought America was f***ed up!

As compensation, Swedish morons are offering Muslims, who flood, unvetted, into their country by the hundreds of thousands, everything they own – their country, their homes, their fortunes, their children, their bodies. Why prolong the agony? Drink a pint of bleach and be done with it.

Stunning! Of over 4,000 Muslim refugee children recently admitted to Sweden, 83% age-tested to be adult males of fighting age

I have two questions for the elected leaders of Sweden – how stupid can you get?! And why not announce a national day of mass suicide and hand the keys of your country over to the imams?

VIDEO: French vigilantes take matters into their own hands and put the beatdown on a criminal Muslim gang. What do you think, good idea?

Since European cops are afraid to deal with Muslim gangs or have been neutered by their liberal weenie leaders and ordered to ignore Muslim violence, or both, the innocent people of Europe have become sitting ducks to Muslim gangs who loot, rob, and rape at will.

ISIS fighters are returning to Sweden from Syrian battlefields. The Swedish government is giving them new identities so even police can’t tell who they are

Currently, a 70-year-old Swedish pensioner is being prosecuted for “hate speech”, for writing on Facebook that migrants “set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets”.

VIDEO: Europe is in serious trouble! Pat Condell on the death of Europe and Western civilization at the hands of Islam

Europe is in serious trouble! I first became aware of this in early 1986 as a young Army officer stationed in Italy. I will share a few of those stories later.

Belgium bans the burka!

The European Court of Human Rights found that Belgium’s ban on clothes that partially or fully cover the face in public was legal under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Who says Muslim refugees are contributing nothing in Germany? Check out this list of horrible diseases they are infecting their hosts with

“Open the borders and let them all in,” they said. “It’s the right thing to do,” they said. “It will be wonderful,” they said. Surprisingly, a great number of Germans, including Frau Merkel, still feel this way about the Muslim […]

Italy is begging for help as 12,000 more migrants arrive in only four days

The bleeding heart, liberal policies the EU has shoved down the throats of the Italian people may very well destroy the once culturally rich country, and at the current rate it may not take long. Encouraged by the success of […]

These statistics clearly tell the story of what is happening in Europe as it opens its arms to more and more Muslim welfare recipients daily

The danger could not be more clear, yet Europe’s leaders continue to open their arms and apparently no number of terrorist attacks will change that. Consider this….

VIDEO: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR due to Muslim refugee invasion. National Police Chief: “HELP US, HELP US!”

Sweden is being torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants and refugees. Law enforcement is crying out for help, and it is only a question of time before the country will need military intervention from abroad.

VIDEO: Welcome back to 1939 Germany. Frau Merkel has 36 homes raided for anti-Islam hate speech

As the rest of the Western world watches Germany circle the drain at the hands of radical Islam, Frau Merkel, in true Hitlerian fashion, had 36 homes raided for anti-Islam hate speech.

Bloody violence for second night in a row in London’s largest Jewish community as Muslims move in to beat and terrorize Jews with machetes and bats

The majority of the youth aggressors were Muslim migrants but the political correct British press either calls them “youths” or “Asian” or doesn’t mention them at all.

“My Hometown Is Gone.” Read this report from ground zero, Utica, NY, on Barack Hussein’s Muslim refugee resettlement program

Utica was once an idyllic slice of Americana in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It is now a magnet for Muslim refugees, who represent 25% of the local population.

Muslim organized crime “clans” in Germany are now more powerful than police, and judges dare not jail members for fear of retribution

German police cannot fight the clans so they leave them alone. The courts let them go, regardless of how heinous the crime, for fear of retribution against themselves and their families.

Muslim purchase of a 143-acre youth education facility in Pennsylvania has locals on the warpath

The locals in Shenango Township, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, are on the warpath over the purchase of the local Youth Development Center by a Muslim education consulting firm

Cultural suicide underway in Italy as they continue to accept shiploads of destitute migrants daily

With nearly 10,000 arrivals in one recent three-day period, the number of migrants in 2017 exceeded 60,000 — 48% more than the same period last year, when they were 40,000.

Austria has outlawed burkas

Women who will wear Islamic veils – either the burqa or the niqab – in public places, will face a fine of €150 ($168).

Czechia joins Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in defying EU, refusing entry to migrants

Common sense is prevailing in central Europe with the Czech Republic now announcing that is joining Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in denying entry to migrants.

Choosing suicide. Europe’s struggle with political correctness

Europe has two options – get its collective head out of its collective ass or die! It is that simple.