Powerful 9/11 message on the value of life and how that day changed one man’s life and the life of a little girl forever

Nearly four hours later, needing to clear my head, I decided to get back in my car and take a drive. My route brought me to that same highway, with that same bridge. Four hours later, the same man was still standing there, holding the flag up as high as he possibly could. I broke down.

Vice-President Pence escapes potential assassination attempt in Pennsylvania

Before he could put his plan into action, a 22-year-old Pennsylvania National Guardsman has been arrested and is in jail pending a $250,000 bail for threatening to assassinate Vice-President Mike Pence.

VIDEO: Lest we should forget. The most powerful 9/11 tribute I have seen. Have a tissue handy. “Daddy, I miss you.”

It has been fifteen years, and I still feel a seething rage and heartache over the events of that day, 9/11/2001.

Rare video: NYU students witness 9/11 from their dorm. At first they think it is an accident, then scream and panic as the second tower is hit

Raw and painful footage of the 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Center, shot from a 32nd floor dorm room at NYU.