With all of the downtime due to the Chinese virus, aka the biggest hoax the Democrat Party and mainstream media have pulled since convincing blacks that it is Republicans who are the racists, Americans are making the best of the faux health Armageddon and poking a little fun at the virus and hysteria it has created.

We have collected and/or created a few of our own memes and videos to provide a bit of amusement until things return to normal and the Democrats and their repulsive mainstream media lapdogs can move on to more noble pursuits like perhaps starting a war which they can blame on President Trump to see how many morons take the bait and vote for creepy Uncle Joe. It is going to be a wild ride until Election Day.

So, here we go…. when dealing with liberal waste products, it is always important to not listen to what they are saying, but rather watch what their hands are doing…. or their earrings.

I was feeling a little nostalgic, so….

And, the most hilarious of all. Mountain humor! Raised in the mountains of Virginia, I absolutely love this one….