By Madame Defarge

Welcome to my fellow members of the common rabble. Here is a little deeper look at the people who rule over us.

Our freedoms, both political and financial, are under assault from the Democrat/socialist establishment. The new cold virus has provided a huge lever with which to attack our republic. No country can withstand this shutdown of life without incredible damage.

International and domestic financial contributions to the leftists in our country through various foundations have skewed our national security towards a total collapse. The international infiltration into our governmental structure has also weakened it considerably.

The globalist and socialist monasteries have only minimal requirements for intellect. The only real option for these laggards is going woke. Unfortunately, their feelings are used as a substitute for any actual talent. We have returned to a Puritanism and tyranny of those that are of the elect. (you are not)

This rigid ideology inhibits creative thinking which should be the bellwether of an academic. Epidemiologists are as accurate as art historians and we have seen the results in Fauci and Birx. Their independence has been influenced by Bill Gates and his gifts to their institutes. Naturally, his views are immersed in their reports.

The experts and their inadequacies have become the symbol of our socialist state. The lure of the tv lights is strong, especially to those who are usually ignored. We see this in other areas as well. For example, global warming is CAUSED by government grants. Do we have a world-class CDC? Not really. It consists of marionettes put in their positions because they are easily controlled by their fellows in the deep state and media.

Dr. Amy Bukacek is a pathologist with 30 years of autopsy experience. She was quoted in a recent article that it is quite often difficult to tell what was the actual cause of death for many patients.

She recently commented that she had instructions on filling out death certificates from the CDC. She was instructed to register COVID 19 if there was doubt as to the cause of death. She is one of many who reported this travesty. Truth is not a leftist value.

Each virus has different characteristics which require variable responses. Our current situation has shown both the inadequacy of the current models and researchers.

Where does our inadequate, expensive government leave us? We do not have the equipment necessary to meet the situation as projected. We do have empty beds in most hospitals. The empty beds provide no revenue and medical personnel have actually been laid off.

A drug that has been in use for 70 years has been found to be both cheap and effective. Our CDC administration has declared that a study must be completed on its efficacy. This has shown another light on the agency’s incompetence. How many other inhibiting hurdles have been used to slow licensing of compounds that will improve our health?

The state governments have reacted to the political cheerleaders that are anti-President Trump. Millions of people have lost their jobs and more losses are on the way.

Unfortunately, these bureaucrats are the public face of our health system. They are assumed to know how best to approach health issues. As in many cases, an issue straddles both an agency and our government. These doctors were not at the head of their medical school class and consequently ended up shuffling paper and not patients. Real-world judgement is lacking and consequently, the answers are ridiculous.

Mr. Fauci and his patron Bill Gates want to have us wait 12 to 18 months for a vaccine and then administer it across the nation. Of course, there would be no nation after 6 months of shutdown, much less twelve.

More heads are too tightly attached I am afraid.

The Madame