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The blue wave that has been forecast in November has turned into a red wave as the GOP is favored to pick up as many as 9 Senate seats from incumbent Dems

Now it looks as though the big “blue wave” has turned into the big “red wave,” at least as far as the Senate is concerned, where Republicans are now expected to pick up as many as nine Senate seats, knocking off incumbent Democrat senators in as many as nine states. 

To guarantee implementation of the Trump agenda, Republicans need a 60-seat Senate majority. THIS guy will help the GOP get there

Thus, it is imperative to elect more conservative Republicans to the Senate, ideally gaining a 60-seat, filibuster-proof majority. There are many Democrat Senators up for re-election in November who are vulnerable, chief among them incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. 

VIDEO: John Conyers’ hand-picked replacement is his wannabe rap star son, whose lyrics include “My ni**as deal drugs, Dad’s a f*cking playa!” (womanizer)

Career parasite and swamp rat supreme John Conyers has chosen his replacement already, his wannabe rap star son. Enjoy (or not) a video music sample (below) of the younger Conyers, who goes by the stage name Rich Glorious. We rate this video 3 barf bags. Warning: foul language.

Stick a fork in Al Franken’s political career. It is DONE! Franken resigns from the Senate as the sexual abuse allegations continue to roll in

The swamp isn’t draining as fast as some of us would like, but it is draining! Minnesota Sen. Al Franken is resigning amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations, reported The Washington Times just minutes ago.

LOL! Sen. Al Franken has been accused of sexual misconduct, but unlike Judge Moore’s BS accusers, Franken’s accuser has photographic PROOF!

Well, well, it couldn’t happen to creepier guy! Al Franken has been accused of sexual misconduct, but unlike Judge Moore’s BS accusers, Franken’s accuser has photographic PROOF! (photo, above)

Judge Roy Moore says women are being paid to accuse him of sexual assault and he has proof of it

Judge Roy Moore claims to have proof that women are being paid to accuse him of sexual misconduct. “We are gathering evidence of money being paid to people who would come forward. Which is part of why we are filing suit!”

The scumbag who ordered the fabrication of the Trump Dossier bag of lies to smear President Trump has been subpoenaed to appear before Congress

The Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee has subpoenaed the head of the Washington firm that commissioned the sensational anti-Trump campaign research dossier.

Democrat Senator switching to the GOP appears likely to happen this week, which will cure Senate gridlock and finally pass Obamacare repeal

The gridlock occurs in the Senate, where the Republicans also enjoy a majority. However, a handful of disloyal Rinos, led by John McCain, who clearly gets off on being the obstructionist and center of attention, may very well be nullified by a Democrat Senator switching parties.

Drain it! An overwhelming 4-to-1 majority of likely voters say it is time to dump swamp rats Paul Rino and Mitch McConnell

Overwhelmingly, by a more than 4-to-1 margin, American voters are sick of Paul Rino and Mitch McConnell. Rinos are tanking in popularity, but don’t take my word for it, check out Jeff the Flake’s and John McCain’s recent polling numbers. Not pretty!

Photo gallery of Thursday night’s star-spangled Congressional Picnic on the White House South Lawn

Special guests for the event were the children of Congressman Steve Scalise, who is still recuperating in the hospital from a gunshot wound.

Jason Chaffetz calling it quits after eight years in Congress

Jason Chaffetz is one of my favorite members of Congress. He is a patriot and the quintessential citizen/statesman who reveres deeply the United States Constitution. After eight years, he is calling it quits.

VIDEO: Finally! House panel approves legislation to audit the Federal Reserve. President Trump will gladly sign this!

Democrats in Congress and Barack Hussein have fought an audit of the Federal Reserve for years. That alone is evidence that the revelations will be mind-blowing, and probably frightening.

Democrats threaten to shut down the government if President Trump attempts to build a border wall

I truly believe the scummy Democrats in Congress, which is just about all of them, will not get it until We the People who put Donald Trump in the White House march on Washington in a massive force.

Oh, the irony! GOP House members keep taking down the Capitol painting of police as pigs. Dems are tired of it, so they are complaining to ….the POLICE! Not kidding!

So, where is Representative Clay turning for help to keep the painting up that depicts the police as pigs? Why, the police, of course.

VIDEO: Republican congressman removes painting in Capitol depicting cops as pigs that was put up by a Democrat congressman

Out of respect for law enforcement, Hunter removed the disgusting painting from the wall and returned it to Clay, who vows to rehang the disgraceful work.

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