Doing what it does best, Antifa conducted another mass criminal assault on innocent people in Portland over the weekend, beating an elderly man to a bloody pulp with a crowbar, then attacking another man with a crowbar who came to the first victim’s defense, splitting his head open while also pepper spraying him in the face.

John Blum, the elderly man in the video with white hair and a backpack, was brutally beaten with a crowbar by masked Antifa thugs who, at the same gathering, attacked journalist Andy Ngo on the opposite side of the courthouse square. John was present to support Haley Adams, who regularly attracts gangs of Antifa criminals.

Adams is a member of the Patriot Prayer group which Antifa labels a “white nationalist” group. “White nationalist” is a term invented by the left around the time of the Charlottesville horror show. For those not bright enough to see through the leftist manipulation, like Antifa members, liberal talking heads on Capitol Hill and in the mainstream media began parroting the same narrative in concert just after Charlottesville, using the term “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” interchangeably in an effort to associate patriots with white supremacists like the KKK, which, incidentally, was founded as an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. But, let’s not allow inconvenient facts to get in the way of a good mob lynching.

I have made this point before and I will make it again. “Nationalist” is synonymous with “patriot.” If you enter “nationalist” in my favorite thesaurus, you will see that “patriot” appears numero uno on the list of synonyms.

There are Asian nationalists, black nationalists, Latino nationalists, and yes, there are also white nationalists. I happen to be one, as I am an unashamed patriot who also happens to be white, an act of God for which I will never apologize. That does not mean that yours truly or any of the aforementioned nationalists are white supremacists as the left would have those not smart enough to think for themselves believe.

Adam Kelly, standing nearby when Blum was beaten with the crowbar, ran to assist him, and he, too, was beaten with a crowbar by Antifa, requiring 25 stitches to close two lacerations to his scalp.

So, at what point will the police ignore the mayor and call these deadly assaults on innocent citizens what they are, arrest them, and charge them accordingly? My guess is never. Their precious paychecks are far more important to them than the law they are hired to enforce and the public they have sworn an oath to protect. A good cop would ignore the mayor’s orders as there is no obligation to obey an unlawful order. If the mayor instructed the police to execute patriots on the street, would the police obey? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?