Lou Dobbs is my favorite talking head political commentator. He sees things so clearly and does not mince words. He calls a coward a coward and a traitor a traitor.

Watch the video, below, as Dobbs declares his fear for the survival of the republic.

Indeed, Dobbs has reason to be afraid. If Mitch McConnell and his troop of monkeys in the Senate do not back their incredibly popular president, they will suffer for it which could mean a Democrat majority in the Senate in the next election. The Senate Republicans are turning their backs on President Trump and his signature issue, illegal immigration.

The Republicans in the upper chamber are damaging the president’s negotiating position while Mexico’s leadership watches closely. If they believe that President Trump’s tariff plans will be derailed by his own party, they will have no fear and will not lift a finger to help in the battle to halt illegal immigration into the United States. At that point, President Trump’s power will have been significantly reduced and he may never again be taken seriously by foreign leaders, which is exactly what the Democrats and Rinos want. We the People, on the other hand, the only group the president can count on, want illegal immigration stopped, and we elected President Trump to stop it.

To expand on Dobbs’ point, the fear for the survival of the republic comes in the form of Democrat majorities in both chambers of Congress. If President Trump is made powerless by the duplicitous Senate Rinos, he will be unable to complete the good work he came to Washington to complete, including ending illegal immigration, which is going to swallow our country whole if it isn’t stopped. The globalists and big business will have won, the backslapping, palm-greasing, quid pro quo method of conducting business in Washington will continue with hookers masquerading as legislators, selling themselves to the highest bidder, and America, as we know it, will be finished.

Getting the money out of Washington is critical. It should be a felony for a member of Congress to accept any gift from anyone while in office or afterward. Likewise, it should be a felony for anyone to give a gift of any kind for any reason to a member of Congress. Of course, gifts from family and close friends are exempted, like birthday and Christmas gifts. Senators should be limited to two terms, House reps four, and they should all be paid $50,000 a year. Their offices should be in their state capitals (senators) and districts (House reps). No more camping in Washington with posh digs and a seat at the K Street trough, amassing multi-million-dollar bank accounts within a few years of arriving in DC. Legislators should travel to Washington once a quarter to vote on legislation. Committee hearings and such can be conducted electronically these days via Skype or other video conference sites.

Of course, the problem with these much-needed changes is that they would require a constitutional amendment, which would rely on members of Congress voting themselves off of the gravy train, not likely to happen as Newt Gingrich discovered with his 1994 Contract With America, in which congressional term limits was the only provision Congress did not pass. Thus, I believe this critically important amendment should be voted on directly by the people in a referendum in the next election (2020). It may also be an agenda item and a constitutional amendment voted on in a Convention of States, a movement picking up steam to address much-needed amendments to our Constitution such as congressional term limits.

Lou Dobbs: “I’ve talked with a number of people today, all of them off the record, but I can tell you tonight I fear for the republic. The Republican Party is being led on, well, in the U.S. Senate, on Capitol Hill, by cowards. They don’t represent the Americans who sent them there to represent the national interests. Instead, they are clearly led by multi-nationalists, big business, and Wall Street and the lobbies that represent those multi-nationals and business interests.

In fact, the senators are afraid the president will do exactly what he was voted in to do and what he set out to do, that is to shut down illegal immigration and secure our southern border, to force Mexico to stop the illegal immigration that the chamber of horrors desires for its members.

The chamber’s demands of the Senate prove just how afraid big business really is of President Trump, as tonight he is on the verge of winning both the trade war and resolving the national emergency that he declared only four months ago.

The Republican Party in the Senate appears to me to be on the verge of committing absolute suicide. The tragedy is they may well take this great republic down with them. Tonight President Trump stands between them and the making of what will surely be a national disaster if these GOP senators in the Senate have their way.”

Sebastian Gorka also recognizes the danger that the Senate Republican betrayal of President Trump presents. Gorka has never appeared so somber on camera as in this interview with Lou Dobbs, who again declares his fear for the survival of our country if the Senate GOP follows through with their betrayal of the president and We the People:

Dobbs: “I just cannot imagine why there will not be just a, frankly, an uprising in this country against the business lobby, these pseudo-Republicans who have just sold out the people who voted for them and put them in Washington, DC and this president they elected.”