America Was Sliding Toward Socialism For Over A Century. Will Socialism Restart After Trump?

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Awesome entertainment! Liberal weenies catfighting over who is to blame for the lost Amazon deal

NOTHING is good enough for socialists, which, as Venezuelans are proving today, is always what they are left with – NOTHING! Such poor students of history, these socialists.

VIDEO: PARIS ON FIRE! Yearning for a populist President like Trump, protesters turn over cars in the street and burn them, demanding Macron resign

The people of Paris have had enough of government oppression. Unable to survive on their wages, overburdened by taxes to pay for social welfare, and now with fuel prices leaving them unable to pay their bills, they are doing the only thing left they can do, protesting against their government.

AUDIO: Cuban immigrant calls Dr. Gorka’s radio show fearing for President Trump’s life. Every liberal should hear Dr. Gorka’s reply and soapbox soliloquy

Rather than cherishing and understanding their freedom to be blind and clueless as a miraculous gift from a nation whose founders established that nation upon the principle and ideal of individual liberty, liberals endeavor to use that precious liberty as a club to kill that nation, that Constitution.

Take our quiz on socialism and socialist leaders. No web searches, dammit! Good luck!

Take our cool history quiz on socialism and socialist leaders. I thought I knew my history, but I did not do very well on this quiz. In fact, I scored a goose egg.